A glimpse into HELL in Hawaii

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    Strange Sounds

    This photo was taken by Nathan Province from a C-17 at about 40 minutes from Oahu, Hawaii in July 2018. The unusual glow is from a sun angle below the
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    Djelari Ghana

    white people have a fascination with death. why? part animal DNA. when you combine animal and human DNA you get something completely unnatural. this is their entire problem. they are trapped in the lower three chakras. wherever whites go is where hell will be. if there’s no hell there then the whites create it just like now. whites have been lied to about what they really are.

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    Djelari Ghani; What is it that your racist behind is fascinated with besides racism ? Speaking of death, what is the name of the Hindu god of death ? I am terrible with names,so help me out here if you will please ?

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