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      Apocalypse Rider

      Since 2012 I see very rapid acceleration of time. It accelerates still. 1 hour was once a big chunk of time to do really many things, or get insanely bored if waiting for something. And 1 year was really eternity. Now 1 hour is practically nothing and passes like in… 30, or even 20 minutes? Something like that. 2012 was 6 years ago, but I feel like it was very recently. And not only I noticed it, many people I know started to see it and mentioning about old times more often.

      And how about you? Do you see/feel it too?

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      Dan S

      Rider, I have felt this for many years but for me I started noticing it way back in early 2000. How I was able to notice it was this: I have worked in an office doing quotes for a company that makes auto parts since 1995. From then until the year 2000 the work days would just drag on and it seemed liked it took forever to get the day over with. Then in 2000 I started noticing that the hours were flying by and I was still doing the same amount of work, so it wasn’t that. This has persisted every day since then and a few other people that I have talked to about this have seen it to. Now I know what the “experts” say and that as we get older time seems to fly by faster and faster, but I’m neither old nor has my work load changed. And it’s this fact, the amount of work and how the days use to drag on but now zip by has assured me that the days have definitely sped up. I’ve read countless books, both fact and fiction and the books of all the major religions and the only thing that I have found that may explain it is from the new testament where Jesus says in Matthew 24:22, “And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect’s sake those days shall be shortened.” I’m not a religious person but those words haunt me as I believe we’re living them right now!

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        Carl F.


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      Apocalypse Rider

      Thanks! Yeah, these words are really intriguing! And contain truth. I read somewhere that allegedly just after WW2 things started to go faster and many noticed that, both old and young. So maybe this was very long process. And today also both young and old say that days pass so fast and entire life became very fast, like running in constant hurry.

      I heard and read theories that it is spacetime change, traveling to 5th dimension, energy flowing from space etc. So if so many people see time acceleration, no matter what age, city or country, then all theories may be true.

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        To Dan S–we are living in the days Jesus spoke about. They had to come about sooner or later. Why not now?They weren’t just idle words. He was speaking the Truth to those who had ears to hear. Are you prepared to meet the Creator of your soul? Repent and be saved and believe on Jesus Christ so that you can live eternally with Him. And just so you know, Christianity is not a religion, it’s a reality. You are on the right track.

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      I have sensed the same thing and so has the friend of mine whom I see everyday…. Days fly by . Something is strange

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      Devils Tower

      I thought it was just me…WOW…This has been increasing more and more for me…I ALSO noticed the days seem at least 6 to 8 hours shorter…I cannot believe how fast an hour goes by…And like you say, a year has gone by so much faster than any other time I can remember…I have asked others around me, and no one around me has seemed to notice, so I dropped it, and started wondering if it were just me…Why do you think it is just “some” people noticing the effect..???
      And I too, thought of the bible verse about time being shortened…

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      Apocalypse Rider

      Inretesting question. I think that not all see such changes because most people are still focused only on the most earthly things – work, money, house, taxes, fees, invoices etc, so they dont see anything more. Thats horrible.

      And second thing I heard also that the faster time is felt, the higher vibrations and better energy is with you, and you are in good path. And whats more, I noticed that time flows fastest during sunny days. Today and during this weekend I had totally sunny days and time passed really insanely. I don`t know since what time I noticed such dependence, but it is quite new phenomenon I have observed.

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      Devils Tower

      I was just monitoring the Schumann Resonance…
      It is in a state of TOTAL CHAOS…
      Too me, what is even MORE troubling…In the US we do not even have a web page dedicated to monitoring this VERY important frequency…

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      Apocalypse Rider

      Oh yes! I watch it almost everyday and yes, Schumann became really powerful. Both in frequencies and amplitudes, especially amplitudes. I wonder if it is somehow related to time flow. Who knows.

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      Strange Sounds

      Yep! It’s true everything is going too fast right now! I can wait 2 months now… I will get my second child. 🙂

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      Same here, my GF and me experiencing this now quite a while – seems we’ve lost at least 4 hours a day. Not sure if the incoming system has to do with it, or just the gravitational field changed. Schumann resonance is out of bounds af, also watching the xray and proton monitors of nasa show very strange incidents. Maybe its a mixture of all of this, can’t tell, all I can say is, it passes way too quick to be normal. Sunsets often also differ in location, earth wobble?

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      Apocalypse Rider

      Yes, all these parameters became strange, maybe it is all connected. Sunsets in different locations hmm… I didn`t see that, but maybe will someday…

      Glad to see that others notice too that changes! And this sime flow obviously has some advantages – it is really easier to wait for some things and pass the work day 🙂

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      Seun Folaranmi

      I wonder why this is difficult for many to believe. Play a game on ur phone, before u know it, 2hrs gone. Go to the social media on ur free day, u realized u had skipped reading Bible for the morning devotion, afternoon as come. It is so glaring.

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      Apocalypse Rider

      Absolutely exactly! In point. I have exactly the same, play some game or read some news on my phone – 1 hour or more passed like 10-15 minutes. Today after one thing done in home I was thinking what to do next, walking from corner to corner – a mere moment that took 1 and half hour. Wtf? When I invite some friends even for a while on tea or coffee – it takes whole day and there is little or no time left for other things. And now, we have 1st April, March has flown like a bullet.

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      Very much so. Everything is moving so fast. My days feel cut in half.

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      sharon Oliveria

      God Created all things & said it was good, in the Bible it says Satan will try to change Times, & I believe it says dates, Cern was trying to change a great deal,

      We have to hold on to the Creator & to the Son of God , The Lamb of God Jesus , it seems like The Book Of Revelation is on Speed-Dial.

      “God said He would shorten the time of Jesus Return least No! Flesh be saved”.

      There is a war going on in the heaven’s Heaven and upon the Earth. God said, “You are in a Spiritual warfare not of flesh & blood but evil wickedness IN HIGH PLACE’S”
      We are bound to feel, see & hear the effects , & know, that we know something has changed all around us.

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      Apocalypse Rider

      Yes. I don`t remember times before, where spiritual and moral values and nature were being destroyed so hatefully than today, no matter what they are. I find very frightening fact that more and more people start to not understand things like family, friendship, relationship, love, hate, honour, respect, pride, patriotism, fun etc. There is growing hate and panic to weather phenomena and geological that always have been. There is almost literal war with nature like insane extermination of trees, forests, bushes and every green. It really looks like they are selling their souls in some kind of pledge for material goods and comfort. Future can be very very dark but I belive there is no victory against universe, nature and its laws.

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      Apocalypse Rider

      Another insane, surreal time acceleration has appeared! For last few days, maybe a week I felt like time would accelerate at least 1,5 times faster in comparision to previous state. Such speed didnt happen never before, Im starting to be scary that I cant even use a single day now! Today I was thinking what to do in free time, go outside or stay in home just for a while - and during that while 2 hours passed like a bullet. Just like that. I sat at the computer about 20:00 and before playing game I read some things in the web just for a while - and during that while another 2 hours passed by I dont know when. I also fell a bit asleep for a while and that while was another 1 hour or two… Ok, time is going faster last years, but last week it is really insane. Am I only who feels it like that?

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