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      Strange Sounds

      Living far away, I was just wondering if you felt disoriented, dizzy and no energy or on the contrary full of energy and love?

      Thank you

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      Apocalypse Rider

      Oooh yeah, total mental and energetical mess in my head… lots of strange and extreme emotions and uncontrolled thoughts, sometimes boredoom, depression, feeling of nonsense of everything with pressure with head, and sometimes short periods of energy, pleasure and inspiration. Some my friends felt the same and some fell sick.

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      Paula Abell

      I felt a sense of wonder and connection to the Creator. No odd feelings . It was very comfortorting knowing that an infinite God was still in control and could give signs and wonders in the heavens for all to see . Genesis 1:14 and the upcoming Sept 24th fullfilment of Revelation 12:1-5 with the alignment of Virgo , Leo , Jupitor in Virgo , Sun and Moon at her feet. venus , mars and mercury join the 9 stars that make up leo to make the 12 crowns(stars) on virgos head . This prophetic allignnent has nt occured in 7 thousand years . Its an amazing time to be a live a see prophecy fullfilled .

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      Idaho Jim

      Here in Hayden Idaho , the weather was warm and I had on my T-shirt. My wife and I noticed that it got quite a bit cooler during the eclipse , I told her that I might go and get a long sleeve shirt or sweater on. It seemed to warm up within an hour.

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      Yes we did feel funny. Both my husband and I felt a pressure especially when outdoors during the peak. We also were really tired all of a sudden and I actually got ill. We only had 62% coverage here. I talked with several others who experienced the same no matter how much the totality in their area. I guess if is can change the tides it most certainly can change things in us too.

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      Yes, I felt lots of energy and happiness a few days before the eclipse. The night before I felt spiritual and grateful for the signs that our Lord is providing us. Even if I wasn’t exactly sure what that sign meant I felt connected to him. I felt the need to pray for others. It was a great feeling.Then the eclipse came and that evening I felt ill and extreme fatigue as if I had the flu. I couldn’t get comfortable and I felt as if the life had been sucked out of me for about 3 days post eclipse.

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      Rhonda Lynne Flora

      I thought I was crazy.about 8 hours after the eclipse my husband and I both got very ill.Severe headaches,extreme fatigue and it is now Sept 4th and we just go over the headaches but the fatigue still lingers.I was terrified for a few days because of our health.I knew it was not “flu”I have NEVER felt anything so weird.Also;it seems to me that the whole sky has somehow changed.The shades,colors,the moon here in Wa.State,has actually turned deep orangeish red,as if the sunset is reflecting off of it.Even at like 3 am.Shadows are a strange “yellowish” color and do not look the same either.I am not a doomsday nut,but I have talked with so many people that are experiencing similar things,even strange things in the sky.Why are the oceans receding?Why are there some strange weather anomalies all of a sudden?People are saying the stars are aligned for the “end times”in the Bible to start on Sept.23rd.I see many articles supporting the alignments and the theory but find it hard to believe that anyone could ever predict the day of the Lords second coming.I am confused,anxious,and very on edge with a feeling there is definitely “something happening”but am lost to define it.I sincerely hope that this is all coincidence,or the US and other world Govts.are running HAARP or CERN.and they have some insidious plan.You know….they would NEVER alert the public,and that is so sad.

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        Thomas Nodoubt

        Check out z3news dot com. Prophetic words of warning(s) and helpful information for teaching on the comments section even.

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      Apocalypse Rider

      Moon is generally mysterious thing from millenia. Notice that it is very often associated with things like dark, night, vampires and such dark climates, and with water, ice and mermaids too. Its influence is really strange. Last time when was the blue moon, i had similar feelings to this recent eclipse. And I have observed that during the full moon, there is odd cold everywhere and the moonlight is also somehow cold… Some say that full moon causes coldest weathers and strong frosts during winter. There are many theories that the moon is artificial thing created by aliens to control us and block our potentials, who knows… But proofs and observations are showing that moon somehow sucks energy in many forms, from life force to heat and during eclipse it could block lot of energy from sun, not only light.

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      jack long

      we felt extremely tired and lacking in our life force, it was a crazy eerie feeling. And since then we are fearful of the changes that are occurring and the strange energy that is still felt here in the US.

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      We didn’t have 100% here in my neck of SC. I was outside for all of it. I got sunburn on my arms sitting on my porch. When the twilight started and the streetlights came on, it was extremely eerie. My son and I were both exhausted and took 4 hour naps after. I’ve not been the same since. Just weird feelings but nothing at all to do with my Christian beliefs. Even now, I don’t feel quite right. And when I go out at twilight to check on the dogs, I get those same eerie feelings. Also when the roosters crow.

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      Definitely felt as if life force was thinning out – stretched. Felt sick for days after and the atmosphere and air still feel different. I was in 98% totality and only popped outside for moments at a time to view the eclipse. It did become very cold and the eerie dead color could not be captured on camera. There were no animals around – all hiding and very quiet. My brother decided he wanted to be in totality so he took a short drive to be there. He said he felt so sick it was disorienting. I don’t know about all this talk about connecting with God during this eclipse – it felt quite the opposite. Aboriginal cultures of the past made a point of taking shelter during these types of astrological events as they understood this powerful force would have a negative effect on their bodies.

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      Julia Armstrong

      I felt a strange sense of foreboding during the eclipse. Like something bad was going to happen

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      Here in Tucson everything got quiet. The birds,even my chickens got quiet. They actually ran in the coop for the duration.

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      Apocalypse Rider

      It is intriguing that never before I had such feelings during eclipses, and I never heard similar opinions about it as well. Any moon events before blue moon in 2016 were just events, no strange feelings, no lack of life force. I read somewhere that during end times many people will suffer so much that they will damn their existence and regret they were born.

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      Hello, did feel some “heart pressure” at the height of the event, as soon as it passed I recovered just fine– I had a disoriented feeling seeing it…had to shift my attention on children and keeping them out of the viewing.

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      Neither, exactly. But sort of a sense of strangeness/unreality.

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      Yes I felt dizzy n had to sit down, got a lil clarity, felt really tired, drained no energy

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      PA Mom

      I am in PA and I felt like I had on sunglasses. I felt uneasy and strange. This lasted for several hours. The animals also were disoriented by the odd dimming and pressure. It didn’t bother the kids. They continued as if it were nothing.

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      Collette Fuhriman

      My husband, my son and I were traveling from Colorado to Utah the day of the eclipse. I felt strange like a heaviness within me. My eyes even felt heavy. My son had a full on anxiety attack. It seemed my husband was in affected by it. It got quite cold for a bit. The eclipse was very surreal. Dreamlike.

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      I did Black Mass and summoned the devil to curse the human race when the sun went dark. It worked! Lots of Cat 5 hurricanes and fires.

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      My friend and I drove Carbondale Illinois from Delaware to catch the longest totality duration. He didn’t seem affected but I got a headache almost instantly when the sun was partially blocked. I slept for seventeen hours almost straight through afterwards and during I had to sit down because I was disoriented anxious and nervous as if something terrible was going to happen. It was scary as hell and as I am not a timid person I found it very frightening. I have doubled down on caution ever since, and still feel like something happened to me that day. It changed my entire outlook on life and the world and I am glad to see I am not alone in that finally, as I have said nothing to anyone regarding it. #nervously aware of change

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