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      Apocalypse Rider

      It is obvious to us all that this satanic invention was created for total surveillance and corrupting minds especially of children and youth. But last time I observed another alarming thing – this shit became like some psychotronic weapon or curse system literally attacking you when you even think of going here! Loathful, foul, abhorrent, hateful and primitive satanic negative energy is literally blowing the monitor! I always hated and contempted this site but I have account from necessary reasons (with fake data of course) and today I went to facebook to see whats new. And what I felt was almost frightening, I felt like my mind is getting strongly suppressed, I started to have problems with thinking! Before going to this site I also felt very strange stress and something like paralysis! But after going here... It was like opening Pandoras can, negative, loathsome shit blowed to me, mixed with various filthy wicked emotions – fear, terror, hate, stress, depression, stupidity, mocking, ignorance and I started even to shake a little like I would lose control of my body! It is simply crazy. I avoid facebook as I can and I go here as rare as I can because of feeling this shitty energy, but THIS was a record of all and crossing the red line. I never before belived that web sites can be so dreadful, wicked things loaded so much with black magic and satanic curses attacking and possessing people. But it is true. So, does also someone notice such things? This is real problem and it needs to do something with.

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      Apocalypse Rider

      …I forgot to add one thing – I also had feeling like I would suffocating a bit like in some dirty and unfresh air! Horrible.

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