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      Strange Sounds

      Glen MacPherson first heard the Hum in 2012.

      He was in Sechelt when he detected a low-level drone that he thought was coming from nearby float planes.

      Over time, he started to realize the Hum had nothing to do with planes and tried to figure out what exactly was going on. So, he did what most people do when they have an unanswered question: he Googled it.

      He found out he wasn’t alone. MacPherson discovered an online community of people who say they have been hearing a mysterious drone that has been dubbed The World Hum.

      “Much to my surprise, it turns out I was one of the people who can sense what seems to be a very unusual low-frequency sound,” he said.

      Four years later, when curious people like MacPherson Google information about the Hum, they come across his website, The World Hum Map and Database.

      MacPherson, a schoolteacher in Gibsons who has also worked as an instructor at the University of British Columbia, says he wanted to apply a measure of scientific rigour to this unexplained phenomenon, so he created the database to track reports from people around the world who say they too hear the Hum.

      MacPherson has heard from thousands of people from locations as far as Iceland, New Zealand, Kazakhstan and the Philippines. The data, he admits, is skewed since the site only reaches English speakers. He plans to translate the site into Chinese, which means he could get a flood of new data from the world’s most populous country.

      He says if you look at the data he has accumulated, a few things stand out.

      “I caution anybody who looks at the Hum Map to not be distracted by the high concentration of points on the Eastern Seaboard of the US and, in particular, over in England. Over in England, it would appear that they’re being absolutely clobbered,” MacPherson said.

      He also notes that Vancouver Island has a “significantly higher concentration of Hum reports.”

      So what is the Hum?

      MacPherson says the Hum may be a relatively recent phenomenon, with a significant number of reports first emerging in the late 60 and early 70s.

      There are three major theories as to what is causing the Hum.

      The main suspect is very low-frequency (VLF) radio emissions that are used by the military to communicate with submarines.

      “When I say VLF, I’m not referring to sound,” MacPherson said. “That leads to another striking and startling conclusion, the fact that the Hum may not be a sound in the traditional sense. It may be the body’s reaction to a particular band of radio frequencies. That’s not an outrageous idea. The concept that the body can interpret certain electromagnetic frequencies as sound is reasonably well-established in research literature.”

      Another theory is that the World Hum is “nothing more than the grand accumulation of human activity” that could include noise from highways, marine traffic, mining, windmill farms, hydroelectric dams and other forms of industry.

      In 2014, a federally funded study confirmed a humming noise in Windsor, Ont., known as the Windsor Hum, emanated from an island across the Detroit River.

      An acoustic monitoring study showed the rumbling was real and reached Windsor from heavily industrial Zug Island in River Rouge, Mich.

      However, the investigation – done by scientists at the University of Windsor and Western University – failed to pinpoint just what was causing the phenomenon.

      A third theory is that the noise stems from geological processes at work.

      Then there’s the idea that people who hear the Hum are just suffering from tinnitus, a medical condition that results in a ringing of the ears.

      David Deming, a University of Oklahoma professor who was one of the first researchers to examine the Hum, noted that “Hum symptoms are distinctly different from classic tinnitus. Tinnitus is typically a high-frequency ringing sound — not a low-frequency rumble.”

      “What I always like to point out about tinnitus is that it’s self-reported,” MacPherson said. “There is no external metric for it. If we believe that tinnitus is real, then the question is what differentiates it from reports of the World Hum?”

      There are plenty of other more far-fetched theories out there, and MacPherson has heard them all.

      “Whenever you’re dealing with something unexplained, it invites all manner of people who have creative ways of interpreting reality,” he says diplomatically.

      Part of his work, he says, is using his science background to separate plausible theories from crazed conspiracies that circulate online.

      “It’s plant life, it’s huge boring tunnel machines, it’s weather projects, it’s aliens,” he says. “At least we didn’t hear about the Illuminati.”

      MacPherson understands that some might think that he is no different than some of the conspiracy theorists who visit his site.

      But he says his dedication to the scientific method is what separates him from the tinfoil-hat crowd.

      What’s in the box?

      A recent article in the New Republic outlined MacPherson’s experiment with a so-called Deming Box. Named after the professor who first delved into this phenomenon, the steel box is designed to “create within it a VLF radio free space.”

      If a person who can hear the Hum gets into the box and no longer detects the noise, that could suggest VLF radio waves are the culprit.

      Shortly after the article was published, MacPherson got inside the box to see what would happen. He said he got “mixed results” and plans to move the box to an undisclosed location on the Sunshine Coast and try again.

      “If I get a positive result, I’ve got a handful of volunteers on the Sunshine Coast who can hear the Hum and who are ready to go in as well,” he said.

      He also plans to continue maintaining the database, which he says has helped him connect with people who are also looking for answers.

      “There are large numbers of perfectly sensible, everyday individuals and this is what we all have in common. We can hear this noise.”

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      Ed Hillman

      I heard a horn like noise just about 3days ago it was unlike anything you hear out there .

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      Strange Sounds

      Where about? Thank you!

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      Erika Schaefer

      Many people have heard the hum, which they describe as sounding like a Diesel engine running, at night just north of my hometown of Stanwood, WA, about 60 or 70 miles south of the US/Canada border. It has gone on for years and many people have heard the hum. This area is a farming area, very close to the water of Puget Sound, on the north side Camano Island.

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      Hum heard by us also in St. Maarten/St. Martin, The Caribbean.

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      Just found this forum after researching whether I’m going crazy! I am in NJ and started hearing a hum in middle of night (not every night) last year. Just moved to new house in same area 3 months ago and was hoping not to hear the hum anymore. Unfortunately, heard it again for first time this week, ugh.. I’m going to move the alarm clocks away from bed area temporarily, in case it’s something stupid like that. I don’t hear it every night though, so doesn’t make sense, unless my hearing spikes once in a while….Hard to explain the sound. Doesn’t sound like a idling diesel like others have reported.. A continous whiny wave-like sound. We do live near a train line and do hear the diesel engines occasionally in the distance, but that noise eventually subsides, unlike this one that keeps going…. My other half of course doesn’t hear it, but he can sleep through crying, coughing kids. I’m in my 50s now and I read that more people over 50 seem to hear the “hum”, so maybe that’s why I’m starting to hear it?? I have to take a xanax when I hear it or can’t get back to sleep, it’s a very irritating little noise..

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      John M

      I live in the Bronx, and i hear this humming sound that seems like a huge generator or transformer. The sounds seem to produce an electrical sensation on my hands. Like if they were magnetized. I have been trying to move for a while now, but it seems that my application are turned down so many times in a row, that i think that they are being manipulated in some way. I also feel little electrical zaps like things in some parts of my body.I have also seem paranormal happenings in the area and around me. Can it be that aliens are making us to look like them. Well to make a short story short i think that we are being made transparent, and with matter with in matter. A huge sphere around most of the people and when it taken off them, they become translucent. something like the result of the Philadelphia experiment that supposedly never happened.the Cambridge ship. Any ways is it that the huge swelling in my ear causes me to hear the loud humming sound or is it over looked by others.

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      Zombie Boy

      I like turtles

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      Thomas P.

      I am now convinced I also have been hearing the sound
      sounds like an Un Ending Freight Train lower in
      frequency then gets louder in frequency I know its
      not a Freight Train here in my location trains do
      not go on unending like that … Frequency also
      changes, and will sound like a Helicopter for many
      hours hovering over the house where I live.

      I have been Tweeting Strange Sounds Website
      on my Twitter @ BlueRavenUSA
      I know now where the Sounds is coming from.

      It is from the Grid…Power Lines High
      Voltage Power Lines, also Gwen Towers,
      Cell Towers, Smart Meters, are all
      connected to….Satellites.
      Do a search for Deborah Tavares
      Stopthecrime.net Proof Of Documents
      they are using Silent Weapons
      Direct Energy Weapons Locked on
      many people’s brains tracking people
      this is the very reason why speaking
      for myself only, when I leave my
      location I am in a smaller town here
      rural area…when I drove down to
      Santa Fe, New Mexico and spent the
      night at Motel 6, I also herd the
      same exact sound called ELF Waves ,
      EMF – Electromagnetic Frequencies
      and also they are Beaming this down
      Locked on peoples Brains. Killing
      people by the way. Not Conspiracy
      but Fact – Proven PDF Leaked Documents
      I have been trying to educate people
      where the strange sounds is exactly
      coming from. No you are not crazy
      or insane if you hear these sounds.

      Does not matter where you go, if they
      have a Satellite Locked on your brain
      your being tracked.

      I have been doing some intensive
      research myself about this.

      Please Check out
      B. Jackson’s You Tube Channel
      here –

      I am now in Contact with her by
      Email here is her you tube channel.


      Please notice and watch the
      4 Part Videos below

      Part 1

      Part 2

      Part 3

      Part 4

      Also I did read your previous article on
      Same Website Strange Sounds
      and you are correct, Symptoms
      they can give you a Heart Attack,
      Seizures, it messes with your Brain,
      Chest Pains, can literally drive a
      person insane, even if you are not
      crazy. Its Very Evil Silent Weapons
      Deborah Tavares has Posted Proof
      leaked Documents,
      military is also using this same
      technology microwave weapons and they
      can literally split your head open
      and Kill you its Deadly and Lethal.

      Please do more Research on this
      Facts I am sharing.

      Also Please Contact this man knows
      also exactly what is causing this
      this is there plan to take down kill
      billions of people off the face of
      this planet.

      I was curious if anyone around my
      local area was going through Same
      symptoms I have been experiencing.
      A man I found up in Brekenridge, Colorado
      also is hearing the Elf Waves.

      Mike Patrick
      his information and phone number
      and Email where you can Contact
      him here at this link here

      Also please Listen Here
      this is a very rare court case
      of another targeted individual
      his name James Walbert

      James Walbert actually won this
      court case please search more on him
      you can Listen here

      Download the Mp3 Audio File Here

      James Walbert even made Recognition
      to Wired Magazine from winning his court
      case here

      PDF FILE – Mike Patrick send to my Email
      uploaded to my Box Account Here

      PDF FILE

      PDF FILE
      Leaked NASA Government Document

      Hope this information gets out viral, people need
      to get educated about this. This is Real technology
      they are using. Do not go to psychiatrists they will
      label you as a insane. Here is more Proof for
      skeptical people out there who still do not
      believe this is real. Freedom Fighters posted
      this recently Arizona University is actually
      using Mind Control with the Brain to Fly Drones
      with the Brain? and people are still skeptical
      that they do not have this technology to lock
      a Satellite onto the human brain yes they do
      please wake up people about this. They are
      tracking people world wide I believe this is
      in Beta Testing, they can turn up the frequencies
      Lethal Deadly and can give a person a heart attack.
      If you read the Nass Leaked Document War-crimes
      they do plan to kill billions off the face of
      the planet with this Silent Weapons.

      That exactly is where the Strange Sounds people
      are hearing. For people who are being attacked
      by this day and night there is a Support Group
      you can talk to other T.I.s – Targeted Individuals
      out the. I am also in contact with Renatta a
      wonderful woman helping others.

      You need to sign up with a username, password
      on Talk Shoe Conference Call. I forgot exactly
      the Time but it is every Sunday Afternoon
      You can also call in via by landline phone,
      Cell Phone can call in when Renatta takes
      callers you press (Star *8 on your Phone Keypad)
      to talk Live, if you miss the Call you can also
      download the Mp3 and Listen as well)

      The Support Group of many people now I am
      in contact with is found here
      on… Talk Shoe

      If the Links or PDF FIles did not post correctly
      feel free to contact me by Email
      and I can Re-Send the links by Email.
      Hope this helps out in your research.
      I do believe 100 Percent this is FACTS
      where the Strange Sounds are coming from.

      aka… BlueRaven

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      Rutland VT 9/30/16
      Two tiered low sub noise. Vibrating. My butt, my coffee maker, the wall…. Loud & heavy like battery toy under a cushion or not the neighbor wash machine butnot
      Been hearing off & on for months.
      Meadow street area(the gut)
      Cops ignore me.. In tears. This is no dumb radio tower. Stuff is shaking….

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      I heard it in the middle of the night last night. It sounded like a drone circling above my house. It would get closer, then further, closer, then further. More than a sound, & could feel it through my body.

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      I heard the humming last night for the first time and couldn’t figure out what it was. Actually sat up. I have sudden hearing loss in one ear and have tinnitis in that ear so I was laying on my good ear but could still hear the humming which seemed louder when laying on my good ear. Strange! My husband was still downstairs but I did make my son get out of bed and come into my bedroom to listen. He could hear it and was looking out the windows but couldn’t figure it out so he went back to bed. I don’t know if the sound stopped or I actually just went to sleep so don’t know how long the humming continued.

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      been hearing it for years … mostly at night but sometimes during the day, too … not every night … like a generator … oscillating low-frequency hummmm …

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      Justin A

      Started last night a low level noise I can only describe sounds like helicopter! That’s what I thought it was! Took hours to get to sleep n I woke withe the same drone! So have been looking on the net to find what could be the cause! I hope it goes away or I can at least learn to ignore it! It’s horrible 🙁

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