Huge boom rattles windows in Banff, Scotland

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      Strange Sounds

      Here a comment sent to me yesterday. Did you also hear it?

      Hi There,

      I just wanted to report a huge boom last night i know it wasnt thunder, i was woke up at 3 in the morning with my cat trying to get out of my bedroom by scratching the door, i put on my light and told her to settle down which she did after 5 minuets, she came and lay down beside me beside and we both fell asleep i dont think i was in a deep sleep, when i was woken up by this huge boom bang and my windows were shaking and rattling slightly, my cat stood up arched her back stared at the window and hissed twice, i looked towards the window and saw light but i am now unsure if there was a light or if it was just daylight coming in, i turned on my dimmer bedside lamp, i knew i had to look out of the window but my cat had freaked me out a bit with her reaction…when i looked out i looked at the time it was around 3.30, it was pretty light outside and i couldnt see anything…my cat came up to the window to look out with me.. but i lifted her back onto my bed and she lay down and fell asleep pretty fast which was bit strange, anyway i couldnt get back to sleep the last time i looked at my watch was 5.55 there was no thunder iv heard loud thunder at night and my cat never reacts to thunder…wondered if it was a sonic boom as it was a strange boom. i know RAF jets are not allowed to fly over ton at night. i live in a small town Banff in Scotland it is on the North East Coast…dont suppose there is any way of finding out what shook my windows and freaked my cat out.

      Kind Regards

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