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    Last night and night before last. Huge booms. One at a time with hours between. San Juan islands in Washington state

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    Strange Sounds


    I looked and found no earthquakes around the last few das. Are they having military flights going on?

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    I have heard those loud booms also. I’m in Oregon. I believe it’s related to the moving magma under the North American plate, and the imminent slippage of the Juan de Fuca plate. Not a scientist though, so who knows?

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    Hi Ashley,
    I live on SJI too. I just found this site, so sorry for being so late in seeing your post here.
    I remember back in Aug hearing those loud booms too…sitting in my living room and wondering what in the hell was that?
    I’ve heard loud booms before, but not for a few years.
    Back around 2010-2011 I heard really loud booms here in the very early AM, before civil twilight even along with lots of folks in Vancouver BC… was all over the net at the time. Seem to remember they were a couple in the AM and then a few days, weeks later it would happen again…then it stopped, at least in the AM, when it is so easy to hear anything as it’s so quiet and I’m cleaning my horse barn.
    Anyway, Ashley, so good to hear from a fellow islander here reporting.

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      note: not sure who chose that icon above my name, but it certainly was not me!!

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    Just remembered that back when the booms were heard here as reported above by me there were also long very loud trumpet sounds around the same time.
    Heard by myself and my Mom in very early pre-dawn hrs while outside. Heard them a few in a row and then a few days later a new series of the trumpet sounds. Happened maybe a half dozen times over a couple of months period……really eerie.

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