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      I used to live in raton New Mexico for several years. The sound was very strong there. Something’s going on there. There were a lot of people in that town that have seen many strange lights and strange things going on. None of which have been explained. One thing for certain, for no military bases or government facilities close, there has always been an unusual presence of military or government agencies. Most of the people there have seen strange lights in the sky and aerial devices that make no noise. Some people have said they have spoken to nonhuman beings, no ears,big eyes, speaking without moving their mouths, usually trying to cover themselves. And there’s been quite a few people that have said to have seen people shift into creatures or animals, or just flat out disappear

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      Strange Sounds

      Thanks for this post. I love when somebody reports what he/she experienced… It adds more ‘truth’ to the strange sounds phenomenon. It is really weird that we have not debunked yet this mystery in Taos or any other hums in New Mexico…

      What do you think it is?

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