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    I was out side smoking a cigarette around 10:30pm on February 20th 2017. My neighborhood is very quiet and full of retired people so at around this time the most you hear is nature itself. With no warning I heard a extremely loud jet/ torch like sound that was right above my house . This came with no warning and the sound never faded. It lasted about a minute until it just went completely silent without fading into the distance.. this sound was CLOSE and echoed through my neighborhood. Like expected no one else heard this sound but comments on this site make me feel like my gut is right and that it wasn’t normal.

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    Apocalypse Rider

    If you tell truth, that is very interesting phenomenon. If such sound just appeared from nothing without any object causing it, then we can freely claim that it was sound of colliding our world 3 density with higher dimensions, or cloaked/ethereal UFO flying here. I just wonder why vast majority of such sounds occurs in USA. They are only there or just only Americans are reporting it massively?

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    I tell the truth I honestly randomly found this site to maybe firgure out what it could be and I saw that I wasn’t the only one that heard this sound.. reports go back to like 5 years ago on this site alone. But it was by far the weirdest experience I have ever had. I was never a skeptic but I always have doubts and I like having answers and this expience left me clueless.

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    Apocalypse Rider

    The same as me. Yes, these sounds occur worldwide from 2011 and started to expand widely in 2012. I have watched many youtube videos about them and I still follow this topic, and surely something is going on if so many people upload videos and records from all the world. Some are really strange and make even specific feelings when listening but there are many fakes and paranoic videos where people freak out about known sounds like jet sonic booms, train sirens, tornado sirens, military trainings etc and claim them paranormal so I always like to check credibility of this.

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    Understandable.. my area experiences booms all of the time for two reasons . Sonic and mine blasting. There is no major air port here so a jet sound that loud was weird.. it was a clear night as well.. my exact words after the sound were “what the fuck was that” said aloud to myself lol I haven’t heard it again but now I’m waiting for anything to happen because I regret not recording it with my phone.

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    Apocalypse Rider

    Then I hope you will be able to record if such thing repeat in future 🙂

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    Aug 28th 2017 right past midnight in round lake illinois i heard the same loud jet loud noise. 2 weeks earlier i watched the air and water show from my friends balcony and witnessed blue angels and latest jet fighters and all of that. This noise was way way louder. As an actaul nasa vouger blasted off right over my roof. You could hear the intensity of the burn and it was something supermassive. Like I mentioned i witnessed jet fighters just weeks ago up close and that sound did not stand even close to the sound i witnessed.

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    I live about 40 miles south of Kansas City and for the past 2 nights I have heard these exact same jet-like sounds. I am glad I searched for others who may have heard these sounds and stumbled across this website. Each time, I heard the sounds around 11 p.m. The sounds seemed to last for anywhere between 45 seconds to over a minute before taking a 2-3 minute break and then I would hear the same sounds. I heard the sounds 4-5 times each night before going back inside. One of the nights, I also heard a sound that was similar to a motorcycle but it lasted for 2-3 minutes and I only heard it once.

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    I heard this just this morning! I wasn’t even aware it was a thing until today. I was walking home from dropping my kids off at school and heard what sounded like a stupidly low flying airplane I looked up but there was nothing! It was a perfectly clear and crisp morning, not a cloud or airplane in the sky. The sound moved slowly too, like it was rolling lazily across the sky. It seemed to hover directly over me for about a minute then it slowly rolled on. It was amazing and frightening at the same time.

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      Forgot to add location. Southern Ontario, Canada. Happened about 8:15am.

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    About a year ago I would be startled awake by a low rumbling engine type vibrating sound that seemed to “hover” over my house. Just about nightly at that time. Always around three a.m. Could never see anything over the house, but the vibrational feel was that there was something huge hovering. I kept telling my husband that the Starship Enterprise must be docking over our house. I haven’t heard it in a while. P.S. No one else heard it that I know of. (Husband is mostly deaf so he hears basically nothing.)

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    The metal sounds, trumpet sounds and the roaring (not sure if the roaring is noted) occurred in the past also.
    Pliny the Elder recorded accounts by Roman military leaders in his natural histories, he lived about 2000 years ago.
    Pliney the Elder died in Ad 70 while attempting to rescue friends of his when Mt. Vesuvius destroyed Pompeii.

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    Freaked Out

    2:30pm central Arkansas, March 25, 2018 Was outside, heard the jet engine, firery forge roar/rumble again with no planes present as usual but this time i actually felt a sonic/sound wave hit me, go through me. It literally changed the pressure in my ears, mostly felt it in the head. It scared me, left me feeling disoriented. Boyfriend heard it in the house also

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    Charles Dollar

    Tulsa Oklahoma April 25th about 2:30 in the morning heard this loud jet like sound went on for 2 to 3 minutes just in the same spot felt like it was low to the ground they just stopped out of the blue no planes in the sky is very strange

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    Tammy Mills

    I also live in Quincy,IL and was startled to hear the same extremely loud jet like roar over my house. It was about 2 weeks ago so I’d guess mid July 2019 and it was approx 1 am when I stepped out onto my back patio to enjoy the summer night air when suddenly, out of nowhere, this loud roar started and the only way I could describe it was that it was like a very loud and very big jet engine was somehow suddenly in my front yard. It was so loud that it seemed like it was everywhere but also literally right over my property. I listened to it for about 45 seconds then decided to run in and grab my phone and mt husband so I wouldn’t seem crazy trying to explain this. By the time I got back outside, probably 15 seconds later, before I could even get my camera up on my phone, it suddenly stopped. Just as quickly and suddenly as it started. My husband hadn’t even made it out there yet. It has blown mt mind ever since and I’ve been watching videos on you tube and researching other people’s experiences. I just wish I knew what the Hell it was cuz it was bizarre. Everything I seem to find on it leads to believing it’s cloaked UFOs. I never believed they existed but now I’m really starting to wonder if they do.

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    Shocked in WA

    The evening of July 22, 2019, in Oroville WA i was walking the low hillside when
    i suddenly began hearing loud consistent noise, sounding like standing at the
    end of a runway with a jet taking off over you. it went on for a few minutes.
    i stood there alone looking in a 360 realizing i was the only human in that immediate
    area–surely someone else was outside just not near me. i never heard anyone else
    mention this but its a vacay area so people come and go.

    i was..stunned to say the least. the first one was loud strong and did not waver.
    it went away, i began walking again and then came a 2nd noise, not as long not as
    intense, it lasted about a minute and went silent.

    cant say ive Ever had this happen before.
    thanks for the site.

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    Shocked in WA

    I couldnt find a way to edit, didnt mean to post like that.

    i wanted to add this. I was facing south when this loud continuous roar
    began continued and ended. it seemed to begin south of the hillside blocking all comm signals from the south.
    this had been a gold mining area. the roar i heard never changed levels or tones, it stayed the same the entire time it was heard. it began loudly and ended the same way, 3-4minuntes long.

    i wondered..was it a earthquake back fire, boom, whatever, ive never been around
    quakes happening, i was just guessing since i could Not imagine what or where this
    long sustained roaring noise was coming from.
    the second time was a bit less roar and didnt last as long.

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