large explosion heard in CA 90042 at ~1 am 6-6-2017

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    Kira Ronin

    Last night at ~11 pm heard gun shots sound, more than 7 distinct ones. Later, about 1:10 pm, heard a large explosion that lasted a while, intensified and ended shaking the apt complex. I had the impression that it was accompanied by light, but I may be wrong here as I was startled and frightened. It sounded like a building exploded. I looked but no explanation – like nothing happened.
    If it is not man made, could it be fracking related ?

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    Apocalypse Rider

    Interesting because yesterday about 5-6 pm I heard too loud boom in my area! It sounded exactly like sonic boom from fighter jets which are common here but this was different – it came from east quite horizontally and there was no jet sound after it, just deep far powerful boom. Maybe jets very far away or… maybe meteor…

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      Strange Sounds

      Yes most probably a meteor as they sometimes go sonic. And we are now entering the Arietids’ peak. Did you see a flash?

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    Apocalypse Rider

    No, I didn`t, it was sunny daytime by the way.

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    Last night I heard humming sounds underground in the vicinity near I10. Stopped a few months. Read theres tunneling linking Walmarts and thats the direction the sound was headed. I heard an unground dynamite explosion sound 3:30am in the winter a few months ago. I was so rattled. I’m 300 miles East of Los Angeles. Highways are faults. I heard the ground explode under my feet watering a plant. Nothing scarier than that. My husband doesnt care. Ground cracking sounds have gone on several years now. I think the frequency 2.5 hertz emitted from these microwave towers are cracking sewers and causing leaking and huge sinkholes here. The streets have severe cracking since celltowers were put in recently.

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    Dusty Murphy

    I also heard the loud boom around 5:25 pm it came from the East no light with it. Turned up the scanner to see if there had been an explosion on I-5 or someone’s drug lab had blown up,nothing. I have heard the sound before when something enters our atmosphere,we live close to Edwards Air Base to me that might explain it.

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      Strange Sounds

      Yes, the are sometimes flying sonic even if the are not allowed to.

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