Loud Booms in Boxborough, Massachusetts: What was it?

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      Residents called police reporting loud booming noises on March 12, 2016 in Boxborough.

      Many residents called authorities this morning reporting loud booming noises in the area.

      Boxborough police reported Saturday morning that loud booms heard around Saturday were due to artillery maneuvers being practiced by the U.S. Military at the Fort Devens base.

      “Our dispatch center has been overwhelmed with calls about sounds of what appear to be explosions. This is coming from the training facility on Devens. The armed forces will be conducting munitions training throughout the weekend and we would like to remind everyone that there is an active military reserve base close by and that this is a regular occurrence and it poses no threat to public safety.”


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      According to a Twitter post from the Boxborough police department, the loud booms residents may have heard Saturday morning were caused by artillery maneuvers at the Fort Devens South Post.


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