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      Strange Sounds

      Heard another boom noise, for maybe the 8th time since visiting my mom’s house, here on Valencia in tucson. It keeps happening, and there’s no explaination for it thus far. Also, we almost daily have heard a very loud jet engine siund, but it starts and stops in the same place, at the same volume, so whatever it is causing it, it doesn’t move like a jet would. Nor are jets as loud. Plus were a good 10 miles from the airport. Also. It sounds like it’s coming from the south, like ajo or three points, or maybe further. It happens both day and night. I was wondering if ud ever figured out the booming noises heard all over tucson? Well all over az for that matter. I just discovered ur postings site today, and noticed a lot are older, so I was curious if u ever got an answer. Also, some guy was saying it was a magnetic pole for some commet, but obviously he’s wrong bc that was back in 2012 or 13. Anyway, can u let me know if u know anything either way, thanks. Meghan

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      Strange Sounds

      If your are living near the airport the booms may be linked to activities over there. Do you have any construction sites around?

      The latest booms have been created by jets going sonic. But they shouldn’t fly over populated areas, although they do all the time.

      No earthquakes in the area. I would go for airport activities but don’t really know.

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      mariah gall

      I have heard 3 of these “booms” i the past week. They have even slightly shake the roof of my home. We are located on ajo way and sandario. Theres no construction, and no explanation. Its really quite strange. One happened this morning 4/29 around 9:35 am.

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      I’ve heard loud jet engine noise,but have seen no jets flying. I’m on Mission and Drexel. This happened a few days ago

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      @mariah gall, u stated u live near Sandario and ajo. that is directly located near Ryan’s air field which is a small airport. @strangesounds what part of Valencia do u live near? Is it more west?like towards ajo? There are 2 airports located near Valencia road. And we cannot forget Davis monthan air force base which is also located near East Valencia Rd. Which has to do with most things we see going In the sky or hear in the air. Growing up near park and Valencia resulted in fighter air planes flying g over daily as well as watching commercial airline planes fly dangerously close to the ground right over my house because the landing strip must be located in a direction in which the planes must fly over that area like that. The noise from planes or jets being so loud that conversations would have to pause until it was done because no one could even hear themselves talk. I say dangerously low because if the wrong kind of people knew about How close they really are, it not be a good day in Tucson.

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      Alex Flores

      Depending on when these sounds were heard in relation to Easter, it may have been the Pascua Yaqui Tribe’s Lenten ceremonies. New pascua is right by the casino of the sun, near valencia and camino oeste,and observances use loud fireworks the week leadimg up to Easter Sunday.

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