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      I live about 30 miles from the Gulf of Mexico in N. Central Florida. I moved here in 2005 and I have heard loud booms (and so have other locals) regularly, every year, usually in the winter. It is always in perfectly clear weather (no thunderstorms, no rain whatsoever). I always thought it was lime rock mining nearby (which there is supposedly none). Last year when it happened it turned out to be Navy test bombing about 150 miles off the coast in the Gulf. Those booms were so strong they almost shattered windows in nearby houses. I just heard the booms about 9 pm tonight and also yesterday late afternoon. I search online to see if there was any Navy test bombing going and could not find anything. Of course they do not always announce it to the public. If anyone knows anything, please enlighten me! It makes me angry when it happens. It’s unsettling.

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      Joe Leikhim

      Heard here in Oviedo Florida at ~ 10:30 PM Saturday Nov 19, 2016. Very loud booms and rumbles, could hear them in the house. Unlike lightning discharge thunder, they were repetitive with a pattern. Lasted about 10 to 15 minutes. I have heard other phenomenon at this location sounding like a huge jet engine or blow torch stationary in sky. Always from a direction to the northwest.

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      We heard it too! We live 3 miles off the coast. During a bar-b-que on Nov. 17th we heard
      AND FELT 12 giant booms. It shook all the windows in the house and set all the dogs in the neighborhood barking! Seemed very close just to the north and west of us! Not sure what it was either.

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