Loud explosion baffles Byron Center, Michigan

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      Strange Sounds

      The loud explosions people noticed near Byron Center on Saturday, April 15, are tentatively identified as Tannerite detonations.

      Tannerite is an exploding target for sharpshooters using a high powered rifle.

      When hit by a speeding bullet, a combination of chemicals in a container of Tannerite detonates.

      Shooting Tannerite at a bachelor party near 68th Street and Wilson Avenue Saturday may explain the loud explosions many people heard and were talking about on Facebook.

      “They recommend you not shoot this closer than 100 yards away,” says Josh Panther of Arkansas Trading & Loan. “There is very little fire produced with this.

      “This is actually one of the techniques they use to put out oil well fires in the desert. We get to use it for fun, though.”

      The owner of the farm near Byron Center says he gave permission to use the property for the bachelor party. After the explosions, owners say their grandson apologized to neighbors.


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