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      Apocalypse Rider

      Some time ago I said about annoying aura of fear and stress appearing over my area, now I have similar situation but this time this shit is like mixed feelings of depression, boredoom, apathy and senselessness going from nowhere into head! And like in previous case this aura is combined with very annoying pressure in head, especially in the temples. It is something between pain and numbness and becomes really pissing in longer term. What it could be? Demon attacks? Psychotronic weaponry? Curses? Or just effects of going up into higher 5-th density and self-purification from negative prana? Do someone else have this problem? Some my friends have similar situation, they are demotivated (me too) from many things they enjoy (for example drawing, painting or carving) and also I, they, my family and even dog sleep longer and more often. There happened also one suprising and odd thing, one of my ex-friend who year ago became extremely possessed tried to contact me recently through other friend saying idiotic things about me. So what the hell is going on? So big accumulation of that events in one time is seriously uncasual.

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      Strange Sounds

      Sometimes I feel like I don’t know and Sometimes I feel like checking out. Sometimes I’m feeling good and sometimes really bad. I think it’s life, good and bad are united to make the One, like the Ying & Yang. These phases just have different timespans, sometimes longer than what we expect.

      And I just can’t understand people bad-talking a friend or anybody.

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      Apocalypse Rider

      I hope we quickly find out what is going on with it and what causes this thing. Now I try to analyze all possible factors and I think that I know what it may be. Probably all of those things that I proposed. Changes on Earth seem to accelerate very much in last days. I remember my strange feelings from 2012 when me and many others started to have more extreme moods and feelings and now it is happening again due to rapid and violent energy blast. I think so because events on the world also accelerated very much in last days, everyday I see in TV or read about shootings, explosions, terrorist attacks etc. More things are happening also in my local area. It is interesting. This aura of depression is also sometimes interrupted and this time I start to feel really good for a moment. Some prophecies say about “Earth suffering birth pains”, so… maybe it is that!

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      I believe that what goes on over our heads (the universe, etc.) has much to do with how we feel and how we act. This Friday, Sept. 30, is another New Moon, the 2nd one this month and is aka a “Black” Moon. This goes back to ancient days and Pagan and Wiccan rituals and no, it doesn’t have to do with demonic activity but sacred worship. These times we’re going through are very trying, to say the least. Please don’t despair. This Friday also the Moon is in Libra (Balance, Harmony, sorting things out, letting the old go and embracing the new, etc.). It is a time of reflection and in some cases may be deeper than we want to go but it is going to be okay. Say a prayer and set some goals. This, I believe is what we’re all going through (some haven’t experienced it yet) a time of purification, a cleansing, a cleaning out the closet and getting rid of the old stuff and bad habits. Hang in there, Blessings,

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      Apocalypse Rider

      Surely the energy purification is going on because even the sky in my area looks different. Now in Poland we have about 15*C at night and up to 21-23*C at day. Clouds look also a little different and today I saw strange rainbow at the clouds above sunset (normal rainbow occurs oppose to light source). And today depression aura was more variable, one time it was horrible making to want die and one time (when the Sun came out of clouds) it was really better. Very strange. Something big is going to happen.

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      Apocalypse Rider

      New info: we know about many causes of those things now! I with my good friends have talked many about this and we estabilished some things: process of going to higher realities became even faster and it caused worldwide shock in many aspect of life. One of them is reveal of new layer of gigantic amounts of frozen negative energy residing in everything: people, animals and Earth in general. This waste energy and many devices created from it started also to go higher and escape from us with great pressure. Those devices are responsible for blocking spiritual progress, causing depression, fatigue, fear, helplessness and such things. I just feel all this going out from different parts of my body, sometimes it is like cold water was going from those places! And sources of all negative emotions are therefrom.

      Second source of aggressive depression aura are clouds in my area… About month ago there were clouds emanating fear and awe, now they are carrying depression. So there must be huge amounts of depressive prana, which these clouds are soaked of. My friend also noticed that clouds are more gray than usual.

      And today my ex-gf was talking another foolnesses to my friend about me and other things, she tells that Im fully neutral to her and she doesnt care about me but still is mentioning about me. We investigated this and detected many energy attacks from her, especially vampirism. I noticed that the more negative energy and memories I try to get rid of, the more she tries to be on my attention.

      Another thing – friend of my mum is suffering home violence more and more and the more it occurs the more she thinks it is okay.

      Zombie apocalypse in progress!

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      Apocalypse Rider


      We have new attacks of depression, senselessness, headache and apathy! They seem to be stronger than before and more of my friends also became affected to this and to greater extent. This feeling is sometimes harassing with thoughts like “this is the end of all, there is no sense of longer exist” and this is like real hell would come out to this world! Even colours were strangely faded today. Creepy.

      And in addition, recent depression auras were combined with strange feelings in the head, face, heart and stomach (very deep bursting and distending), like something would going to explode from there. Very very creepy. I think this is exactly the beginning of Tribulation, it all fits and makes sense, because it is said about wars, disasters, famine, hardships, pain and suffering. Wars, disastars, famine and hardships – we now have it all over the world more and more common! All life goes in more haste and is harder in general! And farther we have pain and suffering – maybe this is exactly this depression attacking from nowhere?! I think this is it! And how do you think?

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