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      Apocalypse Rider

      I wanted to describe some phenomenas a little less connected to weather acts, strange sounds or flashes, but focused more on human behaviors, demonic possessions, political issues or religious fanatisms that are happening last years, I have in mind the beginning of End Times since year 2012 to current time.

      Firstly I want to describe some events in human behaviors in my area in Masuria in Poland. I noticed very very significant increase of pathological and totally illogical behaviors in all people I know and I heard lot of rumors about others. There are more and more crimes here, people are more often attacking others with knife, just for no reason! Or for totally strange reasons like “I dont like the neighbour because something" or "friend didnt want to drink wine with me”. Yet few years ago such acts were very rare and strange, they vere publicized and aroused indignation. Now it is daily and “normal”. The same with family rows and arguments. There are now plenty of them everywhere, with both mental and physical violence (beating, swearing, throwing items, flat devastating etc). Im reading and watching regularly lot of news in the web and TV and there are here about those things. But this is only a top of ice mount. Drugs also became widespread as never before. In every city, town or village in Masuria there are are some druggies, somewhere even half of population, including kids in primary schools. For example in 3000-people town in Masuria there are statistically about 50-100 dealers. But this also is not all in human behaviors. There is much much more giggle and word attacks, especially in the youngsters, who are walking around the town or village literally like zombies and are attacking random passers with offensive sounds or words. There is also mass devastation in relationships, friendships and marriages EVERYWHERE in my area. It will sound probably strange, but also in facebook people are looking more "daemonic" in their photos... Especially girls, their eyelook is so empty, wicked, freaky and... just evil! And in real life, many my friends became ALMOST IN THE SAME TIME totally other people - a girlfriend, very cordial, loyal and devoted, suddenly broke and recanted all our relationship and friendship and very very aggressively became scaring me with police and courts and wanted money from me. Even her look totally changed and became as I described before - empty, mad, and purely wicked and evil. Short time after that, other close friend offended me and my other friends TOTALLY FOR NO REASON, blaming us for something she even didnt want tell. Short time later she wrote to my and my friend entire pages of swearings and insults. Her language was very very psychotic and it looked very clearly like a possession and my friends also thinked so.

      Analyzing all this I became tracking and seeking other strange behaviors in my environment, TV or web and I quickly found out that it happened not only to me, but this is appearing WORLDWIDE! On some forums and pages (including also deviantart) people are describing very strange situations in their families and material status – there started violence, arguments, aggression and problems with money and work. Parents are attacking children and vice versa. Acts of various violence, beating, murdering are more and more widespread.

      I also noticed in humans that materialism and money-chasing grew up as never before. Very lot of people in age about 19 becomes totally other than before, they recant themselves and sacrifice all their lives just for getting money, becoming also more and more antisocial. The more money they earn, the more aggressive, unpleasant and conceited they are. But other people in work age are also affected by this.

      Regarding to political issues, probably I don`t have to tell about it. Everyone everyday see news in the web or TV or radio and in one word – it becomes pure CHAOS in the world – growth of protests everywhere, more fights between conservatives and leftists, more wars and tensions (ISIS, Ukraine, NATO-Russia and NATO-Korea tensions etc) and other things.

      And ALL this I described is fact, I didn`t invented it and everything it has one very common thing – ALL this happened recently and is happening still. Also with such things like those described on this page.

      I belive that there are very clear sings of End Times we are living in, and now is the time of antichrist dominion, and I also belive that this evil, satanic and demonic control of the world is because evil prepares to the war with good, whatever it means.

      PS: I very recommend some canals on YouTube like ANGEL OF APOCALYPSE, LAST MESSAGES or Jason A

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      Apocalypse Rider
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      It is the end of this age, yes. The more you look, the more evidence is there. The world breakdown is accelerating in almost every way imaginable, and all at the same time. Most refuse to see it, for varying reasons. They think I’m crazy, but they refuse to look into it at all and I’m expected to respect an uninformed opinion?

      I’m not looking for an “I told you so” when it becomes impossible to ignore, I just want to ease their suffering by preparing them mentally, and to get them to start physical preparations. Best of luck

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      I have been struggling with similar. I keep pointing out ancient texts, scientific discoveries, documented paranormal phenomena, eye witness accounts, unexplained sounds, etc. But I often feel like the more I talk the crazier they think I am. At best, I am usually met with nonchalance. Don’t people get it? Time is running out.

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      Thanks for sharing. Even online pastors seem obsessed with the outrageous or supernatural things that they can sensationalize – at the expense of sound teaching and a relationship with the Lord in Christ. This web site has articles to reveal and discuss end times prophecy and timeframes but more importantly to keep people grounded, empowered and living in the true Christian faith and to expose false teachings and theologies:
      This youtube channel has and will have videos that will get into this information too: (Troy H).
      God bless you

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      Lady in Arkansas

      I see it too, I can literally see the demonic in people. All around and even in my own family. The demonic is on the rise that is for sure, your not crazy at all.

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