Satanic occult ritual during opening world`s longest tunnel in Switzerland

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    Apocalypse Rider
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    Thanks for linking this, I wouldn’t have ever seen this otherwise.

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    Strange Sounds

    Something nice and interesting!

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    Apocalypse Rider

    Hehe no problem thanks you like it! And yeah world has gone very very crazy in our times, daemons are everywhere now, possessions and poltergeist activity are almost common, spiritual war between heaven and hell started on full.

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    Yes, that ritual was very creepy, I couldn’t watch most of it. This stuff has always been going on in secret; now it’s out in the open and hardly anybody has a problem with it.

    We are in the last moments of the end times. There will be more of this demonic activity. God help us.

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    Apocalypse Rider

    Absolutely agree with you. It is simply frightening how ignorant are most people now. Are they cursed or programmed or something? Some really act like that. For example, few years ago many my friends were very open to spiritual topics, they very enjoyed discovering their spiritual powers, spiritual origin (past lives etc) and were very eager to fight every evil, daemons who tried to stop their spiritual progress. But in some time (it started about 2014) many of them started to be possessed. They became depressive, aggressive and emotional unstable and stopped all their work and spiritual progress and development. And after that, money and sex became their only life goal. And as I investigated this more, I discovered that it became worldwide. People just go crazy, changing by 180 degrees their personality. From friendly and helpful became aggressive and extremely hateful without a reason. I have a theory for this (probably true), that all evil forces are escaping in panic Christ and other who come from heaven, and they try to hide in human bodies from judgement, causing total chaos. Hah, I`ve gone far from main topic xD

    But backing to the ceremony… Yes, it was very creepy to watch, total psychopathy and wickedness…

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    I will admit, the day before I watched this ceremony, I was pretty depressed. But after witnessing it and having my eyes opened, I’m feeling motivated. Indeed, years of media indoctrination has caused many to yield and conform to this world system. I had been visiting this site and a few alternatives for news, so imagine my surprise seeing something like this positioned top right of the site.

    Recall the National Socialist Revival, the Protestant Reformation, and the American Revolution… Who were the antagonists of these? International Jewry, Catholic Church, and Great Britain. And who ordained all of these? The God of the Hebrews/the Jewish people, Jehovah/Jesus. You will undoubtedly think I am insane for bringing all of this up and I probably am.

    Let us first examine National Socialism/NSDAP/Hitler, which have been slandered considerably. There was a German Jewish prophet called Heinrich Heine. In NSDAP propaganda, they really slandered this man and when they took power, they went to great lengths to burn most of his works. He had prophesied book burnings and the involvement of occult/paganism in Germany’s rise. Yet there is a statement people have overlooked:

    “Do not smile at my advice — the advice of a dreamer who warns you against Kantians, Fichteans, and philosophers of nature. Do not smile at the visionary who anticipates the same revolution in the realm of the visible as has taken place in the spiritual.”

    This is exactly the same thing you’ll find in Daniel 10:13, 20, 21 and in various instances of the so-called New Testament! That is, what happens in the spiritual realm will eventually occur in the physical world.

    Now you’ll notice that I have also highlighted the word Kantians. Eerily, this prophet cautions against philosophies in the same manner as Jesus does in the book of Revelation. Mozart was a Freemason who was a friend of Adam Weishaupt, A Jesuit and the founder of the Illuminati. Weishaupt was against the Kantians and his organization was anti-monarchic and originally purposed for goodness. Freemasonry, likewise, has a good origin. Many of the founding fathers of America were Masons and the Tea Party was a political act by Masons. Likewise, many of the Mormon leaders were Masons and their preaching was initially a call to repentance. Sadly, one Mormon leader, John C. Bennett brought corruption to the religion.

    If you read the Masonic poem Hand across the sea, you can plainly see that the Freemasons anticipated developments that we are seeing today. I am not necessarily endorsing Freemasonry, as I don’t believe there can be a mixing of religious people (religion is like a Weltanshuuang, which does not allow space for compromise. There can only be one dominant religion or no religion at all).

    Rather, it is my belief that such secret societies have been wrongly vilified (and infiltrated/assimilated to some degree) by an union of satanic secret societies, and ultimately Great Britain.

    Many like to point out the Jewish influence on the mass media, but who puts them there in the first place? That would be the Jesuits. Never mind what they say about Alberto Rivera, just watch one of his sermons and you’ll see how serious this man was. The Catholic Church does not give God the glory, not only because of the Pope, but it has a dark side. There is a certain duality present everywhere in the world.

    Who was the leader of the Protestant Movement? Martin Luther, of Germany. Who was the leader of the National Socialist Movement? Adolf Hitler, of Austria/Germany. Both were sent by God, but were different. Luther rebuked the Jews but he appreciated the so-called Old Testament. Hitler sought to destroy the Jews and he hated the ancient doctrine. Is it really so strange that Germany has always borne the hatred of the world?

    “Had Germany remained in this state of military impotence, then today Europe would already have become the victim of Bolshevism, that is, the war of extermination against the European people would long ago have got underway.” – Hitler

    “The largest communist party in Europe was in Germany, which had a 78% Jewish membership. Germany was under the greatest threat of any European country of succumbing to Jewish, Bolshevik domination and control, and had, in fact, been specifically targeted by the Comintern as the next domino to fall. Had that come to pass, a bloody “red terror” similar to that which was still going on in Russia would surely have followed. It was against this background that Hitler and the National Socialists launched their program to push Jews out of controlling position in Germany.” – Benton L. Bradberry, The myth of German villainy

    “The man of the future will be of mixed race. Today’s races and classes will gradually disappear owing to the vanishing of space, time, and prejudice.” – Coudenhove-Kalergi

    We have seen this movement starting with Germany’s migration crisis.

    This does not mean antisemitism is the proper response, that will only accelerate things. The Jewish people are still God’s people and are held captive to the conspiracy.

    There’s so many more things to be said, but at this point, I am too insane to articulate even the basic things. I’ve made a post at vigilantcitizen on this matter as well: This was before I realized Freemasonry wasn’t necessarily evil.

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    Great Britain’s tyranny from the shadows, Catholic Church’s operations from the shadows, international Jewry. US capitalist agenda and aggression (go read America’s Deadliest Export), Zionism, Freemasonry, Illuminati, Mormonism, Christianity, Islam, National Socialism, Soviets, and ultimately Germany.

    It is Germany that will be the key to all this. It is Germany that is destined to play a great role in the future. It is Germany, by the hand of God, that will win over all.

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    Forgotten Alien

    Wow, what a long post and interesting topic. Lot of information, worthy of admire. But if you think that you are insane, I think not. It is very good that more people see some truth outside, in this world and the “other side”.

    But the informations I gathered during years will sound even more crazy. Well, the spiritual war that already has place, is a continuation of more deeper story. There is also 3 side of the conflict, not only the “good” and “bad” angels. It will sound crazy, but on the very first, Earth and Mars were free planets placed in natural cosmic spacetime (called by us heaven) and was inhabited by Reptilians and various dragons and dinosaurs, native creatures. Reptilians were (and still are) very advanced civilization with awesome technology, like in SF, they colonized entire solar system, together with Angels from planet Nibiru. Both races lived thousands of years in peace, there was trade and technology exchange between them. Reptilians were the first economic and military power in the Milky Way, Angels probably the second. Grays from Zeta Reticuli were also their close allies and trade partners. But some day, huge armies and space fleets of evil forces (containing half of Angels, traitor Grays and Reptilians, Elohim, Pleiadans, Andromedans, various daemons and hybrids, succubs etc, and all it under command of Jehovah – leader of Elohim alliance) attacked the Solar System (and many many other systems in space). Their goal was very simple – enslave all the Universe and make slaves from all aliens encountered or kill them, and takeover or destroy their planets. All this in the name of Jehovah, who ordered to worship him as a god of all. He wanted all living things to think that he is creator of Universe and it belongs to him, and he and his alliance can do what they want. With plenty of daemons and evil-intentioned races they did probably the worst thing that could be done in space – they created somehow a spacetime prison around the Solar System (but without Nibiru) – a Hell, called sometimes 3-rd density, midgard etc. This dimension suppresses all the spirit powers of beings inprisoned here and destroys in big part memory of their origin. Well, there are many people who remember that they were Angels, Grays, Reptilians or other. But according to the Hell, some of Elohim forces and traitors were inprisoned here after creating it. And they are those who are being seen as most UFOs. They created humans from their genes on their freshly conquered planet in several aims. Firstly they wanted to have free labour force and something to eat and vampirize energetically. Secondly (it was the main aim) they wanted to make prison bodies for souls kidnapped during battles in Solar System and other places of space. Some souls came here from own will (mostly the evil agents and those are exactly the masons, illuminatis, religion leaders, priests, demonic worshippers, sect members, politicians and many many others), some souls were trapped here escaping Jehovah`s terror.

    The question of Jesus (and Lucifer) is even more strange and very different than religions propague. Jesus and Lucifer are brothers and are the most powerfuls Angels. They are leaders of their race and don`t fight between as many think. During the Jehovic terror on the Nibiru, Lucifer was defending fiercely his homworld, but finally he fell exhausted and was inprisoned in Hell (in unphysical levels but still enough dense to suppress powers and memory). Jesus was kidnapped by Jehovah as his mascot and Jehovah announced him as his son, then sent into human body to the Hell – on Earth, to make some of his will. But Jesus revolted, he was learning humans the truth, showed them healing powers and other spiritual capabilities called magic. He declared that he will rather die on the cross than will do as the kidnapper Jehovah told. And he did so – savagely spat, betrayed, rejected, tortured and finally killed by… Jews – the worshippers of daemon monster Jehovah.

    Elohim terror and facism around the Universe raged thousands of years. Their tyranny was so hard and brutal, that many of them revolted and became reproducing in speed as bacterias do. They were treated as rubbish by Elohim alliance, who tried to enslave them and use as cannon fodder and servants. Those renegade Angels were called Fallen. But there were also traitors of Grays, Reptilians in this group, and many other daemons. And all this fraction formed a collective consciousness – a Satan, or Antichrist.

    And now, in very brief, the Hell dimension is collapsing, local spacetime equalizes with natural space, closing us to all those who are here. This process is the End Times, end of veil, end of hell. Space energies are coming here more and more, causing low-vibration beings crazy. Effects of war on higher levels are also seen. This is war of 3 alliances, each fights each. First are as I said – Elohim alliance, second – Antichrist and third, the most powerful alliance – couple of about 50 races that want to retake their brothers and sisters from this prison world, who want revenge for their harms, who want to make Universe safe as sometime, and who come in very noble reason – to retake their lost homeworld, and restore their glory and honour once more. And all the Sings of the End, all those strange sounds, strange flashes, weather craziness and human craziness – all this are signs of going out of Hell and coming of Angels, Christ, Reptilians and many more alien races. If you look precisely to the sky – you can very easily see many clouds shaped in various portals, spaceships, dragons, angels, magicians, aliens, swords or even guns.

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    Harriet Nelson

    To Forgotten Alien — The LIE that Jesus and Satan are “brothers” is a HUGE lie from the pits if HELL. Mormon, I take it? Always from Cult to have nonsense like that flying around.

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