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      Christian Robinson

      I live in ballard just north of seattle. Last night my gf and I heard a lout humming. It could be interpreted as a trumpet but not quite. It was like a sine wave stacked 3 times and it was moving through the air. It was not a car alarm or instrument. I play around with music production and this shouldnt happen without a multispeaker setup. The sound travelled through the air and i felt it go inside of my head for a momemt then it left. My gf felt the same thing and got really scared. It faded away after a brief moment when it went in and out of my brain. There was a short delay that rattled off some magical tones.

      My first thought was alien because after I heard what sounded like a plane but im not sure. Im very nervous about what happened. Regardless of the source im worried about the intent here and why this happened and what it will do to me. Im trying to document it online amywhere i can in case something happens.

      My name is Christian R. In Ballard, Washington north of seattle, im 26.

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      Strange Sounds

      Thank you! That’s indeed really weird. Have you tried to test all the ‘natural or human causes’ around your home?

      Was there a meteor reported in your area yesterday night?

      Any army training or jet flying around. An airport around? Sometimes they go sonic even if they are not allowed to do so.

      Are there big industries around where you live?

      Here a few causes of mystery booms and rumblings:

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      Devils Tower

      There are stories ALL OVER the earth of people being attacked with an ARRAY of directed energy weapons…In America, there are THOUSANDS of these stories…Up to and including “HEARING” voices inside their own heads…This may even be a part of the people who go crazy and do a mass shooting, or at least to some degree, part of the story…There are targeted individuals, there is a program still running in America called “The Monarch Program” part of the leftover MKULTRA program by our loving CIA…I am not saying that is what we have here…BUT, it sure could be….The only ones who know are the ones directing the weapons, and the ones getting attacked…

      This is but a FEW of the many recorded instances of this…I was sure to include the ACTUAL CIA files on this…WHY..? So you know absolutely with NO DOUBT…This is NOT a joke…Like I said…May be nothing…May be something…Hope this is helpful…

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      Devils Tower

      I was thinking about this a little more…There are FEW people in this country that understand how our OWN government and our OWN military and the ELITE CONTROLLERS actually VIEW each and EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US CITIZENS…We are a WASTE OF OXYGEN as far as they are ALL concerned…Period…They do not care about us NOT ONE IOTA…Those that do not believe our military or government is capable of such atrocities against us are either uneducated, naive, or just plain sticking their heads in the sand…I thank GOD that sites like this one exist that report just a TINY fraction of the things occurring all over earth, that NO ONE else will report on, and provide a forum for us to discuss possibilities of these anomalies…Thank you site creator!!! Brave Soul Indeed…You are appreciated !!!

      Two more examples I found…One a video about TRUTH the company is involved in…The other is THE ACTUAL SITE..!!! ((( LOOK AT THEIR FREAKING LOGO..!!!)))

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      I also live in Washington not far from Fall City and heard something similar at 3am. It went on for 10 seconds and haven’t heard it since. This was only 3 weeks ago.

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      PS since that sound happened it’s been difficult to stay asleep BUT that could just be a coincidence with medicine that helps me sleep. Just something to note.

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