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      Article about this mysterious light phenomenon: On Monday 3rd and Tuesday 4th October mysterious flashing lights illuminated the skies over the Pacific ocean, captured by the Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope (CFHT) which is located atop the summit of Mauna Kea, Hawaii.

      The Cloud Camera is an experimental high sensitivity camera mounted to the catwalk of CFHT. The purpose of the camera is to take pictures of clouds and other weather at night, even on moonless nights. It only operates from sunset to sunrise.

      The camera takes a picture every 30 seconds and compiles time-lapse movies from those pictures. As such airplanes appear as streaks and ships appear to move quite quickly.

      The following YouTube video from LadyInKY shows the strange phenomena with slow motion included.

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      Apocalypse Rider

      Wow! Thank you a lot for this topic! Very strange phenomena and I see it occured almost exactly at the time when I and my friends felt depressive auras attacks. I think it could be ovule of interdimensional portal trying to open. I always saw Hawaii and Pacific as mysterious place and full of pranic/psionic power. It is fact that strange flashing occured here many times in last years, for example this:

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      Strange Sounds

      That’s really crazy! Thank you! What could it be?

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      I was sitting outside my room looking at the beach and start at Beachcomber Motel Fort Bragg tonight 7/11 at 11pm. Saw the sky lit up for a second, thought it was a massive shooting star, then I hear this deep loud horn sound coming from the Pacific Ocean. Decide to google it and surprise to see so many related posts.

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      Apocalypse Rider

      Horn sound after flash…? Wow, that`s really strange… Were these horns similar to alarm horns or other strange sounds recorded around world?

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