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      Jenny Schwartz

      April 5 2020 – 12:45am – 2:30am
      Gatineau Quebec Canada

      Humming noises of different tones and loudness. It seemed every bird in the area was chirping at 1:30am. I went outside and the energy felt strange, heavy, threatening, oppressive kind of like I was not supposed to be outside witnessing these noises. While outside I saw light spots and shadows moving everywhere. I see these from the corners of my eye not by directly looking at them.

      Anybody else hear these noises? I spoke to one other person, a friend who lives in my city and she heard the birds chirping like crazy at the same approx time I did amd she lives about 15 minutes away from me by car.

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      Strange Sounds


      J’ai grandi dans le Mile-End ä Montréal ;-). Plus de news au sujet du son bizarre?

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      Goldland Việt Nam

      Bất Động Sản Goldland Việt Nam

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      Jenny Schwartz

      Non j’ai pas entendu rien d’autre a ce sujet. Si j’entends d’autre bruits je vais les enregistré et les mettre sur le site. 🙂 Moi j’ai grandies a St-Bruno (proche de Ste-Julie).
      Je m’ennuie de Montréal! 🙂

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