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    I live in Palm Bay Florida and on two occasions I heard sounds identical to some I’ve heard on Youtube. The first time we had just had a storm which was still dissipating and I thought that might be a factor, but the second time the sky was clear. It’s a distant roar like a jet engine, but without any sort of turbine whine with it. It’s low frequency that my phone c=had trouble picking up and isn’t really audible on my laptop speakers, but I can hear it clearly with headphones. I made several recordings of the second one but only posted one of them on Youtube. I can post the rest if anyone wants to hear them. I assure you these are raw, real recordings, not any sort of fake. My wife heard it too but didn’t want to step out with me to hear them more clearly, lol. As I said, I recommend good speakers, the lower the frequency ability the better.

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    Apocalypse Rider

    Could be a jet. Turbine noise isn`t heard from afar, and is much quiet than the roar sound.

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    Strange Sounds

    Thanks for these recordings… I am aware of booms in Florida, but no such low frequency rumbling noises. I will continue to investigate and will come back to you. Best

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    Apocalypse Rider

    Hm indeed they are very low and powerful. So maybe not jets… Hard to say. But of course interesting stuff.

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    Calm Cactus

    While still in bed this morning, I swear I heard a distant “boom”, and felt the house shudder this morning at exactly 6:00 AM January 23, 2018 in Lansdowne, MD, just outside the city of Baltimore, MD.
    I know the time because I immediately looked at my iPhone to see what time it was. I also tried looking for information about the mysterious sound, but found nothing. I still haven’t found anything at this hour. I can’t be the only one to have heard this. Could it have been an airliner? A sonic boom? A construction worksite explosion? It’s befuddled me to no end.

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    Thank you. I have often heard this as well.

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    Are you sure it wasnt jets racing to protect President Trump? Or that you heard it at all? I live in Victoria B.C Canada and all last summer there was a daily rumbling sound
    Like a train but we dont have trains on the island.Also on 3 separate occasions there was a Boom! shook our glasses in the cupboard. City says they have no idea what any noises are.

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    Caressa Hancock

    Pratt and Whitney rocketdyne probably. Alot of jet engines are developed just out if town

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    I think it is someone’s electric heat pump.
    Between hot and cold seasons the hum stops because no need for heater nor a/c unit.

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    Electrical vibration or hum of high power going through cable.

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    Devils Tower

    WOW..your definitely not the only one hearing noises like this…GREAT CAPTURE TOO…I think the earth is speaking to us…And I believe the message is clear…Geologically I mean…I have been noticing more and more cracks appearing all around my house, ESPECIALLY across my asphalt driveway…VERY DEEP…VERY WIDE CRACKS….I honestly feel like with the animal die off’s, worldwide weather anomalies, and uptick in earthquakes and volcanoes going off, the earth is trying to send us a very dire warning…
    Also…Had multiple days in this past week, very very very large booming noises here in NE Wyoming…Shakes the windows…No jets overhead, no work being done…Other than the booming noises, very peaceful days…No thunderstorms either…

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    Berkeley Babe

    Are you guys familiar with the Gaia theory? If not, research it. I personally think that the Earth is reacting to our own bad behavior/immorality. It’s a possibility. I was thinking of starting a thread on this subject.

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