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      Apocalypse Rider

      What is going on around the world. Loud booms, strange sounds. Is the world going to explode soon?

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      Strange Sounds

      Thank you!

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      Apocalypse Rider

      No problem!

      These sounds are surely one of the best Ive heard! Very apocalyptic and terryfying, I considered if this isnt sound of cargo train but train isnt so loud and doesnt make so big echo and most of all it doesn`t make sound from the sky.

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      doris deak

      Maybe these backhoe operators could come to my back yard in Central Pennsylvania to do some rock removal too–I only weigh about 100 pounds and these rocks are too heavy–my back’s been killing me lately. The rocks are EVERYWHERE–every time you want to plant a new flower or tree you have to dig at the earth like a maniac with a wheelbarrow and more of heavy tools. I need a rock liquifying tool too.

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