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      Brett Creamer

      Last night at around 10:30-45 I let my dog out in the yard. When I went out with him, I heard the loudest trumpet sounds coming from the north west. I was so loud and it went on for about 5 minutes. It was not an emergency tower (for high winds) or anything like that as I’ve heard them all before. The tone was like a trumpet, but a bit flat. I yelled for my wife and she came out and heard it too. It was loud and constant and then at the end, it was like the volume was being lowered bit by bit until it went away. There was also another sound with it, as if it was 2 horns playing the same note but slightly deeper.

      We have no idea what the sound was. I heard something similar to it about 3 weeks ago.

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      Strange Sounds

      Thank you, I will search and look if I fnd anything related to this strange sound.

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      This is the sound of the Earths core as it is being slowed by a second Sun as it is approaching.., This sun called Sol-2 by nasa is 4 times our size, 23 times our magnetic mass, and is rotating the opposite direction.., it will cause us to completely stop rotation, then start rotating the opposite direction.., it will darken the sun, cause a massive poleshift causing billions to die. In the Bible, it is called the Rapture.., google 2 suns in the sky.., learn the truth..,

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      Apocalypse Rider

      Those sounds are always connected with energy blast from higher levels/dimensions and changes of frame of mind. Last days I find harder to fall asleep at night and more people are going mad again more and more. Pointless arguments, frustrations, strange requests etc.

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