Two mystery blasts baffle Washington D.C. Sunday night

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      Strange Sounds

      As if enough confusion and uncertainty did not swirl around the capital Sunday night, many residents heard a mysterious big bang, reminiscent of an explosion.

      Some reported two of the loud, blast-like sounds, one around 6 p.m. and the other closer to 9 p.m.

      There was a “big bang” reminiscent of the sound of “metal blowing up,” said John Cove, who lives near North Capitol and M streets, in the Truxton Circle area.

      “There was shaking,” said a woman who lived in the same neighborhood. It was “like an explosion, or like a building came down,” she said.

      The woman, who said she was uncomfortable with her name being used, said she looked out a window of her apartment house and saw neighbors looking out their windows.

      Many people reported the sound on Twitter, asking each other about what it was.

      But officials who would be expected to have information on any calamities, catastrophes or disasters, had nothing to report.

      If anything untoward had happened, one organization likely to know was the D.C. fire and emergency medical services department.

      But the department had responded to nothing similar to what residents reported, a spokesman said.

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