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      My story. I was hearing strange conversation coming through my old PC. I tried to report it but couldn’t get past email. Long story short, these conversations lead me to Llanberis (Wales UK) I travelled to Llanberis regular for a year but didn’t see anything unusual. March/April 2015 was when strange objects (I assume crafts of some type) were appearing to the back of Snowdon mountain. Some were cloaked in clouds and some not. I took images for a year thinking it was aliens. I was searching for logic and discovered there are patent numbers correlating to the images, one being US 4653690 (Cumulus cloud making) Apparently used for weather modification purposes, but from what I can make out, I think someone’s breaking Geneva Conventions. In Dec 2015 I reported it to a police station who passed the information onto the MoD. Since then, on some days it’s like a war zone. Black military helicopters scouring the exact spot I capture images of, typhoons releasing sonic booms and lately chinooks scouring the same spot. I went along to the local MP in Bangor, and spoke of UFO activity. He confessed to a concerned community regarding excessive jets and copters etc, he said he was dealing with the matter. I received a letter from the MP 3 weeks later, stating that no geo engineering is taking place in the sky over the UK. I never mentioned geo engineering. I had no idea what geo engineering was, and besides that, the confirmation that geo engineering isn’t happening was a copy of a reply from a question asked in 2009 and again in 2014. I still frequent the mountain and capture footage. Sometimes, there is noise coming from above that can last for 10 minutes more. I can’t see much when this happens because the clouds are nearly always in the way. I also purchased a new PC 2 weeks ago, and already a signal is coming through. I really don’t know what to do next, but I’m not satisfied with the answers I’m getting out there.

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      Strange Sounds

      Are there some army bases around?

      Training ground?

      Secret army airport?

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      I’d been visiting for 18 month prior, no action other than the odd search and rescue helicopter. Now the military are scouring. I have tons of UFO images, wondering how to upload (Newbie) There will be an army base close somewhere I’m sure, but there is definitely some secret operations going on at these mountains.

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