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      Strange Sounds

      In 2016, of all the weather events to affect the nation, four stood out: a hurricane, a flood, a drought and a blizzard. These four were historic and extreme, setting numerous records and affecting large areas. Unfortunately, they caused a great deal of suffering and economic losses.

      Six other storm events, which were more localized, round out the top 10.

      Tornadoes were not among this year’s most significant weather events. This year was, generally, a quiet year both in terms of the overall number of tornadoes and tornado fatalities.

      Much more than wind, in 2016, water (or, in one case, lack of water) caused the lion’s share of weather-related deaths and damages.

      As seven of the top 10 weather events involved extreme rainfall, and several 1-in-1,000 year events, perhaps you could call it the year of the flood.

      Without further ado, here is our rundown of the most significant and extreme weather events of 2016 in the Lower 48

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      Apocalypse Rider

      I wonder what 2017 will bring, but it can be interesting I think. I heard theories that “end of the world” was confused by 4 years and had to start in 21 Dec 2016. Well, there is something in it because that day I was struck by violent illness and many people too. And since this day there was an entire streak of deaths, for example Carrie Fisher, her mother, Alexandrov Choir… Even in my environment it is more and more deaths in quite early age of 40-50.

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      “End of the world confused by 4 years” hmmmm… I’m curious what that means… I’m not familiar with the theory regarding December 21st.

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