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      Devils Tower

      I live about 10 miles east of Devils Tower, Wyoming…I live in the middle of the Black Hills forest, and have very few neighbors…It is generally speaking, very quiet outside…I took my dogs outside today at about 2pm, and while we were outside I heard an ENORMOUS BOOMING Sound…Is sounded as if it were some type of explosion…I grew up near many open pit coal mines, and I know what the sound of dynamite sounds like…This was SO VERY MUCH LARGER than anything I have ever heard in my 43 years of life…It was incredible…Very strange…I have seen the many YT videos on this matter, and been to this site a million times, but never did I ever think I would have something to report until today…Wow…It only happened the one time, there was not multiple sounds, and this is the first time I have ever heard anything like it…It was incredible…I have two German Shepherds and they both came running up to me, and I could see it on their faces, it really shook them up…

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      Strange Sounds

      Thank you! Weird indeed. No reports of earthquake in the area. No military bases… No big storms around. Anything like an army jet? Or people playing with explosive in the forest?

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        Devils Tower

        No earthquakes…There is an air force base in Rapid City, SD and another one in Minot, ND…But as far as jet aircraft overhead, none the day I had heard the extraordinary BOOM…Funny you ask though, just the day before there were jets overhead the ENTIRE day, and doing some kind of maneuver exercises, they were very low, and circling back and forth wash and repeat…The airspace over my house FULLY belonged to the USAF when I first moved here, and within one year of my moving here was rented out to commercial air traffic…I am 100% on this, because the DAY that commercial flights were allowed overhead, the chemtrails started…And they have been spraying me nearly every day since…But getting back too your question, on the day of the extraordinary boom, no it was not an aircraft or military jet breaking the sound barrier, which I have heard and this sounded nothing like that…And no there were no explosions, that I am aware of, in the surrounding forest that day, or ANY day I have lived here for that matter…The best way for me to describe the noise is this…Have you ever heard the noise a large sheet of metal makes when it is contorted somehow…??? Well this sounded a lot like that, however, the sheet of metal would had to have been about 10 miles by 10 miles to make the sound I had heard…It was that loud….

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