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      Joliet IL

      Are there trainings at the Great Lake Training center Navy base in Northern Illinois?

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      Suspicious Observer

      After hearing this strange extremely loud jet noise, I went out side to find more neighbors looking at they patchy gray sky confused and startled. One young teen thought the sound was multiple jets, coming back around and flying low and just circling above. I tried my best to pinpoint it’s heading and spot it with a pair of binoculars. but the sky was too low with this weak cloud covering so I had to rely on my ears. I had a neighbor who is a military historian and helped put the “craft” heading south and “struggling”.
      I went immediately to liveairtraffic website and looked for craft in our area. THE ONLY plane was A “BLOCKED” craft that left (MDW) Midway Airport, Chicago IL. This “craft” was above us at about 9:13PM CST. I watched the “jet” take a direct route to Houston TX, making a perfect pass over an Air Force Base in Southern Il. It was @43,000ft at this time and was cruising steady at 484kt. It landed at a Houston Airport about 11:30PM cst estimated. I have more details but bottom line it seems like an f-18 escorted jetliner from MDW Chicago to HOU hilgram Airport, in Houston for Super Tuesday.

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      I don’t believe . Lasted eight minutes

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      Joliet Patch

      JOLIET, IL — A jet engine-like noise that concerned many residents in Joliet and outside communities Monday evening appears to be the result of gas being released from a pressure valve.

      Joliet Police Chief Brian Benton, citing a report he heard on WJOL, said “they learned it was gas being released from a pressure valve at the refinery on South Larkin.”

      Patch was unable to independently verify that claim. A phone message left with the NRG Joliet Generating Station, which is located at 1800 Channahon Rd. near South Larkin, was not immediately returned.

      Several people described the noise as sounding like a loud jet engine or a low-flying plane. It could be heard between Jefferson and Theodore, Raynor and Midland, and Larkin and Route 30.

      “At about 9:30 p.m. there was a really loud roaring sound over the six corners area in Joliet,” one resident said. “It sounded like a large commercial plane engine but it was fading in and out, it was an intense roaring. As I looked outside, I saw people across the street looking up at the sky. My neighbors were also outside so I felt compelled to look too. We didn’t see anything but it was just strange and unsettling.”

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      Joliet Resident

      According to the “Joliet Patch” it was Pressure Valves at the plant on South Larkin.

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      Strange Sounds

      Thanks good info here!

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      It was extremely LOUD in my area ….I know the sound of jets and it wasn’t a jet …It lasted almost 20 minutes where I’m live. It was so LOUD at one point that I couldn’t hear my wife taking to me and she was standing right next to me. I did some research and these so-called “jet” phenomenons are happening all over the world.

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      Suspicious Observer

      Like I said before, I have more details on what I tracked Feb. 29 that coincides with this loud noise. I agree with the last post that when I tried looking this stuff up I found at least 4 similar stories, plus that same night in Scotland, a fireball was seen and a loud noise yet observers recounts of the events range from a meteor to a “craft”. I’ll post the screen shots and video of the plane I tracked off the live radar website but maybe as a separate post, I’m new to this website. But two things: Two former military who were right next to me when this happened said 1) it (the “sound”) had a heading of due south and “struggling”. 2) the sound reminded former military man of bombers carrying loads and flying super low to be undetected by radar. Believes it was a big jet. Like military craft. I will need to look at the gas plant and my location to see where this valve release was coming from. I’ll post my full debrief today 3/2/2016 that’s all I’ll say.

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      3-11-16 early this morning this sound was heard again it was super loud some type of jet or sounded like something dragging against the floor amplified a million times.never heard anything like it.i do believe with everything going on in america today and im talking tyranny i believe in my heart whatever it is its bad.the people of america that have not been brainwashed yet who believe in freedom and love thier country are now the enemy.lots of secretive things are going on.ive been researching for over 15 yrs and if people really knew they die

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      Strange Sounds

      Any more news about these new booms?

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      Approximately 21:07 March 15 heard what I thought was sustained high winds. Went outside. Light breezes but what sounded like a huge her very low to my south south east. I live in Joliet near St. Joes hospital. Sound continued for close to 5 minutes then abruptly stopped.

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      Cindy S.

      This is second hand information I was told by my work associate. On August 18 2016 around 4 to 5 PM in Lewistown Illinois she and other family members heard very loud jet engine noise and thought a plane was going to crash into her home. The engine sounded strong then struggling. She went outside and only saw a contrail that was in a straight line then dropped down then sharply angled upward trailing off in a few spirals. She said it looked like a huge check mark in the sky. Never saw a plane and the neighbors were out looking also.

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