What was that loud explosion noise over London at 10:15 pm on May 5 2016?

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      I heard a loud detonation/explosion coming from the sky over London at around 10:15 local time. Does anybody know what it was?

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      I heard it in north London and people are reporting to have heard it in east and south. There are comments about fireworks but they apparently finished at 10. Strange and it didn’t exactly sound like fireworks anyway.

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      East London

      Heard from East London Poplar but multiple times during 10:15pm-10:20pm. They was constant and could be felt (if that makes sense). I stay up quite late mosts nights and these could be heard a couple of nights ago aswell. My guess is thunder (but no lightning?) or none that I could see at least. Very strange.

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      Yes, I heard this last night, I thought someone was putting on a firework show. Unusual for this time of year but hey some people have money to burn right? It was terribly loud but no, there were no fireworks and anyway show me a firework show that can be heard both in North London and South. New Years fireworks are the standard to compare it to. Nope. This was something else. Whatever it was, it was immense and powerful.

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      Stroudley Walker

      It is weird because it was election day yesterday, normally we should get news feed but no one has reported anything yet. Perhaps the government is testing there new weapons? I was outside & was fearing for my life as I thought it was a terrorist attack.

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      Giles Gaffney

      Has there been any news reports yet? What other sources are there for comments about this? (this is the only page I could find)

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      Norbert von Rumpipump

      It was fireworks for the big cruise ship down in greenwich

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      I heard it too from north london last night. I live on a top floor with good view. It was not fireworks but still couldn’t figure put what else it was. Weird

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      Heard it from London Bridge area. Gogs went crazy. I thought it was gunshots. Scary… Heard mine at about 10:13 as i looked at the clock when it happened.

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      I heard it in southeast London and it scared me. What was it?

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      Strange Sounds
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