What were the loud booms in Laurelhurst, Seattle on March 11, 2016?

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      What Were The Loud Booms During Middle Of Last Night?

      The Laurelhurst Blog Staff received numerous emails asking what the loud banging and booming noises were last night between about 10pm to 4am. It was particularly loud for those living near Children’s Hospital.

      One resident described the alarming middle of the night constant noises as sounding like multiple explosions.

      Another resident called Children’s Hospital Security in the middle of the night who confirmed the noise was coming from there and said that earthquake retrofitting was going on. The Security Officer said he could not stop the work and to call in the morning.

      The Hospital did not file a Noise Variance to allow the all night work which is not in compliance with the City of Seattle Noise Code that states:
      If your construction and maintenance activities are within multifamily and neighborhood commercial zones (Lowrise, Midrise, Highrise, Residential Commercial and Neighborhood Commercial) you can work: 7:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m., weekdays and 9:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m., weekends and legal holidays.

      The Laurelhurst Blog Staff emailed Children’s Hospital asking why construction work was going on outside of City mandated day time work hours, especially so loud and during the middle of the night, with no notice to neighbors.

      Sandra Miller, Hospital Director of Facility Planning and Design, said:

      There are currently two interior renovation projects taking place on our campus that include evening work; renovation in the Ocean A 6 zone for a new Rehab Therapy Gym, city permit #6480558 and the seismic retrofit of a portion of our Mountain B zone, city permit #6497063. The evening work in both of these projects is strictly interior.
      However, the noise experienced on the night of 3/10/16 was removal of debris from the site to the dumpster in the Ocean A 6 project. This should not have occurred.

      Sandra forward this note from Aldrich and Associates, who was responsible for the work last night:
      Our forces working on campus in support of a project for Seattle Children’s violated both the City of Seattle noise ordinance as well as Aldrich’s own internal protocols established in response to conditions set within the neighborhood agreement your community has with Seattle Children’s.
      As President of Aldrich + Associates, I deeply regret that our forces did not follow these protocols. I am taking immediate action that will involve retraining as well as providing additional support staff to better monitor our entire teams activities on campus to insure our forces follow the protocols we have established.
      Aldrich + Associates is absolutely committed to fully honoring the construction mitigation commitment that Seattle Children’s has made to the Laurelhurst Community.

      Children’s Hospital has not issued an apology at press time.


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