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    Nik Cartmill

    I’ve been watching the different moon phases for about 17 years now and this week I’ve noticed it much further in the northern sky than I’ve ever seen before , has anyone else seen this or is it just me getting it wrong ?

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    Apocalypse Rider

    Everything is ok with moon, if it would be something wrong there would be great rumour on whole world and in all media. This “movement” of moon is due to fact that its orbit is very close to ecliptic surface, it is nor orbiting in equator surface.

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      Darren Thackray

      Hi i live in west yorkshire, lets say ive seen the moon at 10:30am in the west quadrant of our sky a couple of times now. Then a few times its looked really dark thru the night so looking up there were afew stars out but no moon and these were clear night skies lol.

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        The above is A Classic TROLL There is NO WAY MAINSTREAM MEDIA WOULD TELL US WHATS REALLY GOING ON go to YouTube and see the proof of what’s really going on in this sick world you will see how much the media and the world is lying to us you think terrorist attacks are actually terrorist attacks think again they are police and governments killing innocent people where’s the blood there is none u see blood in Iraq and Iran real terrorist attacks but in others u see nothing NOTHING wake up people your retarded governments are lying to you want the truth research YouTube videos not mainstream media they don’t know CRAP!!!!!

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        Sacha Chtuka

        the moon IS actually really way off. Remarks like ‘the world’s media would be all over it’ are assumptions for dummies

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        We’ve been noticing it to and watching a lot of YouTube videos about it. Wouldn’t count on the news medias giving anyone a warning in America, because the gov has only prepared to save itself with their bunkers ect. But I’ve seen it shown on several other country’s news stations, Russia actually cares for its people and have created bunkers for them all.
        The sun is also rising and setting in the wrong spot, stars aren’t where they were a year ago. Some say it’s the Nibiru planet, as Nasa and scientists claim is now real only they call it planet 9, some say the earth is slowing down, planning for another ice age, either way, the gov and the rich have been preparing since 2012 when the Mayan calendar predicted the world would be changing anew,probably why they want to take our guns, so they can get to their bunkers safely.

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      DING DING DING! YOU ARE CORRECT! It seems everything has shifted about 20-30 degrees north. My apt. faces north, and I have noticed that the sun is setting much further north much sooner. As well, I’ve noticed that the wind seems to now come from the NE, when it used to come mostly from the SW, another anomaly I’ve noticed while in my north-facing apt. home. Coinkidink? I think not.

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        to wakeywakey… I absolutely concur. Today is Feb.2018, two years later, and yes, the sun sets and rises (verified seasonally over the last 5 years) at DIFFERENT place, than it used to from my 40yr living at this place. This shift definitely happen. Yes, They have power and means to officially suppress it. Is there is anyone I would trust absolutely, it is the Innuit Elders, whose generations long obsevations are vital to their survival. They know absolutely where the sun must rise (did rise) at any month-day! of the year. Here is one of the references to that. And IMHO, all this is just a beginning of the profound changes coming. On astronomical time scale? An ‘explosion’… an exponential event, and we are past the knee on the curve. P.S. NASA is the most LYING org., right after the gov. https://www.naturalnews.com/048906_Inuit_Elders_NASA_earth_axis.html

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        Jack Hudson

        It’s because of the fact that our polar star is changing. This means our view of the heaven’s is changing as well.

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      I live in Washington state and I noticed the same thing that the Moon is not where it’s supposed to be I’ve been here for 32 years and is not as high as it used to be it’s real low from the Eastern spear where I’m looking at it it should be a lot higher other weird things I noticed

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        sharon Oliveria

        I concur, The elder’s reported this change, they rely on the sun moon & star’s even the wind , the sun is setting in a different place, rising & setting at a different time, the wind is coming from different location, they sent this info as an Alert to something coming, something changing , too many people with heads down looking at cell phones not looking AT WHAT IS CHANGING in the sky’s above, upon the Earth.
        What are the Sign’s of Jesus Return, “War’s & humors of war’s, Earth-Q’S, sign’s in the heaven’s, stars, moon & Sun.

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      I live in Washington state and I noticed the same thing that the Moon is not where it’s supposed to be I’ve been here for 32 years and is not as high as it used to be it’s real low from the Eastern spear where I’m looking at it it should be a lot higher other weird things I noticed the stars are also not where they’re lined usually they’re way off base something I saw on National Geographics people that live way out in the Boondocks live on ice ! I forgot where they were precisely but they said that the stars have moved and this is how they know how to hunt for seal the way on whitch to hunt on the ice hunt for seal and so forth the sun was lower also they said and yeah I noticed there was a lot of things going on in the Cosmos and their range of planets and stars strange for sure

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      Deena Chamlee

      The Poles Are Reversing. There Are .org Websites That Address The Event. Probably will illicit major earthquakes.

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    Darren Thackray

    It could be that the FACTUAL independent evidence recently presented about our north pole has shifted 550 miles south east of its normal position of 2001. Since then the solar system has been magneticly weakend thru the 2012 galactic solar alignment and countless mini solar alignments since that, all corresponding to recent relevant geological and volcanic activaty thats all documented. Now add to that our weakend magnitospheres solarwide which lets thru more cosmic rays which create serious weather imbalance, which inturn make the northern pole rotation spin wider and wider until an ice age puts it all back in balance, at present our north poles magnetic center is spreadover a 1500 mile cirle instead of its pre galactic solar alignment magnetic center of just 30miles

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    Darren Thackray

    Oh and dont forget that since we looked last the earths axis had tipped nearly 6 degrees off normal axis due to the aforementioned exertion on our solar system, thats besides the threat of herclobos and its system of planets.

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    Apocalypse Rider

    Some of things you explained is right, but I won`t belive in so radical axis change. However I will try to check angular altitude of sun at the noon time in search of such thing. One thing is sure: since 2nd half of 2011 there is strong psionic radiation going from space which totally changed many things in the world, from weather and geology to spirit world and human actions.

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      Egg-zactly. We are tilting, not them. You can see the “Man on the Moon” is a full 90 degrees tilted. Since when have we ever see the moon look like a bowl…or a hat? We are also able to see the “dark side of the moon” at times.

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    Nik Cartmill

    Thank you to you all for responding , there’s a lot for me to research

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    Darren Thackray

    Heres an honest heads up, be living over 700ft elevation by sept lol,thats when weather may turn to shit

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    @Apocolypse Raider IS THE TROLL not anyone else

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    Nik Cartmill

    Thanks wakeywakey there doesn’t seem too any of us that actually look up and remember what and where we have seen stuff

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    Apocalypse Rider

    @george idiot or something? Well I find quite funny when such paranoidal people like you are screaming with capslock to catch some attention, I suggest you just go sleep, for recharge some brain cells 🙂

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    Ben Dover

    This is so sad.

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    Project Blue Beam.

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    Liz Meade

    I thought the moon wasn’t where it used to be last summer. The full moon always rose between two large trees behind my back fence, and then I started seeing it a lot further south from my sitting point. No one else noticed, so I assumed it was just me.

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    Theres to many gays now days!

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    TY wakeywakey – i have a small pond on the north side of the house that i have not been able to put waterplants in for the last 17 years and Lo and Behold this year it is getting SUN in the late afternoon. It is a little unnerving.

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    I too have noticed that the moon is not where it should be. I live in Michigan, and the moon is normally in the east at night, but late July to now it has been in the western sky and very large, like a full moon rising in the eastern sky, wether it is a crescent, waning or full moon. It just feels odd and unnatural.

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    Ray Sumler

    The sun is setting to the MW and rises in the NE. The moon is SE and SW…NOT NORMAL…I have the earth is wobbling…Could be why the oceans in the southern hemisphere is “sloshing”…Interesting times..I think the man in the moon is driving drunk!!!

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    Ray Sumler

    OOOPS Talk to text

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    Nelson Toondrawer35

    Yes. I’ve been noticing the Moon’s lit half is facing Northward. You are not alone. Check the path of the eclipse! From South Carolina to Oregon. Northward. Not true East to West! The Inuit in 2016 claimed the Sun rose two days earlier than before. Plus, they say the snow bank tips are facing Eastward not Northward like they use to in order to navigate. Tampa airport had to realign their headings by repainting them on their tarmac. Magnetic North is now in the middle of Siberia. Can’t blame mankind for these changes! I blame Al Gore’s hot air. Just kidding.

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    Patricia L Sutton

    I noticed the moon wasn’t right last fall 2017. I was used to it rising in the eastern sky at night but it switched to the south western sky while rising. The full moon(s) really tipped me off that something was wrong. I live in newaygo mi.

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    Strange Sounds

    I hope the eclipse on January 31st will place it back where it should be!

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    Got one of those equatorial-mount telescopes that can follow a star as the earth rotates? Aim it at the north star, check the angle of declination and see if it’s what it should be for your latitude. If that’s not right, there is indeed something to worry about. I’ve noticed for several years that odd news items show up on the internet that fit the idea of an enormous global disaster in progress. Question is, is it a hoax or paranoia or some sort of real problem? If the problem is real, there would be several kinds of evidence you could check out for yourself. One is wrong declinations for known sky objects (sun, stars). Another is gravity anomalies and GPS not working right. Another is seismic studies not giving expected results, seismic explosions for oil exploration not giving the right kinds of deep echoes, etc.

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    The issues you might be seeing with familiar space objects not being where you usually see them is, if I’m right, not because of anything in space, but because the shape of the earth is changing. If the earth is becoming more oblate, more flattened at the poles, that would make all sky objects in the northern hemisphere appear to be shifted south, so that the sun and moon would appear lower in the sky than they should be. In the southern hemisphere, things would appear to be shifted north. If you see this, it’s not because they’ve shifted, it’s because the angle of the ground under your feet has changed. If that is the case, it’s an end-of-the-world global disaster in progress, I’d say. The earth wouldn’t last forever, but I thought we had a billion or so years to go and time to get a good space transport system going. And time for a couple of beers.

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    IT’s not the moon that is out of place it’s the earth. It’s been wobbling on it’s axis for a while now. So late at night when the earth is being pushed so the north pole is dipping on the north american side the moon would look to be to far north. You can see it here. http://www.ssec.wisc.edu/data/geo/#/animation?satellite=fy2e&end_datetime=latest&n_images=24&coverage=fd&channel=04&image_quality=gif&anim_method=javascript

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    It is written in the book at the end time the moon and the sun changes their normal course.That means they can be maneuvered by their Creator.

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      White Eagle

      The earth will reel back and forth like a drunken man, it will fall down and not get up again…. Poleshift with earth crust slippage, as in Emmanuel Velonski (or how ever you spell his last name). It has happened before with varying dgerees of change, and predicted to happen again, probably with the relationship of the asteroid strike that is supposed to hit earth in one of its oceans (bible just says THE ocean, not which one). We still have a millinium after that though, its not quite the ‘end of the world’

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      The bible says look for signs in the sky, particularly the sun and moon. Ive always wondered if they just mistranslated it much like many other works. What if the warning signs that the bible gives us about the stars changing and what not was indeed fortelling of the return of the Sun…. S….u…..n…..
      Nasa has already admitted that nearly all systems they have found are binary sun systems. so why would ours be any different? And with the repeat of mass extinction every so many years like clock work. I myself have seen what looked like a second sun in the sky when my family was on a boat in the caribbean. clear as day. Two suns in the sky. And I cannot explain it. We all know that as children (anyone over 30) that the planes in the sky never had the trails like they do now. What is that?

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        Have a look at geoengineeringwatch.org

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    Common Sense

    Get smarter everyday, get yourself a copy of stellarium and check for yourself, its free, and the moon is right where it is supposed to be.

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      Right where the aliens last dragged it you mean? Look in Mankinds earliest works of history. They have many cultures which speak of the time before the moon. That the moon was indeed dragged into its place by something. A spaceships tractor beam? The gravity pull of the orbit of a second sun? the very creative imaginitive works of science fiction by many strangers all over the world with no contact with each other? Who knows.

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    I HAVE some research papers discussing many things… this one’ says PLANET NINE IS SO MASSIVE AND ECCENTRIC’ it’s twisting the’ entire’ SOLAR SYSTEM OUT OF ALIGNMENT’ and tilting it 6 degree’s ( I have another paper backing this one up) – I also have a paper discussing the secular anomalous increase in the moon’s orbit, caused from THE CELESTIAL PERTURBER’ look

    On the anomalous secular increase of the eccentricity of the orbit of the Moon

    A potentially viable Newtonian candidate would be a trans-Plutonian massive object (Planet X/Nemesis/Tyche) since it, actually, would affect e with a non-vanishing long-term variation

    Curious Tilt of the Sun Traced to Undiscovered Planet

    Because Planet Nine is so massive and has an orbit tilted compared to the other planets, the solar system has no choice but to slowly twist out of alignment,” says Elizabeth Bailey, a graduate student at Caltech and lead author of a study announcing the discovery

    this one says family of comets that includes’ comet HALEY’ are providing proof of this object ‘

    On the Hypothetical Planet of Solar System
    Tidal Effects of Passing Planets and Mass Extinctions
    Periodic mass extinctions and the Planet X model reconsidered
    Cometary showers and unseen solar companions

    I HAVE OTHERS’ will be back ‘

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      I’ve read some of these articles before. Very convincing. These scientific articles won’t get much coverage from msm. Nibiru cometh!

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    i’ll be back

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    Actually the moon is a big piece of cheese and one morning I saw it flying across the sky and it traveled the whole length and then sank below the horizon withing 52 seconds.
    There is the dark side complete with bases. It seems to be way closer then usual.

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    Bonnie Lewis

    Only one person mentioned “the book”. It has the answers! And btw, we don’t have billions or even millions (probably not even thousands or hundreds) of years left. It does say the sun moon and stars are for signs, so keep watching!

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      anyone notice that nasa blocked out a huge blob in the virgo constellation. which appears to be coming out of her legs. Like that of the bible in revelations about the virgin giving birth. why is the whole sky visible and accessible but one big bright object.

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    Jeffrey Allen

    As long as all the prognostications are coming out, let’s get a few things straight. In the Bible in the first book in the first chapter according to the timeline. God made light, separated waters then the earth in three days time…. Sun the moon and the stars were made the next day. If and I mean that emphatically North has changed its position, every sun dial and moon dial on the planet would become inaccurate and that alone would prove conclusively a globe earth. But as the good book proves, only things moving in the heavens can be told to stand still or move backwards 10 degrees for a king.

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    Hi all,
    It’s me, your earth, Terra, mothership. I just want to let you know, I love you all. Also, I’m growing up as you term it, but in my case it’s expansion. My father, Sol, has been helping out with some of my changes, sending me energy and love and support, it would be so nice if you all, my crew members, could do the same. Growing up is never an easy phase. Remember high school and mood swings? What can also help me is joy, love and lessening of fear. I know it’s a tall order for some of you but please just be in the moments and enjoy the carnival ride you chose to be on.
    Love and more love your real mama, Gaia.

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    Search for “all planets 1 side of sun”

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    Chris carson

    If you think about the nuke bombs,the oil drilling,the drilling to see how far we can drill and what we discover as we drill,that maybe we have caused the earth to go wackoo???? JUST THROWING THAT OUTTHERE….and maybe the oil was vital for keeping the earth stable ……..maybe those nukes disrupted the earths rotation..slowly …..overtime….one thing for sure our goverment wouldnt tell us……

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    Wouter De Wilde

    search Apocalypse on Wikipedia: Disclosure of knowledge.

    Illuminati will be destroyed. They hide advanced technologie to cure cancer and FreeRenewableEnergy. There is much more hidden for the public


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    The moonf ista wea iz supposed to be.
    ulook ata it straight now take a step to da leftn did ita move?
    no u stupid.
    now to da right…………………..huh, huh, huh.

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    Strange Sounds

    Well today, the moon is going to be very bright and huge!

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    Because it is and we are moving… No?

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    My brother is WAY into astronomy, so I get to see things via his telescope and have things explained about the math of the earths movements in relation to heavenly bodies…. SOOOOO, I am not an expert, but am not without some useable knowledge also… SOOOO, NIK CARTMILL—- You have not lost your mind… I SAW IT TOO…
    It is usually so cloudy here that we hardly ever get to see the stars or the moon… But several nights ago there was a break in the clouds, and there it was rising out of the NORTH EAST… The clouds and snow came roaring back so I haven’t got to check it since then… SO, NIK don’t pay any attention the low IQ’s here that have been taking up screen space… I at least am honest about this… The WHYS I can’t explain, I will have to discuss this with my brother…….Enjoy your sky watching it IS VERY a very interesting hobby…. Good luck to you also…

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