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      Just wondering if anyone knows anything about a very strange like vacuum cleaner or maybe a like siren kind of noise on 4/24 at 1:00 am in the Canton, Ohio area? It lasted about an hour and just stopped another strange thing was right before it quit there was like a fan noise I thought maybe a life flight to one of the hospitals but nothing in the sky and no motor just the swooshing sound like a shop fan or something….both noises just quit at the same time. My cats were going absolutely nuts……IDK tried to record it but couldn’t really make it out unfortunately I live near a highway and the sound seemed far a way so not overly loud but strange enough that it attracted my attention

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      Hi, I will ask on Faebook for you!

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      That is exactly what I heard last night in Canton Ohio…….

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      I’m in SC (Myrtle Beach area). A few minutes ago I heard something similar to what you posted except a bit deeper. The best description I can give you is that sound mixed with having a wolf howling on your roof sort of deal.

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      Played the video to my little EQ dogs; dogs alert prior to earthquakes for us here in middle of Virginia and in Caribbean( like the one that hit North Anna Nuclear Plant several years ago). They just slept thru it..so not from an earthquake or so the dogs tell us. But its so very unusual, some sort of earth sound, a hint for the future maybe?

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