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      Devils Tower

      I have been capturing some amazing images from Antarctica…and yet again…This is HOURS and HOURS before daylight will BRIEFLY appear….and look at these skies….Things are starting to really go off the charts of normalcy down there eh….
      and in this one, again…LOOK AT THE TIME STAMPS, this is the last time it was daylight and only for like two hours, and THE SAME EXACT milky HAZY white skies we have been getting here in WYOMING…And they are telling us it is because of fires THOUSANDS of miles away…SO WHAT…YOUR TELLING ME CALIFORNIA WILDFIRES ARE AFFECTING ANTARCTICA SKIES TOO…???
      Yeah, and I have some beach front property in KANSAS with FANTASTIC OCEAN VIEWS..!!!

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      Strange Sounds

      Yep those pictures are just amazing. I’ve been in Antarctica in a science expedition. Cool memories!

      Thank you!

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