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Problems on Strange Sounds Due To Server Migration – Resolved in 24-48h

Hi everybody, We are currently moving our servers and this can bring the site down around the world. DNS...

Hailstorms Are Increasing in Strength, Hailstones are Reaching Enormous Sizes and Insurance Costs Are Skyrocketing – An Overview of the Hail Apocalypse in the U.S.

Hailstones are getting biblical in sizes! And hailstorms are getting more apocalyptic! largest hailstones...

US Successfully Tests Laser Weapon That Can Destroy Aircraft Mid-Flight

A US Navy warship has successfully tested a new high-energy laser weapon that can destroy aircraft mid-flight. Images...

The Most Famous Modern Conspiracy Theories

most famous modern conspiracy theories The world today is full of conspiracy theories that...

This Mammoth Hailstone Was so Large That it Literally Went Through the Roof of a House During an Extreme Storm in Texas

A hailstone was so large (bigger than softballs) that it literally went through the roof in Burkburnett, Texas.

After 17 Years of Siesta, Millions of Cicadas Are About to Invade Parts of the US

Undeniably, 2020 has had a bit of an “end of the world” kind of vibe about it. And...

Why Will Contact With Aliens Change People’s Perceptions of Science?

The search for aliens has not been a frequent topic of discussion in the field of science. However,...

Catastrophic Michigan Dam Failures Threaten Dow Chemical Plants

Floodwaters from two breached dams in Michigan on Wednesday flowed into a sprawling Dow chemical complex and threatened a vast Superfund toxic-cleanup site...

Earth Magnetic Field Is Gradually Weakening in an Area from Africa to South America and Scientists Are Trying to Understand Why

Earth's magnetic field is gradually weakening in an area that stretches from Africa to South America, and scientists who are trying to...

Snow Turns GREEN in Antarctica – And It’s Not Because of Climate Change

Scientists have already observed red snow in Antarctica... But now, scientists have discovered patches of GREEN SNOW in...

Very Abnormal Seismic Activity Concerns Scientists in South Korea as it Could Be a Sign of a Major and Very Destructive Earthquake

Seismologists in South Korea are concerned about an unusual rash of earthquakes that have shaken the peninsula in recent weeks.

Unprecedented Tropical Cyclone Amphan Kills More than 86 People and Leaves Trail of Destruction With Millions Without Power in India and Bangladesh

Cyclone Amphan left a trail of destruction across coastal India and Bangladesh. Dozens of people were killed, homes...

The Most Mysterious Books in The History of Mankind

Mysterious books around the world, mysterious books, strange books
What is the strangest book you have ever read? Here a compilation of some of the most mysterious...

Volcanic Uptick Around the World: Multiple Eruptions to 45,000+ ft With Direct Cooling Effect

These past few days have seen a violent worldwide volcanic uptick... Sending us all further signs that the next Grand Solar Minimum...

Lightning Kills 85 Sheep and Goats in India

As many as 85 sheep and goats were killed by lightening at Saraji Chhajpur forest. The single bolt...

Hailstones Big Like Melons Slam San Luis de Potosí, Mexico

It all started with an intense storm, but that was just the beginning. Then hail came, melon-size hailstones.

Are We Able to Survive a Supervolcano Eruption?

Supervolcanoes have the power to trigger widespread climate change and global starvation. Here a few steps you...

End Times Events Unfolding: Apocalyptic Sandstorm and Biblical Locust Plague Turn Day Into Night in Egypt and Iran – Gigantic hail Slams Mexico

That's biblical! On the same day, a gigantic swarm of locusts invaded southern Iran and a massive sandstorm...

USGS: “We Don’t Want to be Alarmist, But we Also Need to Tell the Public That There Is an Increasing Possibility of Explosive Eruptions at Kilauea Volcano in Hawaii”

The Halema‘uma‘u crater on Kilauea, located in Hawaii, has been relatively quiet over the last year after a frenzy of activity in 2018,...

Looming Giant Landslide in Alaska Could Trigger Enormous Tsunami at Any Moment

The collapse of an unstable mountain slope in Alaska could trigger a catastrophic tsunami in Harriman Fjord, scientists warn.

Grand Solar Minimum: The Sun Has Entered Its ‘Lockdown’ Period Which Could Cause Freezing Weather, Famine, Increased Earthquakes and Catastrophic Volcanic Eruptions

Our sun has gone into lockdown, which could cause freezing weather, earthquakes and famine, scientists say. The sun...

M6.5 Earthquake Hits Nevada on May 15, 2020 – Numerous Strong Aftershocks Felt in the Area

A preliminary magnitude 6.5 earthquake was recorded in southern Nevada on Friday morning, May 15, 2020. The main...

Rare Earthquake Swarm Rocks Lō’ihi Seamount South of Kilauea Volcano Off Hawaii’s Big Island

Beginning about 3:00 a.m. HST on May 11, 2020 and continuing through the morning of May 12, HVO detected more than 100...

Mount St. Helens Eruption 40th Anniversary: On May 18, 1980, the Bulge of the Volcano Slid Into the Valley and Uncorked a Catastrophic Lateral Blast, Removing 1,300 Feet of the Mountain

May 18, 2020 marks the 40th anniversary of the Mount St. Helens eruption, which reverberated throughout the Pacific Northwest and around the...

Choctaw Charity Return: Irish Donors Are Helping a Native American Tribe Face the Coronavirus Crisis

In the winter of 1847, the people of Ireland were suffering from a devastating famine. Members of the...

UFO: The Strangest Unexplained Sightings in Scotland’s Skies

From the nation's fascination with Elon Musk's Starlink satellites passing overhead to fevered speculation about military aircraft being spotted soaring above our...

Second Biblical Wave of Vicious Locusts Invades East Africa, Pakistan, India

A locust swarm of biblical proportions is expected to invade Kenya via Ethiopia, for the second time this year.

Popular Beach Liquefies and Disappears During M6.5 Idaho Earthquake

With the melting of winter snowpack and ice at lakes in the Sawtooth National Recreation Area, several observers noted something was different...

Lightning Bolt Kills More Than 100 Animals in Kashmir Overnight

More than 100 sheep and goats were killed by lightning during a major thunderstorm on May 5, 2020.

Winter Returns in MAY as Large Parts of the World Currently Battle Anomalous May Cold and Snow

In the last few days, winter has staged a surprise return in many countries around the world! And...

Creek Turns Bright Pink in Melbourne, Australia

Investigations continue to determine what turned Edgars Creek bright pink in Melbourne's north this week. Meanwhile, the pollutant...

Ancient Volcano Newly Discovered in the North Sea off The Netherlands

An extinct volcano has been discovered accidentally about 100 kilometers off the coast of Texel in The Netherlands.

Feel Bad? Now Look at This Fisherman Sailing Through a River of Dead Fish (Video)

A mystery is currently baffling residents and officials in Paraguay. Look! This fisherman is literally sailing on a...

Extreme Weather During Mother’s Day Weekend: Potential Bomb Cyclone in New England, Record Cold in the South, Snow in the Northeast

Mother Nature may be looking at the wrong calendar. It's going to feel much more like winter than...

Deadly Earthquake Hits Under Sleeping Volcano Near Tehran, Iran – Panicked Residents Spill Into the Streets

A 5.1 magnitude earthquake hit close to a sleeping volcano in northern Iran. Panicked residents in and around...

Out-of-Control Wildfires Rage in Florida Panhandle, Destroying Dozens of Homes and Forcing Evacuations

Wildfires are currently burning in the Florida Panhandle's swampland. More than a dozen homes have burned down and...

Amish Moving a Huge Shed in Wisconsin (Video)

Just a bunch of Amish moving a huge pole shed near Hillsboro, Wisconsin! It's amazing to see people...

Astronomers Find Closest Black Hole Ever and Warn There May Be Some Even Closer

In the night sky, far south of the equator, there’s a curious collection of faint constellations embedded in the tapestry of stars.

Hunger Pandemic: I’m Afraid of Getting Sick, and I’m Afraid of Starving

It's Friday morning in Alexandra township... And dozens of people are gathered in a field outside a food...

It’s Raining Plasma on the Sun

A massive prominence is jutting out over the sun's southeastern limb today. And it's leaking plasma.