Maine rattled by series of 11 quakes in four days – What’s up with that?

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How unusual is a series of small earthquake in Maine? Maine has indeed been rattled by a 'swarm of 11 weak earthquakes in the last 4 days. Here a list of the earthquakes: M2.1 - 5km SE of Sangerville, Maine M2.5 - 22km NW of Phillips, Maine M2.4 - 44km N of Calais, Maine M2.2 - 44km N of Calais, Maine M2.0 - 44km N of...

Uruguay has the weakest magnetic field around the world

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Scientists have testified that Uruguay has the weakest magnetic field around the world. So what about this South Atlantic Magnetic Anomaly? Uruguay has values ​​close to 23,000 nT, well below the world average of 60,000 nT. Uruguay is right at the center of a region called the South Atlantic Magnetic Anomaly which also includes Paraguay, parts of Argentina, Brazil and Chile, and...

Powerful M6.5 earthquake rattles Sumba, Indonesia

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A powerful M6.5 earthquake rattled the island of Sumba, Indonesia on February 12, 2016. The strong quake was recorded at 10:02 am (UTC) at a depth of 30.5 km (19 miles). No potential tsunami alert. Earthquake information by USGS: Date : 12th February 2016 Time : 10:02:24 UTC Location : 3km ESE of Andekantor, Indonesia Magnitude : 6.5 Depth : 30.5 Km; 19 miles Follow us on Facebook and Twitter

The Cascadia subduction zone could cause the worst natural disaster in the history of North America

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The Cascadia subduction zone off the coast of Northwest California, Oregon, Washington State, and Vancouver Island BC could cause the worst natural disaster in the history of North America. The Pacific Northwest Earthquake could reach up to M9.0, trigger a tsunami, and shake for 3 to 5 minutes. Mother Earth slowly reveals her secrets, and this time, it's a fault line deep in the...

Amazing how much lightning can strike our planet in a short time

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This amazing timelapse video sure will satisfy storm watchers around the world. ESA astronaut Tim Peake just shared this stunning video of rapid lightning strikes from Space. The footage, taken from the International Space Station, shows a succession of rapid lightning strikes over Turkey and North Africa. The long line of bolts greatly resembles a lit string of firecrackers. Yes, it's really amazing how much lightning...

Three tropical cyclones form simultaneously in the Southern Hemisphere

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Three tropical cyclones formed almost simultaneously in the Southern Hemisphere. Daya was born in the Indian Ocean, whereas Eleven and Tatiana formed in the Pacific Ocean. The tropical cyclone Daya formed east of Madagascar in the Indian Ocean and is moving in a south-easterly direction. In the eye of the storm, wind speeds were measured at 72 km / h, with...

Mysterious bubbling sand in Gaza

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The sand in bubbling in Gaza. Check out this video and look at what these people are gawking at... A mysterious bubbling desert. How would you react, if you were looking at sand on the ground and it would suddenly start to move and make bubbles? This mysterious phenomenon is just out of this world and still unexplained. Could it be related to bombing?  Or...

The last days of Pompeii – Feel the same drama and terror than witnesses of the Vesuvius eruption

Do you know how it feels during a Mega volcanic eruption? This animation by Zero One recreates the same drama and terror as when a series of eruptions wiped out Pompeii over 48 hours on August 24, 79 AD. Get prepared and ready. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter  

Volcan de Fuego erupts at night in Guatemala

volcan de fuego eruption february 9 2016 guatemala
This is another volcano to add to our already long list of volcanic eruptions in February 2016. The stratovolcano Volcan de Fuego ('Volcano of Fire') spew lava and ashes on February 9, 2016. Here the list of enhanced volcanic activity around the world. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter

Ski lift out of control in Switzerland during wind storm Susanna

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Gale-force winds swept through Switzerland on February 9, 2016 after storm Susanna engulfed northern Europe. In Arosa, skiing was just impossible. High winds forced closure of ski lifts at resorts in the Bernese Oberland and in the canton of Graubünden as shown in this video by Marc Gisler: Storm Susanna brought stormy winds with some hurricane-like gusts on February 9, 2016. On top of the Jura,...

Strong earthquake of magnitude 6.3 hits near Coquimbo, Chile – 5 aftershocks up to M5.1

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A strong earthquake (M6.3) hit in the region of Coquimbo, Chile on February 10, 2016. The shallow powerful quake was followed by a series of moderatly strong aftershocks (M4.7 to M5.1). The earthquake struck at 00:33 am (UTC) around 40 kilometers (25 miles) from the city of Ovalle and 336 kilometers (203 miles) from Santiago, Chile. The epicenter was situated at at a...

Dramatic increase in volcanic eruptions around the world in February 2016 and nobody knows why

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We are currently experiencing a dramatic increase in volcanic eruptions around the world in 2016. And nobody knows why... What is going on with all these volcanoes erupting? Are we going to see a big quake hit somewhere? Things are starting to reach excessive levels. February 10, 2016 - Japan - 3rd Day of volcanic tremors at Japan's Kirishima; JMA warns of "catastrophic eruption."...

Highly radioactive material found in groundwater below Indian Point Energy Center in New York

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Highly radioactive material has been measured in groundwater below Indian Point Energy Center in New York. But nuclear officials say the public isn't at risk... Of course. The Indian Point Energy Center in Buchanan is situated only 40 miles north of Manhattan. And water contaminated by tritium leaked into the groundwater under the facility. The contamination has remained contained to the site, they...

Devastating tornado in Richards Bay, South Africa

A devastating tornado swept across Richards Bay, Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa on February 9, 2016. Although I haven't found anything on the internet except this video. I would say nobody got hurt by this insane weather phenomenon. Follow us: Facebook and Twitter

Foam and wave apocalypse during storm Imogen in the UK

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Storm Imogen is paralysing the UK and creating a foam apocalypse along the coast. Here some impressive video of this powerful weather phenomenon. In this amateur video by Rosie you could almost believe you enter a giant soap bath on Croyde beach, UK: // Amateur camera women Rosie captured this down on Croyde beach this morning. She's made it on to the news. Posted...

A terrifying thunderstorm video from Maroochydore, Australia

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That's one of the most terrifying thunderstorm timelapse I've ever seen. This impressive video from Blue Dog Films was captured off Maroochydore, Australia. This storm off of Maroochydore, Australia is terrifying and is what my version of hell would be. Watch lightnings buzzing and snapping all over the place and clouds morphing into every imaginable shape all at once. It's just insane. By Blue Dog...

Johnny Cash tarantula discovered at Folsom State Prison, California

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A new species of tarantula species discovered at Folsom State Prison, California has been named after Johnny Cash. Aphonopelma johnnycashi is one of 14 new species of tarantulas identified by researchers in a paper released in the open-access journal ZooKeys on Thursday. Do you believe in life after death? Johnny Cash has resuscitated more than 12 years after his death... and walks the...

Santiaguito volcano erupts again in Guatemala

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A new explosion at Santiaguito volcano, Guatemala was recorded on February 7, 2016. Look at the pictures of the large ash and gas clouds engulfing the sky. Powerful. Here a first video of the volcanic activity of Santiaguito volcano in Guatemala: AHORA: El Volcán Santiaguito en plena actividad. Video: Jorge Solano. — Canal Antigua (@CanalAntigua) February 7, 2016 Here a GIF by NASA of...

Disgusting invasion of snow fleas may also occur around you

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An invasion of snow fleas may also occur around your home... And that's disgusting. These days, they are plaguing several areas of the Tula region in Russia. Sometimes, snow becomes black as if someone sprinkled pepper on it and then starts moving... black little snow fleas are coming out... These insects (Hypogastrura nivicola) are extremely tiny, plant-eating arthropods but very rarely encountered, thus surprising...

Fish rain in Dire Dawa City, Ethiopia

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I don't know what to think about the mysterious fish rain phenomenon. But according to local newspapers, fish rained in Dire Dawa, Ethiopia on February 2, 2016. What the heck... Unusual fish rain occurred on Sunday at 11:30 am in Dire Dawa City Eastern part of Ethiopia for a few minutes both in rural and urban areas. The weird phenomenon was featured...