Amazing Nature Spectacle: Lightning Storm Seen From Passenger Airplane (VIDEO)

I must say, I would have liked to be in that plane. This lucky passenger witnessed what a would call an amazing nature event during a flight from New York to Los Angeles on Friday, October 4, 2013. The exact position of the footage is unknown, but it is assumed to be approximately halfway at an altitude of roughly 32,000...

Run of Bad Luck: Mexico Struck by 6 Quakes After Last Month’s Deadly Tropical Storms

After Manuel and Ingrid last month, a series of 6 quakes, two reaching at least 5.0- magnitude, struck Sunday in the Mexican state of Guerrero. All six quakes were recorded between 9am local time (1500 GMT) and 10.36am (1636 GMT), and so far no damage has been reported in Guerrero state. The epicenter of the strongest quake, 5.21-magnitude, at 9.27 local time (1527...

Mysterious Stranding of 22 Pilot Whales near La Coruna in Galicia, Spain

What's going on in the waters off the Northern coast of Spain these days? After the discovery of a mysterious giant squid in Cantabria, 22 pilot whales washed up and died on a beach near La Coruna in Galicia yesterday. A natural mystery is unfolding in Spain after 22 long-finned pilot whales came ashore at Manon Beach, north of La Coruna,...

Extremely Rare Phenomenon: Deadly Lightning Strikes Kill 32 People in India – October 2013

Lightning strikes in the eastern Indian states of Bihar and Jharkhand killed 32 people, including nine children, during storms. Although people striked by lightnings are not so rare during monsoon, 32 is extremely rare. Most victims were killed by bolts of lightning across Bihar (24 including seven children) Eight other people died in Jharkhand. Moreover, accompanying torrential rains and strong winds damaged houses,...

Shocking Tornado Footages in Aguada Puerto Rico

A tornado destructs two family houses in the village of La Paloma near Aguada Atalaya. Fortunately no one was heart. A tornado followed strong winds on Puerto Rico and destructed two family houses at around 2:40 PM on october 1 2013. Tornado sighting starts after 40 sec... The two families are now receiving the first assistance from local government agencies to rebuild their...

Strange Animal Oddity: A Two-Headed Calf Born in Whiting, Vermont

This two-headed calf has two heads, two snouts, four eyes, but only one brain. It would have been a twin if it had split properly inside its mother as an egg. A two-headed, 75-pound calf is happy to have survived his birth on a Whiting's farm in Vermont. , Vt., Tuesday, October 1, 2013. Amazingly, the polycephalic calf, which moos and eats...

It’s Pretty Hard to be a Manatee in Florida!

Nowadays, it's pretty hard to be a manatee in Florida! Beginning of the year, they died 'en mass' because of a red tide. And during the winter, they are being harassed by tourists while warming up in the clear water of Crystal River Springs. Look at the video to see just how bad they have it. Follow us: Facebook and Twitter

Mysterious Giant Squid Discovered on Spanish Beach: Is it Architeuthis Dux?

Is this the carcass of the mysterious and fabled giant skid Architeuthis Dux carcass? Who knows! But one thing is clear: beachgoers stumbled upon a huge, almost intact, and scary squid body on a beach of Cantabria, Spain on october 1, 2013. According to newspapers, this ocean monster was about 30 feet and weighed nearly 400 pounds. It is now...

La Sinkhole Update: The Giant Louisiana Sinkhole Could Double in Size

louisiana sinkhole in bayou corne
The nightmare of Bayou Corne's inhabitants continues! According to a Texas Brine official, the giant Louisiana sinkhole could double in size. Picture from July 2013 The sinkhole is at 26 acres right now. Mark Cartwright, president of United Brine, a subsidiary of Texas Brine, says the surface could get to 50 acres. The 'good' news is: It is moving in...

Montana Issues Over 6000 permits to Hunt the Last 625 Remaining Wolves

There's is going to be some blood... On the hunters' side. Indeed, in Montana, there is a 1:10 (wolf : hunter) ratio and 6.000 want to shoot at least one.   How is this possible! They want to exterminate wolfs in Montana! Indeed, this state issued over 6000 permits at 19$ piece (ridiculous) to hunt the last 625 remaining wolves in...

Three Examples of ‘Immortal’ Underground Fires That Are Currently Burning Under the U.S.

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There are some phenomena out there you just won't believe they exist! 'Immortal' underground fires are such cases. And they are plenty of them across the world. People just don't speak about this oddity. Here 3 examples of such underground mysterious blazes that are just burning under your feet in the U.S.

Lake Natron in Tanzania transforms animals into statues creating eerie natural sculptures

Calcified bat at lake natron tanzania by Nick Brandt, Nick Brandt photo, Nick Brandt calcified animals, Nick Brandt calcified animals lake Natron, Nick Brandt calcified animals lake Natron tanzania, ACROSS THE RAVAGED LAND, nick brandt ACROSS THE RAVAGED LAND, nick brandt photo
Look at these photographs of calcified animals! It is surely the most horrific depiction of the "bird of peace" since Picasso's Guernica. Lake Natron is situated in Tanzania and is everything but hospitable: its water temperatures can reach 60 °C, and its alkalinity is between pH 9 and pH 10.5. Yes, pretty harsh! Natron, so the name of the lake, is a naturally occurring...

High Radioactivity: Impacts of Shale Gas Wastewater Disposal on Water Quality in Western Pennsylvania

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Breaking news: High levels of radioactivity and salinity have been found in river water and sediments near a wastewater discharge site connected to a fracking operation in Pennsylvania. In its research paper entitled:"Impacts of Shale Gas Wastewater Disposal on Water Quality in Western Pennsylvania," a research team from the Duke University analyzed sediments and water samples from a creek in western...

Seabed Gouging by Ice: Discover 6 Amazing Photographs of Iceberg Scours and Gouges

These strange and somewhat unexpected forms have been carved and dug (pockmarks: craters in seabed caused by fluids - gas and liquids - erupting and streaming through the sediments) by glaciers and icebergs in the seabed sediments. Let's discover some of the weirdest!   1. Gigantic "9" Carved in the Barents Sea sediments. It makes you think icebergs can count? Well at least...

Fairy Circle Mystery: New Explanation for the Strange Earth Phenomenon

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Have you ever heard about the Fairy Circle Mystery? No? Well scientists have found a new expanation for this weird earth phenomenon! Science is a never ending road and each time a scientist believes he’s solved a mystery, someone else comes up with another explanation. This is exactly the case for the mysterious fairy circles, these bare and circular patches of land ringed by...

Not One, But Three New Islands Following Major Pakistan’s Earthquake

When the shock of the temblor subsided on Tuesday, people living in the coastal town of Gwadar were stunned to see a new island in the sea. That's not all. Two other islands have come up along the Balochistan coast. The island near Gwadar is about 600 feet in diameter and has a height of about 30 feet. Moreover, gas was coming...

Dangerous US Sinkholes Swallow a Recycling Truck is St-Louis and Kill a Person in Middletown

Large sinkholes are opening up every day around the USA. Here, I feature two tragic cave-ins that occurred on september 24 2013 and which swallowed a garbage truck in ST-Louis, Missouri and killed a man in Middletown, Delaware. 1. Huge sinkhole swallows garbage truck in St-Louis Missouri - September 24 2013 A garbage truck fell into a sinkhole Tuesday morning after...

Two Unexpected Animal Behaviors: Spider Webs Across Texas and Giant Hornet Attack in China

Today, two surprising and terrifying events occurred on two different sides of the world. 1. Giant spider webs cover Dallas and surroundings As shown in the following video, thin and sticky white spider webs appeared overnight on buildings and vehicles across north Texas. They represent a migratory method used by a certain variety of spiders. Do not worry, they are not dangerous. Last year, spiders...

Incredible Geological Oddity: New Island Emerges in Arabian Sea After Pakistan’s 7.7 Quake

Incredible but true: A massive, 7.7 magnitude earthquake - that struck south-central Pakistan on Tuesday afternoon local time - raised a new 30-40 feet high and 100 feet long island, off the coast of Gwadar in the Arabian Sea. Although weird, this phenomenon is not as unusual as it seems. Older residents of the coastal town said the land emergence was...

Large Sinkhole Swallows Cars After Floods in Houston

Houston was flooded friday night. And they left a mark: A huge, eight-foot-deep sinkhole opened up at the intersection of Fairdale and Fountain View in the Galleria Area and started to swallow cars on Monday. Indeed some drivers mistook the cave-in for a large puddle of water and drove right into it. Workers at a nearby restaurant construction site say...