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Deadly bacteria escapes lab in Covington (Louisiana) and nobody knows how far it has spread!

A dangerous, often deadly, type of bacteria that lives in soil and water has been released from a high-security laboratory at the Tulane National...

‘Alien of the Deep’ caught off Eden, Australia (video)

Think "Jaws" was terrifying? Well imagine running into the goblin shark, also known as the 'Alien of the deep' patrolling the pitch-black depths of the...

Ducks and throusands of fish mysteriously die in a lagoon near Buenos Aires

This mysterious mass die-off killed thousands of fish and some ducks in a lagoon in the district of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Althought the cause of...

Sinkhole insurance: People in Missouri can get insured against sinkholes through Fair Plan!

Missourians can now purchase sinkhole coverage through the FAIR Plan. The plan started issuing the standalone Sinkhole Loss policy earlier this year to supplement an...

Giant sinkhole destroys Highway ARA-1 in Spain

A sinkhole opened up and destroyed parts of the Aragonese highway ARA-1 as a result of an extraordinary rise of the Ebro River.  Water has infiltrated below...

This Is How A 400000 Volt Short Circuit Looks And Sounds Like! OMG!

Well! This is really scary! Listen to the eerie sounds created by a 400,000 volts short circuit! // Post by Joshua Rodriguez. Have you ever listened to...

These Ultra-Small Bacteria Are The Tiniest Life Forms Known On Earth

So, this is about as small as life can get. This is the first detailed microscopic images of so-called "ultra-small bacteria" that are believed to...

Ben & Jerry Would Consider Selling Cannabis-Infused Ice Cream, When Legal

Ben & Jerry's reputation as a quirky ice cream company is no secret, and every one of their flavors is far from normal. Now, the...

More than 88% of the Great Lakes are covered with ice

How rough was the winter on the Great Lakes? It's the second straight tough winter for Great Lakes! The lakes altogether were 88.3% ice-covered as...

Two Young guys Behind The Toronto Tunnel Mystery

Police have finally uncovered the truth about the mysterious and suspicious tunnel discovered last month in Toronto near the Pan Am Games location. Two guys...

Strange Sounds In The Sky Over South Philly Baffle Residents (Videos)

What are these mysterious sounds coming from the sky over South Philadelphia? Is this the Philly Hum? David C. lives in South Philly and has reported today on the...

Mini Full Moon On March 5 2015, Bloody Supermoon With Total Eclipse On September 27 2015

The Full Moon of March 5 will be the smallest and most distant Full Moon of 2015. In recent years there's been a huge ado...

Snow In Huntington Beach! Hail Blankets Beach In Orange County And The Weather Is Going Crazy

What the heck is going on at Huntington Beach? Should we renamed it Hail City? Locals and tourists were shocked by crazy weather on Monday...

Mysterious Booms And Strange Sounds Are Increasing Again And Remain Unexplained – February 2015

This post features some of the most interesting notes and comments left on this blog. If you recognize your text I really thank you for your...

Snapdragons Are Beautiful Flowers Which Turn Into Macabre Skulls When They Die

Snapdragon is a popular garden plant known for its flowers ressembling a dragon's head which opens and closes its mouth when laterally squeezed. Now, when...

Terrifying Moment A Furious Waterspout Engulfs Beachgoers In Brazil (Video)

Everybody under cover! Watch the terrifying moment beachgoers are hit by a furious waterspout on the beach of Pernambuco, Brazil! Look at the beachgoers terrified running...

Volcano Doom Synchronicity: Yellowstone Magma Heats Up, Popocatepetl And Colima Highly Active

Yellowstone National Park's Boiling River feels hotter this winter and has been increasing slightly since August 2014. But not only Yellowstone is becoming hotter, the Popocatepetl and...

Just Burning Methane Pockets Trapped In Frozen Lake (Video)

So what's going on? Permafrost is defined as soil that has been below 32°F for more than two years. As earth temperatures increase due to climate...

The Deep Ocean Is A Weird Scary Place! Dive Into It!

The deep ocean is indeed a weird and scary place! Dive into it! Frilled shark Barreleye Dragon Fish Goblin Shark Anglerfish Fanfin Seadevil Fangtooth Stargazer Hatchetfish OMG! That was terrifying! Follow us: Facebook and Twitter

Noctilucent Clouds Are Behaving Strangely And Thus Perplexing Scientists

The southern season for noctilucent clouds (NLCs) has come to an end. And something unexpected is perplexing scientists! NASA's AIM spacecraft observed the last wisps of...

Watch This Terrifying Storm Rolling Into Sydney

This storm engulfed Sydney on March 1, 2015. The timelapse video is awesome! More pictures here! Follow us: Facebook and Twitter

Baby Woolly Rhinoceros Dubbed Sasha Discovered In Siberia For The First Time

Scientists are going crazy over the recent discovery of a baby woolly rhino. This is the only know specimen of this type of tiny extinct rhino....

Strange Flashes In Arctic Sky May Be Thundersnow (Video)

What were the strange flashes illuminating the sky over Kotzebue and other areas of the Arctic? This still unexplained sky phenomenon was accompanied by booms. A meteor...

Unexplained Booms Rattle Homes Around Port Angeles

What is the source of the mystery booms and shakings in the Port Angeles area? Well, it remains a mystery! Loud booms vibrated the floor and rattled...

Massive Fireball Explodes Over Kochi, India Inducing Tremor And Sonic Boom (Video)

Panic gripped central Kerala as a massive fireball was spotted falling from the sky at night on Friday. This is the third large event within a...

Mystery Booms Are Geological! A Review Of Historical Loud Booms And Strange Sounds

With all the booms that have been going on there have been a lot of questions! Mystery booms are geological. Here a cover up of historical booming...

This Giant Blob Floating In The Sky Of Madeira Is The Mothership! (Photos and Video)

This weird cloud appeared over Madeira, a Portuguese island lost in the Atlantic Ocean on February 21, 2015 and remained in the sky for some...

San Francisco Bans Sale Of Plastic Bottles

San Francisco has just become the first city in America to ban the sale of plastic water bottles. This is an amazing move that is building...

Sinkhole Swallows Building in St. Pete, Florida

A large sinkhole in downtown St. Petersburg caused a building to partially collapse Thursday morning, February 26, 2015. Just terrifying! Here a map of sinkholes in...

Mysterious Elongated Object Explodes Close To Sun (Pictures)

Can anybody tell me what is this mysterious object exploding near the sun? Yes something just went boom in space! Could this be a comet disintegrating...