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Amazing Architecture: The Movable Merchant Square Footbridge (VIDEO)

Movable Merchant Square Footbridge, footbridge paddington, newest movable Merchant Square footbridge, paddington footbridge, A picture of London's newest movable Merchant Square footbridge in Paddington, newest movable Merchant Square footbridge in Paddington.
London’s newest movable footbridge is both simple and spectacular. The Bridge, at the heart of Merchant Square, is made up of 5 steel beams that...

What Could Happen After Humans Became Instinct?

What Could Happen After Humans Became Instinct? Have you ever wondered what would happen to life on earth if a doomsday event killed every human...

Microburst Levels Thousands Of Trees In Easthampton, Massachusetts (VIDEO) – Strange Weather Phenomenon

microburst, Easthampton MA microbrusts october 2014, microburst in Easthampton MA october 8 2014, microbrusts rare weather phenomenon, microburst video, microburst massachussetts october 2014, microburst vs tornado, Difference bewteen a microburst and a tornado
This is just what it looks like when a microburst sweeps across. This major wind event leveled thousands of trees in Easthampton, Massachusetts on October...

Extreme Weather: Britain Coasts Covered By Sea Foam (Photos and Video)

sea foam uk october 2014, sea foam uk october 2014 photo, photo of sea foam uk october 2014, Want to go for a foamy walk?, Sea foam, Sea foam news, Sea foam moray, Sea foam britain, Sea foam october 2014, Sea foam covers streets in in Lossiemouth, Moray, Foamy surface water in the streets of Lossiemouth, Moray blocked roads and traffic.
This is really bad weather: Coastal Britain is experiencing torrential rain, thunderstorms and 50mph winds that are flooding seafronts with FOAM! This rare phenomenon reached...

Real Mermaids: Medical Condition May Be The Origin Of The Mythical Creature

real life mermaid, peruvian Little Mermaid, peruvian Little Mermaid photo, Milagros Cerron is known as the Little Mermaid, Peruvian Milagros Cerron is known as the Little Mermaid, Peruvian Milagros Cerron is known as the Little Mermaid. She was operated to separate her legs in 2006.
It sounds incredible but real mermaids exist! It's a fatal condition known as sirenomelia or as the 'mermaid syndrome'. Mermaids - fantasy aquatic creature with the...

Two Incredible Animal Rescues: Buck In Sinkhole and Bear Cubs In Tree

bear cubs trapped in tree, bear cubs trapped in tree wisconsin, bear cubs trapped in tree video, bear cubs trapped in tree wisconsin video october 204, bear cubs trapped in tree october 2014, bear cubs freed from tree in wisconsin, Officials from the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources rescuing bear cubs trapped in a tree.
Two incredible animal rescues: This post features two examples of good samaritans and animal lovers around the world! We should take example! 1. Buck stuck in...

Is There A Volcano Season? Scientists Discern Intriguing Patterns In Volcanic Activity.

volcano season, volcanic eruption season, volcano seasonis there a volcano season, what creates volcano eruption, link between volcanic eruption and climate change, climate change vs volcanic eruption
Some think it’s the time of the year. Other suggest they are unpredictable... But could there really be such a thing as a volcano...

Earth’s Magnetic Reversal May Occur Earlier Than Anyone Anticipated

pole shift, pole flip, magnetic pole shift, magnetic pole reversal, earth magnetic pole shift, pole shift earth, earth magnetic reversal
Earth's magnetic north and south poles have flip-flopped many times in our planet's history. Last time was around 780,000 years ago. Based on new data,...

Weather Anomaly: Apocalyptic Hail Storm In Apulia, South-Eastern Italy (Photo and Videos)

hail storm, hail storm italy, hail storm puglia, hail storm apocalypse pugliy italy, Hail apocalypse in Brindisio (Fasano) on October 7 2014!, Maltempo nel Brindisino (Fasano), Maltempo, la “coda” del ciclone colpisce la Puglia: forti temporali, grandinate eccezionali
There in not much to say about this apocalyptic hail storm in Apulia, Italy! Exceptional, Massive, Incredible, Amazing WEATHER ANOMALY! Just look at the video...

Fireball Explosion Filmed Over Utah – October 2014

fireball explosion utah october 2014, meteor utah october 2014, us fireball october 2014, utah fireball october 2014, october 2014 ufo meteor utah, utah meteor october 2014 video, video utah fireball october 2014, This bright meteor exploded over Murray, Utah on October 2 2014 at around 4:30am. Watch the videos
This fireball explosion occurred on October 2 2014 over Murray, Utah. Luckily, it was caught on tape by the surveillance camera of Family Valdez. So...

Strange Animal Behaviors: Massive School Of Fish At Miami Beach (VIDEO) And Dead Sea Kirts On Marco Island

sea skirts, sea skirts florida 2014, sea skirts marco island 2014, sea skirts photo, sea skirt photo, sea skirts florida, sea skirts marco island, Smelly sea skirts, Smelly sea skirts have washed ashore on Marco Island, Florida
A massive school of fish was captured on camera at Miami Beach in Florida. On the other side of Florida, dead sea skirts are invading...

Canneto di Caronia Mysterious Fires Start Again! A Really Strange Phenomenon

Canneto di Caronia mysterious fires, Spontaneous and mysterious fires plague a small city in Sicily. Scientists are baffled and the Italien government believes they are caused by aliens., spontaneous fires, mysterious fires sicily, spontaneous fires sicily, Canneto di Caronia spontaneous fires, Canneto di Caronia mysterious fires are back!
The Canneto di Caronia mysterious fires are a strange phenomena. And last week the spontaneous combustions have started again... Unexpectedly! Canneto di Caronia is a...

Amazing Aurora Time-Lapse Video Dancing Over Alaska By Greg Syverson

The truely fantastic aurora time-lapse video was created by Greg Syverson. I really like when the northern lights suddenly increase in power just behind clouds passing by...

The Helix Nebula Is Watching You (GIF)

helix nebula gif, gif nebula, gif space, space nebula, space gif helix nebula, The Helix Nebula animated Gif is amazing!, gif helix nebula, The Helix Nebula [animated Gif] is amazing!
NGC 7293 - The Helix Nebula's animated Gif This multispectral animation ranges from the Far Infrared (FIR) to Far Ultraviolet (FUV) + X ray. And...

Flash Floods In Joshua Tree National Park, California (VIDEO)

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Amazing video of flash floods in Joshua Tree National Park, California. Although it happened 3 weeks ago, the wall of water engulfing everything on its...

Tropical Storm Simon Updated – Huracán Categoría 4 ‘Simon’

huracán categoría 4 simon, Tropical Storm Simon, hurricane simon, simon hurricane, The trajectory of Tropical Storm Simon toward Baja California. Satellite picture: The Weather Channel, trayectoria pronosticada de Simon, simon huracán categoría 4, simon huracana baja california mexico
Tropical Storm Simon curves toward land. A tropical storm watch has been issued for parts of Baja California. However, Simon's most significant impact may be...

Chemical Reaction Video: Probably One Of The Best Video To Watch When You Are Stoned

beautiful chemistry , beautiful chemistry reaction, beautiful chemistry video, beautiful chemistry love, love chemistry, love chemistry reactions, chemistry reaction video and photos, beautiful chemistry reaction video, Dancing fluorescent droplets during a beautiful chemistry reaction.
This chemical reaction video is stunningly beautiful! And probably one of the best link to click when you are stoned! Enter the fantastic chemical world...

Grey Lady Ghost Photographed In Haunted Dudley Castle (UK)

grey lady ghost photo, Grey Lady Ghost, haunted Dudley Castle, haunted castle uk, uk haunted castles, grey lady uk, uk grey lady ghost, Was the Grey Lady Ghost caught on camera at haunted Dudley Castle?
Believe it or not! It seems that a ghost named 'Grey Lady' has been pictured  in England's most haunted castle. Well at least the local...

Humming Sounds Are Earth Breathing Noises

the hum science, The Hum is the Earth breathing sound, hum sound earth breathing sound
What causes the humming sounds heard around the world? Could it result from the Earth breathing in and...

New Cracks Discovered In Hunterston Reactor As EDF’s Plans To Extend The Scottish Power Station’s Life

Hunterston Reactor cracks, new cracks found at Hunterston Reactor, Hunterston Reactor new cracks, cracks Hunterston Reactor
New cracks have been discovered in the core of the Hunterston reactor (nuclear). They could threaten operator EDF's plans to extend the Scottish power station's...

Phanfone vs Fukushima: TEPCO Expects ‘DAMAGE’ To Fukushima Reactors ONE &TWO By Typhoon Phanfone

phanfone vs fukushima, phanfone hurricane vs fukushima, fukushima will hitFukushima to be Hit by Typhoon, Causing Ocean Contamination: Tepco, TEPCO is EXPECTING 'DAMAGE' to NUMBER ONE &TWO REACTORS FROM the UPCOMING TYPHOON PHANFONE, Tepco revealed that the approaching typhoon could hit the damaged, decommissioned 40-year old nuclear power facility Fukushima No.1, Fukushima to be Hit by Typhoon Phanfone, Causing Ocean Contamination: Tepco
Phanfone vs Fukushima: TEPCO Expects that Typhoon Phanfone will damage Fukushima Reactors ONE &TWO. The cyclone could indeed creates waves of 26 meters, 10 meters higher...

Typhoon Phanfone Lashes Japan’s Amami Islands (VIDEO)

There is not much to say about this video except that this terrifying typhoon Phanfone starts lashing Japan's Amami Islands and is heading towards...

Beckenridge UFO: What Were The Shiny Floating Objects Over Summit County, Colorado?

ufo Breckenridge, Another view of these weird lights over Beckenbridge, Another view of these weird lights over Beckenbridge. Ufo over Beceknbridge, Colorado
What were these three shiny lights in the sky over Beckenridge? An alien spaceship? NORAD investigates this Beckenridge UFO! The cause of these lights caught by...

Missing Student Mass Grave? Mass Grave Discovered in Iguala Where 43 Students Went Missing On 27 September

mass grave mexico, mass grave iguala, missing students Iguala in mass grave, student protests iguala, iguala mass grave - missing students?, Does this mass grave found near Iguala, Mexico contains bodies of Mexican students that disappeared on September 27, 2014 during protests?
I know that the Mexican police is corrupted. But if this is true, it's horrifying! Indeed a mass grave has been found on the outskirts...

Didymo Invasion: The Mysterious Green Snot Is Clogging Up The World’s Rivers And Puzzling Scientists

Didymo, algae, didymo algae, didymo invasive algae, dydimo threat, rivers threaten by didymo, Didymo covers rocks in British Columbia
It began with a few small strange patches of slime, clinging to the rocks of the Heber River in Canada. Within a year, the patches...

American Sniper – Real-Life Drama Of Navy SEAL Chris Kyle By Clint Eastwood

American Sniper, Navy SEAL Chris Kyle, American Sniper film, American Sniper trailer, American Sniper film, American Sniper clint eastwood, Chris Kyle, best us sniper, Bradley Cooper portrays real-life Navy SEAL Chris Kyle in ‘American Sniper.’
Discover the trailer for the new Clint Eastwood drama: American Sniper. This film highlights the real-life of a Navy SEAL named Chris Kyle and the impacts the military duties have...

Alan Henning Has Been Killed By Islamic State (VIDEO)

Alan Henning, Alan Henning ISIS, Alan Henning IS murder, Alan Henning crime, Alan Henning beheaded, Alan Henning killed, Alan Henning 'killed by Islamic State'
A video purporting to show UK hostage Alan Henning being beheaded has been released by Islamic State militants. The Salford taxi driver was delivering aid...

Giant Trench Discovered In Bedrock Beneath Massive Glaciers In Antarctica and Greenland

giant crack under Antarctica and Greenland glaciers, giant crack antarctica, giant crack greenland bedrock, giant crack under ice, ice covered cracks discovered in Antarctica and greenland, Giant crack in the bedrock beneath the Jakobshavn Glacier in Greenland.
A previously unknown ice-covered giant trench has been discovered in the bedrock hidden beneath two massive glaciers in Greenland and Antarctica. The gaping features were revealed...

Haunting Sky Phenomena: Lunar Coronas Form Rings Around The Moon

lunar corona, lunar coronas, rings around the moon, moon rings, moon halo, halo around the moon, Multiple Ringed Lunar Corona, Multiple Ringed Lunar Corona photographed by Lauri Kangas on October 2, 2014 @ Fort Frances, Ontario, Canada
Lunar coronas are haunting sky phenomena that create rings around the moon. And as the Moon is waxing full, it's a good time to look...

Weather Phenomena: Freak Russian Hurricane Tosses Man 30ft In The Air (VIDEO)

russian hurricane, sevastopol hurricane, sevastopol hurricane video, sevastopol hurricane man video, Sevastopol storm, Sevastopol hurricane video, HURRICANE WINDS THROW RUSSIAN MAN 30 FEET INTO CONCRETE STEPS (VIDEO)
This is the terrifying moment a freak Russian hurricane tosses a man 30ft in the air into concrete steps! A hurricane recently whipped threw the...