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Garbage Man is Missing! Mountain of Rubbish Covers Streets of Xi’an, China

Garbage covering the streets of Xi'an, in China. , garbage city china, garbage problem china, littering problem china, rubbish removal problem china, china rubbish removal, Garbage covering the streets of Xi'an, in China.
Where is the garbage man in Xi'an, the capital of Shaanxi province! The trash bins, the streets and the playgounds are filled up with rubbish! Are the garbage removal...

Ancient Monster Discovered in Siberian River Mystifies Scientists (VIDEO)

ancient monster siberia, ancient monster siberia discovered in Siberia, siberia monster river, river siberia monster, smilling monster siberia, Fisherman in Siberia claim to have found remarkably intact remains of an ancient lizard (shown). They supposedly found the crocodile-like head while on a fishing trip. And when they sent photos to experts they were told it was likely a lizard or dinosaur from 150 million years ago, anacient lizard found in siberian river, ancient skull in russian river
The mystery around the ancient monster, crocodile-like skull found during a fishing trip in the Yamal Peninsula deepens as a new video emerges. Experts express...

Cloud Pictures: Roll Cloud Photographed over Venice, Florida

roll clouds, roll cloud, cloud pictures, cloud photo, roll cloud florida, roll clouds venice florida 2014, roll clouds over venice florida september 2014 photo, roll clouds photo, roll clouds image, roll cloud, arcus cloud, what is a roll cloud, Picture of roll clouds over venice florida on September 23, 2014 by Erik Knudsen
Dramatic cloud pictures in the sky of Venice, Florida. Look at this roll cloud photos captured on September 23, 2014 Onlookers snapped dramatic photos of a...

Arctic Sea Ice Reaches Minimum Extent for 2014

arctic sea ice, arctic sea ice 2014, 2014 Arctic Sea Ice Minimum Sixth Lowest on Record, arctic sea ice minimum, arctic sea ice minimum 2014, arctic sea ice decrease 2014, 2014 Arctic Sea Ice Minimum Sixth Lowest on Record, arctic sea ice minimum, arctic sea ice minimum 2014
Arctic sea ice acts as an air conditioner for the planet, reflecting energy from the sun. On September 17, the Arctic ice cover reached its...

Landslide Video: Motorcyclist Escapes Landslide in Costa Rica

landslide video, landslide video youtube, landslide, landslide film, landslide
This is a truly freaky landslide video! In the last few days very heavy rainfall in Costa Rica has triggered extensive landsliding. This video shows...

Sea Creatures: ‘Unicorn of the Sea’ – Strange and Giant Deep-Sea Glow Worm

Sea Creature, Sea Creatures, 'Unicorn of the Sea', Sea Creatures 'Unicorn of the Sea', giant worm unicorn, underwater unicorn, unicorn sea creature, unicorn of the sea sea creatures, Huge deep-sea glow worm called the 'Unicorn of the Sea' grows to size of two double-decker buses. Photo: Eaglehawk Dive Centre
This is one of the weirdest sea creatures I know! Rare images of the Pyrostremma spinosum, also known as 'Unicorn of the Sea' were captured...

Natural Disasters: Timelapse Video of Meadow Fire in Yosemite National Park

Meadow Fire, meadow wildfire, meadow fire photos, photos of meadow fire, apocalyptic photo of yosemite national park wildfire, Yosemite National Park Wildfire
Besides the extreme drought, The Meadow fire is one of the most tragic natural disasters sweeping across California these days. And this timelapse video of...

Supersonic flight: Watch a Space Rocket going Sonic (VIDEO)

Supersonic flight, sonic boom, sonic boom rocket, sonic boom video rocket launch, rocket sonic boom, space rocket sonic boom, Watch a Space Rocket going Sonic, Supersonic flight: Watch a Space Rocket going Sonic (VIDEO), Shockwaves in the sky are visible part way through the launch when Atlas V rocket breaks the sound barrier, Solar Dynamics Observatory Atlas V Launch
This amazing video illustrates sonic booms and supersonic flights. Watch the Atlas V rocket launch until the end. The shockwave phenomena is AMAZING! Sound travels at...

Largest Lunar Meteor Impact on September 11 2013 (VIDEO)

lunar impact september 11 2013, lunar impact september 11, september 11 lunar impact, A large lunar impact blast on 2013 September 11, impact on moon on september 11, september 11 lunar impact, lunar impact video, lunar impact video september 11, Amazing video of lunar impact blast on 11th September 2013 by spanish astronomer Jose Maria Madiedo. 
A Meteor impact? On September 11 2013, astronomers spotted a bright flash of light on the moon. According to new data, this mysterious light resulted...

Pacu Fish Back in US Waters

pacu fish, pacu, pacu fish photo, testicle-biting fish, pacu fish testicule, pacu fish photo, The human-like teeth of the pacu fish. Photo: Wikipedia
Pacu fish are sometimes caught in US waters. Pretty weird when you know they are native of South America. US lakes and ponds normally contains trout, bass...

Cloud Seeding: Weather Modification Used by NASA to Battle California Drought

cloud seeding, cloudseeding, weather modification, chemtrails, drone cloud seeding, drought cloud seeding, This image explaining cloud seeding shows the chemical either silver iodide or dry ice being dumped onto the cloud, which then becomes a rain shower. The process shown in the upper-right is what is happening in the cloud and the process of condensation to the introduced chemicals.
Cloud seeding is a form of weather modification! And it is being used by NASA and officials in drought prone areas (nowadays California) to get...

UFO Sightings: Mysterious Alien Spaceship Cloud Spotted Moving Over Portsmouth

ufo sightings, UFO sightings Portsmouth, What is this weird silver object in the sky of Portsmouth?UFO spaceship, alien spaceship, alien in Portsmouth, Portsmouth alien
UFO sightings over Portsmouth? At least, the Met Office say it ISN'T a cloud! So what is this mysterious object flying above Portsmouth at dusk...

Real Aliens? Unidentified Green Mystery Eggs on Sydney Beach Baffle Scientists

These mystery balls look like real aliens eggs!, oddity, algae, alien balls algae, mysterious alien balls, unknown algae phenomenon, round algae, alien egg algae, What are these mysterious alien balls that washed on Sydney's beach?, These green balls are most probably a rare sponge-like organism. It is however unknown why they form egg balls!
Are these eggs from real aliens? Or is it simply another weird natural phenomena? At least scientists cannot tell yet where did these unidentified green...

Lightning Strikes: Two Hours of Lightning Bolts Compressed For Thunderstruck Audiotrack

This amazing lightning strikes video compiles lightning bolts flashes of a 2 hour lightning storm. It is now used as graphic equaliser elements for the audiotrack...

Baby Swan: Cygnet Rescued From Fence (Video)

This baby swan (cygnet) stuck in a fence was rescued live on camera! Swans are very protective parents. The male swan, called the ‘cob’, can...

Meteor: Suspected Meteorite Fall in Xonacatlán Township, State of Mexico – UFO?

meteor, meteorite, fireball, ufo, meteorite mexico, meteor mexico, fireball mexico, meteor touch down, Suspected meteorite touch down in Mexico. Residents report a noisy unidentified object falling from the sky. What could it be?, Suspected meteorite touch down in Mexico. Residents report a noisy unidentified object falling from the sky. What could it be? Archive photo of an undetermined meteor by Desconocido
A meteor probably touched the ground in Xonacatlán Township, State of Mexico. The meteorite has been seen falling from the skies by residents of the...

Transformer Explosion during Ligthning Storm in Gijón, Spain

This is a video of an impressive transformer explosion during a lightning storm in Gijón, Spain I don't know where the lightning struck... on an...

Giant Anaconda Snake Found In Brazilian River

anaconda snake, giant anaconda snake, giant anaconda, anaconda, This giant anaconda snake was killed in Yasuni National Park, Ecuador on April 14, 2014. Photo: Franz Wilhmer
This is incredible! Watch this giant anaconda snake found in a Brazilian river! Could it be the largest anaconda beast ever found in Brazil? This snake...

Earthquake Map: Dangerous US Earthquake Hot Spots Beyond California

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This earthquake map shows that California isn’t the only state with a serious earthquake hazard. There are several lesser-known fault zones striking other parts of...

Blood Red Water After Dye Factory Spills Industrial Waste in China

red water, red water photo, red water pollution, red water contamination, water pollution photo, bllod red water, The water and the soil turned red after a dye company released its industrial wastewater on September 15 2014. Photo: REUTERS/Stringer
And it has happened again in China. Red Water and soil after an old dye factory spilled its waste in Henan, China. And the heavy...

Giant Sinkhole Almost Swallows Taxi in Zhengzhou, China

sinkhole, taxi sinkhole, sinkhole swallows taxi, taxi in sinkhole, A taxi stuck in a giant sinkhole in Zhengzhou, Henan province, China
Two giant sinkholes opened up in Zhengzhou! One almost swallowed a taxi passing by! People trying to push a taxi which was stuck after a road collapsed in...

Medicine Lake Mystery: Every Fall This Lake Mysteriously Drains in Underwater Sinkholes

Medicine lake, Medicine lake mystery, Medicine lake oddity, Medicine lake jasper, Medicine lake mystery jasper national park, Medicine lake mystery in Jasper National Park, Canada. In summer, the lake is full of melting water. Photo: flickr
The scenic Medicine Lake in Jasper National Park, Canada is not what we can call a normal mountain lake. Every fall, its water is literally...

Climate Change: Photos of our Changing and Warming World

climate change, photos of climate chnages, climate change photos, take action photos, photos of warming and changing world
Climate change is here. But, it may be hard to tell. Watch these amazing photos of a Warming World! And then decide wether or not...

Japan Earthquake: The ground moving and opening up! Crazy!

This video of the Japan earthquake on 3-11-2011 shows actually the ground moving and opening up. Amazing! Yes, see the ground actually open up and...

Volcano: Discover the World’s Most Massive, Tallest and Highest Volcanoes

Mauna Kea, Mauna Kea volcano, Mauna Kea tallest volcano in the world, Mauna Kea is the tallest volcano on Earth and its summit hosts the world's highest observatory. Photo: Wikipedia, largest volcano, largest volcano around the world, world largest volcano, Which Volcano is the World's Largest? Three volcanoes share this title. Tamu Massif the most massive. Mauna Kea is the tallest. Ojos del Salado is the highest.
The question: Which Volcano is the World's Largest? is hard to answer. There are actually three volcanoes sharing this attribute. The underwater Tamu Massif the...

Three-eyed Calf Born in India – A Reincarnation of Shiva

three-eyed cow, three-eyed calf, three-eyed cow india, three-eyed calf india, A three-eyed calf is born in India. The cow is worshipped as reincarnation of Hindu god Shiva. Photo: Youtube screenshot
A three-eyed cow was born in India. This calf is worshipped as reincarnation of Hindu god Shiva. This three-eyed calf is being hailed as a spiritual...

A Collection of Amazing Natural Phenomena! I Love the Lenticular Clouds! You?

fire whirls, fire devil or fire tornado
A small compilation of amazing natural phenomena. Which one do you prefer? Auroras Auroras or polar lights are mesmerizing natural light display in the skies of high...

Gas Chamber Discovered by Archeologists at Sobidor Death Camp, Poland

sobidor, sobidor gas chamber, sobidor news 2014, holocaust news 2014, gas chamber found in poland 2014, sobidor gas chamber, sobidor death camp, The exact location of gas chambers at Sobibór death camp have been discovered.
The exact location of the building that housed the gas chambers at Sobibór death camp have been discovered. This is an important moment for holocaust researchers...

The Sahara Desert was Created About 7 Million Years Ago – Much Older Than Previoulsy Thought

sahara, sahara desert, Sahara desert sand dunes , how old is sahara, sahara desert formation, age of sahara desert, sahara desert age, sahara desert is older than previously thought, when did sahara form?, Beautiful sand dunes in the Sahara desert.
The Sahara Desert is much older than previously thought and was created about 7 million years ago. The drying of the Tethys Sea (progenitor of...

ICELAND IS HEATING UP: New Mud Geyser Erupts Near Gunnuhver, Iceland

mud geyser, mud geyser erupts in Iceland, mud geyser iceland, iceland mud geyser, erupting mud geyser iceland, This new mud geyser erupted near Gunnuhverin Iceland. Photo: Olgeir Andrésson
A new mud geyser has formed near Gunnuhver mud spring in Reykjanes peninsula, Southwest Iceland. The clay is flying 20 to 30 feet in the...