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Mysterious lights and loud booms baffle residents around the Bundaberg region, Australia

What were the bright flashes and loud bangs reported by baffled residents around the Bundaberg region on August 4, 2015? A mysterious boom caused houses to...
fireball argentina july 30 2015, green fireball argentina, Fireball turns sky green over Argentina, El meteorito que iluminó el cielo de Buenos Aires, meteorite buenos aires, meteor buenos aires video, argentina fireball july 2015 video

Giant fireball disintegrates above Argentina lighting up the sky green

A giant fireball was seen disintegrating within a few seconds in the sky over Argentina. While passing by the meteor colored the sky green. Awesome! The mindblowing...

Fireball strikes over Calar Alto Astronomical Observatory during the evening twilight

This fireball got so bright that is was recorded during daytime by cameras placed on Calar Alto Astronomical Observatory in Spain. The meteor strike, most probably produced...
148 fireball usa june 9 2015, 148 fireballs detected by NASA on June 9 2015, all-sky cameras detect 148 fireballs on June 9 2015

Over 148 fireballs detected by NASA all-sky cameras on June 9 2015

What the heck is going on! On June 9, 2015, about 148 fireballs were detected by the network of NASA all-sky cameras. So did you hear any...
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Large fireball explosion responsible for mystery booms reported in Puerto Rico

A large fireball exploded in a loud sonic boom in the sky of Puerto Rico on May 31, 2015. The mystery boom reported by baffled...
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Meteor sonic booms responsible for mysterious bangs in New Zealand

What were the mysterious booms over Omanawa, New Zealand on Tuesday, May 19, 2015? They may be meteor sonic booms as two were seen at...

Strange metallic noises heard in Wisconsin in April 2015 – What could they be?

What is the source of this strange metallic noise? Is it someone clashing two pieces of metal together or a sign of the upcoming apocalypse? As...
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Mysterious booms and rumblings baffle residents of Southern Wisconsin

A strange roaring sound was felt by residents of Beloit, Milton, Evansville, Albany, Monticello and Monroe as well as Janesville in southern Wisconsin on...
zone of silence, La Zona Del Silencio, zone of silence mexico,mystery, strange zone of silence, zone of silence, La Zona Del Silencio, extrano La Zona Del Silencio, Zona Del Silencio

The Mysterious Zone of Silence or Zona del Silencio lost in the desert of...

Like most people, I enjoy nothing more than hearing about impossible sounding tales of earthly anomalies, paranormal phenomenon, the "unknown" and so on. One of...
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Bright fireball explodes in the sky of Slovakia and Hungary

Watch the amazing moment a large meteor disintegrates over a city in Slovakia before disappearing in a flash of light. The ‘out-of-this-world’ event was spotted...
Wisconsin skydiving plane collision, Wisconsin skydiving plane collision video, update, Wisconsin skydiving plane collision news

Skydivers Jump to Safety After Plane Collision (video)

This is the terrifying moment when two planes carrying a total of 9 skydivers collided mid air, 12,000 feet above Superior, Wisconsin.
meteorite crater australia, largest meteorite crater australia outback, largest meteorite impact crater found in Australia outback, largest impact crater found in Australia outback

Imagine this asteroid impacting Earth right now! Terrifying!

This meteorite impact zone in Australia may be the largest ever found. The impact zone discovered in the Australian outback - about 300 million years...
meteor perth march 2015, meteor perth australia march 2015, meteor Gidegannup march 2015, meteor perth Gidegannup march 2015

Fireball strikes through sky over Gidegannup in Perth Hills, Australia (Video)

A bright white fireball flashed across Perth skies on March 8, 2015. According to a geology expert this was likely a pretty big chunk of...
meteor sonic boom florida february 2015, meteor loud boom florida february 2015, meteor explosion shakes houses in Florida, florida fireball sonic boom february 2015, huge meteor explodes over florida with sonic boom, florida meteor explosion february 22 2015, Taken from the 59th street pier in Ocean City, New Jersey at 5:00 am on February 16, 2015. This meteor was bright green and lit up the sky for a few seconds, traveling downwards towards the horizon over open ocean. It was to the right of a rising milky way and crescent moon. © Jennifer Khordi

Huge Fireball Explodes With Sonic Boom Over Florida Shaking Houses And Windows

Another huge fireball has been observed disintegrating in the sky of Florida on February 22, 2015. And there were unusually high number of sonic reports associated...
meteor fireball pittsburgh february 2015.meteor pittsburgh 2015, meteor fireball pittsburgh february 2015, fireball meteor usa 2015,

Pittsburgh Meteor Explosion Video: Amazing!

A bright fireball and delayed loud booms were seen and heard near Pittsburgh on February 17th. The AMS has received over 120 eye witness reports...
Blue snow russia, mysterious Blue snow russia, mystery Blue snow russia, blue snow chelyabinsk, mystery blue snow chelyabinsk, blue snow russia photo, Mystery blue snow covers Chelyabinsk, Russia and baffles residents and officials in February 2015

Mysterious Blue Snow Baffles Residents And Officials Of Chelyabinsk

After the giant fireball explosion of 2013, residents of Chelyabinsk are facing blue snow! Yes! The city streets are covered by a strange bluish snow. What...
wellington mysterious explosion january 2015, wellington unexplained explosion january 2015, wellington harbour nz, mystery explosion wellington, unexplained explosion wellington, wellington explosion, wellington mysterious explosion january 2015

Meteor Explodes Over Wellington During Sonic Boom

What was this mysterious explosion that shook houses in Wellington on January 26, 2015? A gas cylinder? Or perhaps a bomb? And what about Superman farting? Nobody...
fireball meteor russia january 18 2015, ufo sightings january 18 2015, ufo sightings january 2015, meteor russia january 18 2015, fireball video january 18 2015

UFO Sightings: Mysterious Fireball Explodes Across The Sky Of Eastern Russia (VIDEO)

This morning, a still mysterious fireball-like object lit up the sky over Russian Far East! The unidentified flying object left a long trail of white...
megacryometeor, megacryometeor chicago january 2015, mysterious megacryometeor chicago january 2015, megacryometeor chcago video 2015, megacryometeor Chunk of Ice Falls From Sky Mysteriously Crashing Through Chicago Man's Ceiling

Megacryometeor? Mysterious Huge Chunk Of Ice Falls Out Of The Sky, Crashes Through Roof...

It's so cold in Chicago that the sky is falling. Well, just sort of! John Conners was stupefied as he came back from work and...

Just Another Fireball Exploding… This Time Over Bucharest, Romania. Watch Amazing Videos Of This...

A meteor has exploded in the skies of Bucharest on January 7, 2014 Watch the following great videos of the bright fireball that probably created...
A giant meteor was seen striking the sky from Maine to Maryland on December 29, 2014. Watch the great dash cam video by Pete Czech, fireball video december 29 2014, Dash Cam video of meteor sightings over NJ on December 29, 2014, fireball, meteor, fireball meteor, fireball dash cam video december 29 2014, latest meteor sightings december 2014, meteor sightings Massachusetts, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, fireball meteor december 29 2014 USA NJ, NY, Maine

Massive Fireball Meteor Strikes in the Sky From Maine to Maryland – Dash Cam...

Did you see this massive fireball meteor flying over your head? More than 200 people from Maine to Maryland reported seeing "a bright fireball" in...
sverdlovsk russian meteor explosion, sverdlovsk russian meteor explosion video, sverdlovsk russian meteor explosion photo, sverdlovsk russian meteor explosion november 2014, Something exploded in the sky over the Sverdlovsk region in Russia, Something exploded in the sky over the Sverdlovsk region in Russia november 2014 video

Mysterious Explosion in the Sky Over the Sverdlovsk Region in Russia (VIDEO) – November...

Russia hasn't only mysterious sinkholes forming in permafrost. Sometimes unexplained and mysterious explosion lights up the sky as shown on these creepy Youtube videos. So what created this mysterious...
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Did You See Them? Meteors Explode Over Boa Vista and Ontario (VIDEOS)

Did you see these two meteors explode over Boavista (Brazil) and Longlac (Ontario, Canada)? This isn't unusual. We are currently in an active transition phase between the...
fireball explosion utah october 2014, meteor utah october 2014, us fireball october 2014, utah fireball october 2014, october 2014 ufo meteor utah, utah meteor october 2014 video, video utah fireball october 2014, This bright meteor exploded over Murray, Utah on October 2 2014 at around 4:30am. Watch the videos

Fireball Explosion Filmed Over Utah – October 2014

This fireball explosion occurred on October 2 2014 over Murray, Utah. Luckily, it was caught on tape by the surveillance camera of Family Valdez. So...
meteor, fireball, meteor southern california, meteor oregon, meteor southern california and oregon september 2014, meteor southern california and oregon video, Did you hear a loud boom? A huge meteor lit up the sky over Southern California and Oregon on September 12, 2014.

Mysterious Light: Meteor strikes over Southern California and Oregon

What was this mysterious light in the sky? Comet? White glow? Strange streak in the sky? Bright orange light? Aliens? UFO? – the rumors...
asteroid vs earth, asteroid encounter, asteroid earth encounter, asteroid close call september 2014, Asteroid Earth Encounter: A large space rock named 2014 RC will buzz over New Zealand at 6:18 a.m. local time (2:18 p.m. EDT, Sunday).

Asteroid Earth Encounter: Chelyabinsk-Like Rock To Buzz Earth on Sunday

Asteroid Earth Encounter: A large space rock will buzz over New Zealand at 6:18 a.m. local time (2:18 p.m. EDT, Sunday). So get your telescopes...
meteor explosion corsica august 2014, meteor explodes over corsica august 30 2014, mysterious boom lights up the corsican sky august 29 2014, corsica meteor explosion august 2014, mysterious explosion, mystery booms, meteor explosion, meteor explosion corsica august 2014, According to witness a large fireball exploded over Corsica lighting up the sky on August 29 2014. Stock photo only for representative purposes (not the actual bolide)

Mysterious Explosion Lights Up The Sky Of Corsica – Meteor Disintegration?

What was this mysterious explosion reported over Corsica on August 30 2014? According to witnesses, the loud boom lit up the sky. Was it a...
fireball, meteor, toronto fireball, toronto fireball meteor, toronto meteor, toronto fireball august 21 2014, A fireball was caught on a dash cam over Toronto. Nice shot. Photo: Youtube video

Toronto Fireball: Bright Meteor Lights Up Sky Over Ontario (VIDEO) – August 21 2014

Toronto fireball: A bright meteor was caught on dash-cam while flying over the Don Valley Parkway. This green ball of fire appeared at around 10...
meteor vancouver, meteor, fireball, meteor photo, fireball photo, meteor vancouver, fireball vancouver, fireball vancouver august 2014, meteor fireball, A meteor exploded over Vancouver on August 18, 2014. Photo for representational purposes found on Wiki Commons

Vancouver Fireball: Large Meteor Explodes Over Vancouver – Sonic Boom

Vancouver fireball? Yes, a large meteor exploded over Vancouver, on August 18 2014 at 10:15 p.m. According to numerous witness reports, a bright object and...
Perseids Fireball, perseids fireball 2014, loud booms sri lanka fireball, fireball creates loud booms in sri lanka, strange light in the sky sri lanka perseids 2014, perseids fireball 2014 Sri Lanka, A Perseids Fireball was witnessed in Sri Lanka on August 11 2014. Photo used for representational purposes.

Perseids Fireball Creates Mystery Booms In Sri Lanka

Strange light and loud booms from the sky reported in A'pura, Sri Lanka. Although the origin is still unknown, a Perseids fireball creates mystery booms in...