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Two Amazing Fireballs Over The Midwest After Christmas 2013

Huge fireballs are dramatic events and can really be stunning. In the span of two days, just after Christmas 2013, the U.S. Midwest was treated...

Great Video About The Alabama Fireball Explosion of September 9 2013

Here another view of the great meteor explosion that occurred over Birmingham, Alabama and which was reported from Georgia to Tennessee on September 9...

Huge Fireball Flies Across The Sky Over San Luis Potosi in Mexico – August...

The following videos were all recorded on the same day and point out a huge meteor rocketing in the sky in the region of...
Mammatus clouds over northeast South Dakota

Amazing Cloud Atlas: Fantastic Cloud Photos Present the Variety of Clouds in Our Sky

Clouds are magical and sometimes take fantastic forms. If your knowledge of clouds only extends to 'dull and grey' or 'white and fluffy', then prepare...
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The Unexplained Light and Strange Sound Phenomenon over Finland was a Fireball Explosion –...

An unusual light and sound phenomenon that was sighted in Finnish skies in early May has been confirmed as a fireball, in other words...
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Loud Fireball Explosion Reported in North Kanto Area, Japan – January 20 2013

January 20 2013 - Japan. Meteors are observed almost everyday. However a good quality footage of such events is very rare although more and...

Strange Sounds Compilation: USA, Canada, Australia – January 11-13 2013

From comments or from the facebook page. Thank you for your help! January 13 2013. Many of us here in freeport Illinois heard and saw...
hollywood explosion, hollywood, explosion, unexplained explosion in hollywood, Unexplained loud explosion in North Hollywood, California, January 08 2013

Unexplained loud explosion in North Hollywood, California, January 08 2013

January 08 2013 - North Hollywood, California. Still nothing is known about the explosion that jolted North Hollywood on Tuesday night. The loud booms...

The Strange Sounds from Earthquakes

It is known that volcanoes, hurricanes and meteors produce infrasonic booms. A new study from the Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico reports...

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