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fireball new zealand video february 11 2015, fireball sonic boom nz february 11 2015, meteor video new zealand feb 11 2015, meteor explosion new zealand february 2015 video, Loud exploding fireball lights up New Zealand sky, Did you also see and heard this amazing exploding fireball in the sky of North Island, mystery boom New Zealand on February 11, 2015., fireball explodes over New Zealand, north island boom was a meteor, meteor goes sonic over New Zealand, new zealand meteor video february 2015, meteor nz february 2015, Watch the video of this sky event!

Exploding Fireball Lights Up The Sky Over North Island, New Zealand

Residents of North Island have reported bright lights and mysterious booms on February 11, 2015. The exploding fireball, described as white and orange to green and...

Just Another Fireball Exploding… This Time Over Bucharest, Romania. Watch Amazing Videos Of This...

A meteor has exploded in the skies of Bucharest on January 7, 2014 Watch the following great videos of the bright fireball that probably created...
Loud Bang Manchester november 25 2014, mystery 'explosion' in Manchester, mystery 'explosion' in Manchester and salford november 25 2014, mystery boom, manchester boom 2014, salford boom 2014, mystery explosion manchester and salford 2014, mystery 'explosion' in Manchester, strange sounds, mystery booms manchester november 2014, mystery booms salford november 2014, loud bang salford nov 2014, boom uk nov 2014, manchester boom 2014, salford boom 2014, mystery explosion manchester and salford 2014, mystery 'explosion' in Manchester and Salford - November 25 2014

Loud Bang in Manchester Baffle Officials and Residents

Did you hear a loud band and/or mysterious explosion across parts of Manchester and Salford, yesterday night? Hundreds reported the booming noise but its source remains...
fireball explosion utah october 2014, meteor utah october 2014, us fireball october 2014, utah fireball october 2014, october 2014 ufo meteor utah, utah meteor october 2014 video, video utah fireball october 2014, This bright meteor exploded over Murray, Utah on October 2 2014 at around 4:30am. Watch the videos

Fireball Explosion Filmed Over Utah – October 2014

This fireball explosion occurred on October 2 2014 over Murray, Utah. Luckily, it was caught on tape by the surveillance camera of Family Valdez. So...
crater utah pond, crater forms in pond in Utah, farmers and scientists baffled by mystery crater in irrigation pond in utah, mystery crater in uthat pond baffles scientists and farmers, Mystery Crater In Utah Pond Baffles Farmers And Scientists. Photo: the bottom collapse from above: Photo: Video

Mystery Crater In Utah Pond Baffles Farmers And Scientists

What is this mystery crater that openend up at the bottom of an irrigation pond in rural Utah? Scientists and farmers are baffled! CIRCLEVILLE, Piute County,...
This 20-inches diameter stone landed This chunk landed on the forecourt of a house. Stones were still warm even hours after the explosion. Photo: Pesse

Flying Stones: Loud Explosion At Swiss Steel Plant Sends Glowing Rocks In The Sky

A resident of Gerlafingen in Solothurn was waken up by loud booms and glowing red rocks in the sky! What the heck was that? UFO?...
This cloud looks really weird. Meteor over Chile on July 7 2014. Photo: Facebook, The meteor was observed from Santiago de Chile to San Antonio (port). Photo: Facebook, A huge fireball produced these elongated clouds in the sky of Chile on July 7, 2014. Photo: Facebook, Estrella de luz cruza el cielo de Valparaíso en Chile, meteor, fireball, meteor july 2014, fireball july 2014, fireball valparaiso july 2014, meteor santiago chile july 2014, meteor san antonia chile july 2014, huge meteor cloud chile july 2014, meteor chile video july 2014, meteor fireball lights up the sky of chile july 2014, meteor fireball chile july 2014 video, video of giant fireball over chile july 7 2014, strange sky phenomenon, booming sky: meteor in valparaiso july 2014 video, En chile esta imagen de una estrella de luz cruzando el cielo de san Antonio en la región de val paraíso causo preocupación entre los habitantes del lugar; la dirección meteorológica de ese país aseguro que se podría tratar de un meteorito, los expertos descartaron que ese objeto allá impactado en alguna zona, pues consideran que pudo consumirse durante el recorrido, bola de fuego chile july 2014,

Huge Fireball Leaves Strange Clouds Over Chile – July 7 2014

Residents of San Antonio, Chile were surprised by a large meteor fireball flying over their heads. But, first, they believed they were being visited by extraterrestrials. How...
Residents of SE Australia were stunt by a mysterious fireball falling from the sky on July 10 2014. It was space junk. Photo: Twitter User @RegularSteven, Bright meteor (or space junk) lights up skies over Australia July 10 2014, Mysterious Space Junk Fireball Goes Sonic Over Australia on July 10 2014, Mysterious Space Junk Fireball lights up the sky of australia july 10 2014, fireball australia july 10 2014, space debris fireball australia july 10 2014, fireball space debris australia july 10 2014, space debris australia july 10 2014, mysterious firaball meteor over australia july 10 2014, mysterious fireball australia july 2014, fireball sydney july 2014, space junk australia july 10 2014, space junk fireball over se australia july 10 2014,

Mysterious Space Junk Fireball Goes Sonic Over Australia – July 10 2014

'Meteor' which lit-up the Australian sky may have been space junk from a weather satellite launched 10,000km away in Kazakhstan Shocked Australians believed they were witnessing...
lightning strike One World Trade Center May 23 2014 photo, photo of lightning strike One World Trade Center May 23 2014, lightning strike One World Trade Center May 23 2014, thunderstorms New York May 23 2014, lightning one trade center may 23 2014, lightning storm NY may 23 2014, lightning world trade center NY may 23 2014, Two bolts of lightning strike One World Trade Center May 24 2014. Photo: Two bolts of lightning strike One World Trade Center May 24 2014

Two lightning bolts strike One World Trade Center in New York on May 23...

Well, I believe you guys in New York weren't able to watch the first ever Camelopardalid meteor shower TONIGHT, as your sky was pretty much cloudy. Am...
HAARP weapon Alaska usa

HAARP Shutdown In Alaska: Are Strange Sounds Finally Going To Stop?

On May 14, 2014, the US Air Force gave official notice that it would dismantle the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) in Gakona,...

Did you hear a STRANGE HUMMING SOUND in Victoria, BC?

People are asking me, but what is this weird humming and rumbling noise that I am hearing in Victoria, BC on April 29, 2014?...

Trumpet Sounds in the Sky 2008-2018

The strange sounds from the sky started back in 2008 and are still recorded today in 2015 on...
fireball iowa december 2013, fireball midwest dec 2013, fireball explosion midwest dec 2013fireball real and fake picture, The Netherlands 2009 fireball vs fake Iowa fireball 2013

Two Amazing Fireballs Over The Midwest After Christmas 2013

Huge fireballs are dramatic events and can really be stunning. In the span of two days, just after Christmas 2013, the U.S. Midwest was treated...

Great Video About The Alabama Fireball Explosion of September 9 2013

Here another view of the great meteor explosion that occurred over Birmingham, Alabama and which was reported from Georgia to Tennessee on September 9...

Huge Fireball Flies Across The Sky Over San Luis Potosi in Mexico – August...

The following videos were all recorded on the same day and point out a huge meteor rocketing in the sky in the region of...
Mammatus clouds over northeast South Dakota

Amazing Cloud Atlas: Fantastic Cloud Photos Present the Variety of Clouds in Our Sky

Clouds are magical and sometimes take fantastic forms. If your knowledge of clouds only extends to 'dull and grey' or 'white and fluffy', then prepare...
fireball and loud booms made by fireball over finland may 2013, fireball finland may 2013, fireball, meteor, meteorite, fireball finland, meteor finland, meteorite finland, fireball finland may 2013, meteor finland may 2013, meteorite finland may 2013

The Unexplained Light and Strange Sound Phenomenon over Finland was a Fireball Explosion –...

An unusual light and sound phenomenon that was sighted in Finnish skies in early May has been confirmed as a fireball, in other words...
meteor, fireball, meteorite, meteor explosion, sky, sky noise, sonic boom, meteorite fall, January 2013

Loud Fireball Explosion Reported in North Kanto Area, Japan – January 20 2013

January 20 2013 - Japan. Meteors are observed almost everyday. However a good quality footage of such events is very rare although more and...

Strange Sounds Compilation: USA, Canada, Australia – January 11-13 2013

From comments or from the facebook page. Thank you for your help! January 13 2013. Many of us here in freeport Illinois heard and saw...
hollywood explosion, hollywood, explosion, unexplained explosion in hollywood, Unexplained loud explosion in North Hollywood, California, January 08 2013

Unexplained loud explosion in North Hollywood, California, January 08 2013

January 08 2013 - North Hollywood, California. Still nothing is known about the explosion that jolted North Hollywood on Tuesday night. The loud booms...

The Strange Sounds from Earthquakes

It is known that volcanoes, hurricanes and meteors produce infrasonic booms. A new study from the Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico reports...

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