First pictures: Fissure eruption at Meradalir volcano, Iceland!

New volcanic eruption in Reykjanes peninsula, Iceland on August 3 2022
For the first time since last September, when lava stopped running from Fagradalsfjall, a new fissure eruption has now started on the Reykjanes Peninsula,...

Crazy grapefruit-sized hail smash cars in parts of Alberta in terrifying videos and pictures

Let's talk about geoengineering! Following a string of intense weather events taking place in Alberta over the last month, central and southern parts of the...

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Mysterious metallic ORB, emblazoned with secret code falls on Mexico – May contain ‘valuable information

Mysterious metallic orb falls from the sky in Mexico
Just 3 weeks after a mysterious pillar of light appeared in the sky over Veracruz, a prominent meteorologist says that a bizarre metal “orb”...

Bern, Switzerland: Diphtheria outbreak at asylum center – fatal disease last seen in 1983 – Over 180 people in quarantine

Diphtheria outbreak in Bern, Switzerland
This was a terrible surprise for me! I live in Bern, Switzerland, just about 1km (0.62 mile) away from the center... Several cases of diphtheria...

Flash floods close roads into Death Valley National Park while more than 35 people died in Kentucky floods … And hundreds still missing!

Floods slam Death Valley, Mojave National Preserve
Some roads in and out of Death Valley National Park have been closed after they were inundated over the weekend with mud and debris...

Gigantic 82ft-wide, 650ft-deep sinkhole appears near small town in Chile (videos and pictures)

Giant sinkhole opens up out of nowhere in Chile mining city
An enormous sinkhole linked to a copper mine in northern Chile which materialised this weekend has been captured in stunning new images. The 82-foot-wide hole...

Scientists finally acknowledge chemtrails = contrails in new Nature publication, stating exhaust contains a host of polluting particles, from soot to nitrogen oxides, that are worse for climate warming than CO2

It's out? It's official! Contrails are chemtrails. In the latest Nature publication, a new article highlights the effect of flying on climate change and...

At least 16 dead in eastern Kentucky in one of the worst, most devastating flooding events in the commonwealth’s history – videos and pictures

Kentucky flooding July 2022 in videos and pictures
"I do believe it will end up being one of the most significant, deadly floods that we have had in Kentucky in at least...

Sudden hailstorm buries roads and cars in Estes Park, Colorado in a foot of hail

Estes Park Colorado hail storm on July 26
Early Thursday morning, the police department of a town at the base of Rocky Mountain National Park shared photos of hail piled so high,...

Las Vegas flooding: Multiple casinos, entire Strip, airport under water as Sin City puts a flash flood and severe thunderstorm warning in place

Airports, parking lots, and the entire Las Vegas Strip, which houses some of the world's most famous casinos and hotels, were flooded Thursday night. Heavy...

Stop your propaganda! MSM says ‘Zoe’ becomes the world’s first named heat wave, but we already had Apocalypse 4800 in Italy and ‘Lucifer’ in 2021 across Europe

The climate change propaganda is all around MSM right now! And they are lying again. In the last 2 days, many newspapers claimed that the...

At least 4 dead, 60 injured and 3 feet high waves generated by powerful M7.0 earthquake in northern Philippines in pictures and videos

M7.0 earthquake hits the Philippines killing 4 and injuring 60 on July 27, 2022 - small 1-meter-high waves generated
At least four people have died and 60 others were injured by a powerful earthquake in the northern Philippines, the country's interior minister has...

Wildfires are setting off 100-year-old bombs on WWI battlefields in Slovenia

Slovenia wildfires just detonated WWI bombs
There are so many explosions due to the raging fire that officials have stopped counting them, local news reported. A wildfire is consuming Slovenia and...

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Why Do Many Pro Gamblers Enjoy American Roulette
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France on drought alert with farmers forced to reduce water use by 50% in some regions – Harvest also threatened by recurrent heatwave

The Doubs river in eastern France has dried up
Almost all of France is now on drought alert, with restrictions on water usage as the country battles an exceptionally dry summer. After record breaking...

DNA biowarfare: House Intelligence Committee member warns Americans against using DNA testing kits

DNA biowarfare: House Intelligence Committee member warns Americans against using DNA testing kits
Biosamples gathered by various DNA testing services could be sold and used to develop bioweapons specifically tailored to target certain groups or even individuals,...

A food shortage is coming, even in the U.S.! Geoengineering and the deliberate destruction of the weather, inflation and green policies are threatening the US food supply

Solar farms like this one in Andrews County, Texas, are gobbling up prime farmland. Some observers see a long-term threat to the nation’s food supply. Matthew Busch
As financial markets and media remain focused on recession timing and debate over when the Federal Reserve will flip to cutting interest rates, growing...

The US Army tried portable nuclear power at remote bases 60 years ago and it didn’t go well

Camp Century tunnels started as trenches cut into the ice of Greenland. Picture U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
In a tunnel 40 feet beneath the surface of the Greenland ice sheet, a Geiger counter screamed. It was 1964, the height of the...

Sakurajima volcano erupts violently in Japan – Level 5 alert, the highest alert possible – Evacuations (videos and pictures)

Sakurajima volcano erupts violently in Japan on July 24, 2022
The Sakurajima volcano, one of Japan's most active volcanoes, erupted Sunday evening, prompting evacuations in the country's southern island. Japan’s Meteorological Agency said Sakurajima erupted...