Loud Booms Compilation in Colorado and California, January 16 2013

Loud Booms in Colorado I live in pueblo, CO and I have heard about 6 or 7 loud booms an hour. They are very weird...

Signs of Change: Extreme Weather and Strange Sounds Compilation – January 7 to 14 2013

January 7 to 14 2013 - All Around the World. Etreme weather events carry on in 2013. Earthquakes, flooding, Strange Noises, Hum, record highs...

Scary Weird Sounds while recording Jupiter, Murrysville, Pennsylvania – January 14 2013

January 14 2013 - Murrysville, Pennsylvania. The recorder did not hear these weird noises while taping and has not added any effects to the...

Strange Sounds in the Sky, Tijuana, Mexico – January 12 2013

January 12 2013 - Tijuana, Mexico. These strange sounds from the sky were recorded in Tijuana, Mexico on the 12th of January 2013. They...

Mystery Booms in Chautauqua County related to tannerite shots – January 14 2013

January 14 2013 - Chautauqua County, USA. The mystery surrounding a loud boom that sent shock waves through Chautauqua County Sunday has been solved....

This Chinese City is Being Swallowed by Giant Sinkholes and Earth Cracks

sinkhole, sinkholes, china, Lianyuan, coal mines, coal
Lianyuan, a small town in the province of Hunan, China is being swallowed by giant sinkholes and earth cracks. They have destroyed five wells, infected...

Strange Sound Compilation from News and Newspapers: January 11-13 2013

Here I present strange sound reports released by newspapers within the 11th and 13th of January 2013. This list is probably not exhaustive. Thank you...

Giant sinkhole in Brazil swallows car – Jan 10 2013

Incredible footage. Read the article from the Examiner.com here. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

Strange Sounds Compilation: USA, Canada, Australia – January 11-13 2013

From comments or from the facebook page. Thank you for your help! January 13 2013. Many of us here in freeport Illinois heard and saw...

Scary Weird Noises from the Sky in Nyíregyháza, Hungary – January 11 2013

January 11 2013 - Nyíregyháza, Hungary. These weird noises are very scary and loud. Their origin is unknown but the recorder guesses they are...

Extreme Scary Weather: Huge Massive Red Sandstorm in Pilbara Region, Australia – January 11 2013

January 11 2013 - Pilbara Region, Australia. The Pilbara Region (Western Australia, 1,500km north of the state's capital of Perth) is experiencing a huge...

More Strange Noises in the Sky from Michigan – January 11 2013

January 11 2013 - Michigan, USA. More noise coming from outside in Michigan during heavy rain in the early morning hours of the 11th...

Were the loud booms in Tri-State related to the Peoria ADM plant explosion?

peoria,illinois, adm explosion
January 9 2013 - Peoria, Illinois. Archer Daniels Midland shut down operations Wednesday at its corn processing plant in central Illinois after an early...

Sinking Ground: Malaysia Residents fear for their safety – January 8 2013

sink hole, sinking ground, Malaysia
January 8 2013 - Taman Menglembu Berlian, Malaysia. Residents of Taman Menglembu Berlian, Malaysia are getting worried about collapsed house walls and cracks on...

NBC News: Unexplained ‘booming noises’ reported from South Carolina to California

Indiana, California, Kentucky, Illinois, Utah, South and North Carolina... Who's next? Follow us: Facebook and Twitter

Weird unexplained noise in the sky Willoughby, Ohio – January 9 2013

January 9 2013 - Willoughby, Ohio. These high-pitched weird sounds were recorded at around 11 A.M. in Ohio. They seem to be a kind...

Win a trip to Space!

space, space flight, win space flight,
Axe wants to send 22 people to Space. So try and win a trip to Space! The men's personal care product company AXE (Lynx)...

Australian wildfires: Australian family shelters in water as fire rages – Video

australia disaster, australia wildfire, wildfire in australia, wildfire 2013, australia wildfire 2013, Australian wildfires, Tammy Holmes, grandchildren take refuge in water, water refugee, water picture, family in water wildfire
An Australian grandfather saved his wife and five grandchildren by ordering them to shelter under a jetty during a bushfire. Tim Holmes's family were...

Strange Sounds from the Sky Mississauga, Ontario, Canada – January 9 2013

January 9 2013 - Mississauga, Canada. These strange sounds were recorded @ 2:15pm from the Sky of Ontario. The loud strange noise lasted around...

Recurrent loud and mystery booms in Indiana, Illinois and Kentucky (Tri State: WFIE) – January 9 2013

January 9 2013 - Indiana, Illinois and Kentucky. After tuesday evening, the Tri-State experienced again the loud explosion booms yesterday evening, the 9th of...

Loud Explosion Booms In Utah related to US Air Force B52 Bombing Tests – January 9 2013

January 9 2013 - Salt Lake City, Utah. SALT LAKE CITY — The loud and mysterious booms that shaked houses on Wednesday the 9th...

Loud Booms in Evansville, Indiana – January 09 2013

evansville boom, evansville mystery booms and rumblings, unexplained boom in evansville
Did you also hear the loud boom and rumblings around Evansville? Well, it annoyed and baffled hundreds of residents in the area! January 09 2013 -...

Unexplained loud explosion in North Hollywood, California, January 08 2013

hollywood explosion, hollywood, explosion, unexplained explosion in hollywood, Unexplained loud explosion in North Hollywood, California, January 08 2013
January 08 2013 - North Hollywood, California. Still nothing is known about the explosion that jolted North Hollywood on Tuesday night. The loud booms...

Climate Change: 2012 was the Warmest and Second Most Extreme Year for the Contiguous U.S.

US, US tornado, tornedo season, tornado warning, tornado season warning
Climate change: NOAA scientists describe the 2012 year as the warmest and second most extreme year on record for the contiguous U.S. in an...

Strange Sounds in the Sky, ZAANDAM – KALF, Holland, January 8 2013

ZAANDAM - KALF, ZAANDAM - KALF holland, strange sounds ZAANDAM - KALF, strange sounds holland, strange sounds ZAANDAM - KALF holland, Strange Sounds in the Sky, ZAANDAM - KALF, Holland
These strange noises in the sky are a good catch! Do you know what was causing them? January 8 2013 - ZAANDAM - KALF, Holland. The...

Earthquake Prediction: Are magnetic waves the solution?

Earthquake prediction? How to predict earthquakes? What methods and signals can accurately foretell quakes? These are some questions scientists try to answer since centuries...

Methane Burn-off Creates Huge ‘Ball Of Fire’, Westchester, California, USA – January 6 2013

January 6 2013 - Westchester, California. Residents of Westchester, USA, just around the Los Angeles international airport, witnessed a methane gas burn-off, shooting a...

Cracking Earth: A 3km long crack in the ground worries residents of Otumpa, Argentina

argentina, ground crack, soil crack geology crack, earthquake, heavy rains, washing
January 5 2013 - Otumpa, Argentina. A ground crack, long of about 3 km, formed through the village of Otumpa (Dept. Moreno), Argentina, which...

Strange Sounds in Salem Massachussetts, USA – January 5 2013

January 5 2013 - Salem, Massachussetts, USA. Many residents of Salem reported saturday morning at around 1:30 A.M. large booms around the center of...

Strange Sounds Compilation: USA, Canada, Germany, Argentina and Finland, January 2 to 6 2013

January 1 to 6 2013 - Around the World. Reading the next few lines, you will see you are not alone hearing these weird...