The continuous powerful noise coming from the sky recordered in Oklahoma on March 20, 2012.

People in comments to this video confirm that many of them heard the sinilar noises.

The author’s comments:

This is the second video I have gotten of this noise, as before…it sounds like a jet hovering around the house for a while then vanishes. It was at just before 1am in Oklahoma City on March 20th 2012. My camera ran out of room before I could finish recording, but I have another video from a different camera that I started recording with that gets it abruptly stopping. I also have a 3rd video from the same evening that recorded the second time this happened early morning on 3/20/12. Don’t know if this is some aircraft they are testing out, or maybe due to solar flares or storms, I just know that I only ever hear this noise late at night and it is random nights, and it is not like any other aircraft noises I hear around my house.