Loud Boom, Mysterious Booms and Explosions Sounds

What was that loud boom today? What was that loud boom just now? Did you hear the loud bangs and the explosion sound today?

Loud bangs and shaking are actually quite common around the world. But why are these loud explosion noises and rumblings being heard and felt so often around the world?

Here an updated list of mystery booms in 2020

An alien invasion? Some exploding meteors? Earthquakes? Or just signs of major Earth changes happening deep within our Planet and soon dooming the world? What are these mysterious rumbling noises?

First you should look for man-made sources like jet sonic booms (actually not permitted over inhabited areas), military and police trainings (and they will not always tell you they are guilty), underground tunnel constructions, blasting, fire, explosions (e.g., tannerite).

You may also know that earthquakes produce loud booms. So if you live in an earthquake prone area, a fracking area, or near a volcano you may experience these loud rumbling noises.

So when you don’t have quakes or volcanoes around, then probable causes are regional thunderstorms, tsunami-like waves breaking off-shore, explosive offshore methane bursts, disintegrating meteors or if you are in the desert some booming sand dunes.

But don’t forget that when earth moves and pulls apart in stretch zones, loud booms are created by the air above the areas slapping together. Most of the mystery booms and rumblings are the result of a tearing or stretching Earth. So, I would advise people living along stretch zones to keep a close check on their homes and on the sinking ground around. You may indeed experience an increase in crack and sinkhole formations.

Here we present the largest compilation of mysterious booms and rumblings reported around the world. This list is not exaustive and if you want some more, go through my posts.

Here an updated list of mystery booms in 2020. Meanwhile search this list of booms from 2019-1930.

Mystery Booms 2019

Mystery booms heard on Grand Island – Youtube

What’s up will all these booms, Mason City? – Globe Gazette

Loud bang, flash of light shocks Merseyside, England – Liverpool Echo

Terrifying explosion heard in Cheshire leaves residents shocked – Cheshire Live

Loud boom heard on December 3 in the San Juan Islands – San Juan Islander, 2

Window-shaking boom heard in Peru, Illinois – My Web Times

Mysterious thunder-like booms baffle residents of Sonoma County – Sonoma News

Loud bang shakes buildings in downtown Birmingham, UK on Nov. 19 – Birmingham Mail

The source of a loud boom and rattling reported in Wichita Saturday remains a mystery – KWCH

Loud bang rattles homes in Coventry, UK – Coventry Telegraph

Loud booms in Cabarrus County, North Carolina WSOCTV

Mysterious booms rattles Residents of Athena, Oregon. East Oregonian

Loud boom rattles residents of Scartho at 11pm in the UK. Source remains unknown. Grimsby Telegraph

Mount Vernon residents were shaken by a loud bang and 4 days later, local authorities still have no idea where the noise came from. KnoxPages

Mystery boom panics residents of Davidson, North Carolina WCNC

People have reported hearing the sound of a “loud bang” in the Highlands on Tuesday night. The noise was heard by people in and around Ullapool at about 20:00. BBC

Last night, Jackson County 911 dispatch received a handful of reports of an earth-shaking sound, but no one seems to know what caused the loud boom heard across a handful of counties. WKYT

A mysterious explosion in New York’s skies earlier this week is likely due to a meteorite falling from space, experts said on Wednesday. A Waterloo witness described the event as a “bright and fast line” that crosses the atmosphere, and “rainbow-colored radiation”. DearBorn

Loud boom after massive fire sparked by a lightning strike in Waukesha leaves 100 people homeless. NBC15

Some people heard it as a boom, some as a bang, some as a series of explosions. Adirondack Daily Enterprise

Loud ‘boom’ caused by meteor entering Earth’s atmosphere LocalSyr

What was that loud boom in northern York County Friday night? York Daily Record

Big Bangs – Mystery surrounds Glasgow ‘explosion’ as residents report hearing ‘loud bang’ in early hours of this morning The Scottisch Sun

City officials say the mystery boom came from the University of Maryland’s power plant on Baltimore Avenue. Route 1 Reporter

Mystery Booms 2017

December 28 2017, UK – Mysterious booms rattle homes in Potters Bar. WH Times

December 27 2017, USA – loud boom shakes houses in Florence County, South Carolina. WPDE

December 23 2017, USA – Loud booms in Hot Desert Spring California. CV Independent

December 18 2017, UK – Mysterious explosions in Swansea. – Walesonline

December 15 2017, USA – Loud mysterious noises shake Bakersville, California. – KernGoldEmpire

December 11 2017, USA – Unexplained explosion rattles homes in three counties in Tennessee. Herald-Citizen

December 9 2017, USA – Residents in Pasco, Hillsborough and Polk counties report a mysterious, reverberating boom that shook homes around 1:45 p.m. – TampaBay

December 7 2017, USA – MYSTERIOUS “booms” that have been shaking US cities may be caused by supersonic aircraft on secret missions. Daily Star

December 2 2017, USA – Loud meteor fireball explosion rattles homes across Pennsylvania. PennLive

November 28-29 2017, USA – Multiple mysterious explosions shake the ground and alarm people in southern Arizona. RT

November 28 2017, USA – Sonic boom rattles Caledonia, Mississippi. WCBI

November 27 2017, USA – Loud booms in George, Iowa. Kiwaradio

November 26 2017, USA – MYSTERIOUS LOUD BOOMS HEARD IN ROCKFORD, Illinois. Q985Online

November 25 2017, UK, France – Loud boom as two large fireballs exploded in the sky. SkyNews

November 22 2017, USA – Mystery booms rattle homes and windows in several towns – Lakewood, Brighton, Lochbuie, and Elizabeth – in Colorado. The Epoch Times, 41NBC

November 18 2017, USA – Loud boom shakes home in Wyandotte, Ecorse, Lincoln Park and other cities in Michigan. WXYZ

November 17 2017, Finland – Huge bang and house shaking as meteor explodes changing night into day in Lapland. Youtube

November 15 2017, USA – Loud boom shakes homes across Alabama – NASA says its a mystery. This blog

November 14 2017, USA – The mystery booms are increasing in intensity across the US in Nov. 2017: Idaho, Alabama, California, Texas, South Carolina, Florida, Louisiana, New York, Maryland, New Jersey. This blog

November 8 2017, USA – mysterious booms shake homes in Cheatham and Montgomery counties, Tennessee. Facebook

November 4 2017, USA – Mysterious explosions heard near Bend, Oregon. Facebook

November 3 2017, USA – Mysterious booms and shaking near Backus, Minnesota: Facebook post: ‘Anyone in the Backus MN area and happen to have just heard a huge boom? I doubt it’s connected to the meteor showers, but would have been quite the fireball!

November 1 and 2 2017, USA – Mysterious boom after flash of light in Bridgewater, New Jersey; Unexplained booms and shaking in San Diego, California. This blog

October 27 2017, Australia – A METEOR has lit up the sky over the Eyre Peninsula, Australia, reportedly causing the ground and buildings to shake at Port Lincoln. News.com.au

October 25 2017, USA – A loud boom and shaking baffled residents Southern New Jersey from the Shore to Burlington County. CBS local

October 20 2017, Canada – The mystery boom that shook northeast B.C. was probably a fireball. CBC

October 17 2017, USA – People in and around Southport and Oak Island, North Carolina heard and felt a loud boom that shook their homes. WECT

October 10 2017, USA – Mysterious explosion rocks Riverview near Detroit. The News Herald

September 25 2017, UK – Mysterious sonic boom rattles St Ives in Cornwall at 11 am. Pirate FM

September 22 2017, USA – Loud booms rattle houses in Temple Terrace, Florida. WTSP 

September 17 2017, USA – Loud booms after meteor explodes in the sky over Maryland, Pennsylvania but also over New York, Virginia, Delaware, New Jersey, Ohio and Massachusetts. AMS

September 7 2017, Australia – Mysterious explosion shakes homes at 10:49 PM in Moranbah. Daily Mercury

May 26 2017, UK – Loud uneplained boom mystifies Kent. Kent Online

May 24 2017, USA – Mysterious booms being heard and felt by residents in Killeen, Temple and other towns in the area – bigger explosion bang than the usual sounds of Fort Hood. KDH News

May 19 2017, USA – Loud boom rattles Merrimack Valley, Massachusetts. Eagle Tribune

May 12 2017, USA – Sharps Chapel, Tennessee residents are trying to find out who is causing the blasts that come off nearby Island F in Norris Lake and shake the windows in their homes. The Sentinel

May 11 2017, UK – Strange noises heard throughout Abergavenny, Wales last weekend. Abergavenny Chronicle

May 7 2017, USA – A sonic boom rattles Central Florida, caused by secret military mission ending at Kennedy Space Center. Youtube

April 25 2017, USA – Mystery booms rattle San Diego. Fox 5 News

April 17 2017, USA – Loud detonation in Byron Center, Michigan remains unexplained. WZZM 13 

April 15, 2017, USA – Loud booming noise rattles Grandville, Michigan. Detroit Free Press, Wood TV

April 9 2017, USA – Loud boom rocks Kennebec County, Maine. WMTW

April 3 2017, USA – Big booms reported in Big Spring, Texas. Big Spring News Facebook Page

March 30 2017, USA – Loud booms rattle houses in Hartland, Vermont. Valley News

March 26 2017, USA – Loud booming noise shakes windows near Lake View, Arizona. ABC News15

March 25 2017, Australia – Mystery surrounds the cause of a giant “explosion” in Gordonvale that was so powerful, it felt like a small-scale earthquake. The Cairns Post

March 22 2017, USA – Mystery ‘boom’ frightens residents of Kenosha, Wisconsin. Officials unable to find cause of loud noise. Kenosha News

March 13 2017, USA – Earthquake boom rattle Virginia during M2.3 tremor. WTVR

March 12 2017, USA – Strong sonic boom rattles homes in Cheektowaga, New York. Cheektowaga Chronicle

March 11 2017, USA – Shelby County, Kentucky rocked by mysterious boom. The Sentinel News

March 5 2017, Canada – Mysterious explosion rattles Gatineau, Montréal. SUN

February 27 2017, USA – Natchitoches, Louisiana is searching an explanation for a loud boom that nearly shook and rattled 50 houses. KSLA

February 13 2017, USA – Houses shaken by mysterious booms in Hamilton, Ohio. WLWT

February 12 2017, USA – Unexplained house-rattling booms baffle officials in southern Whitley, Indiana. The Post and Mail

February 10 2017, USA – Loud rattling booms shake houses in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Lancaster Online

January 30 2017, USA – Two mystery blasts baffle D.C. Sunday night. The Washington Post

January 29 2017, US – Firefighters in Fairplay, Maryland, were investigating a mysterious explosion following multiple 911 calls. Your4state, Heraldmailmedia

January 24 2017, USA – Several people across San Diego County reported hearing a loud, mysterious boom Tuesday afternoon. NBC San Diego

January 20 2017, UK – 10,000 homes lose power in Swansea as residents hear ‘loud explosion’ in Marina. Evening Post

January 19 2017, USA – Loud booms followed by a flash of pinkish light rattle homes in New Orleans on multiple occasions. WWLTV

January 18 2017, USA – Mysterious booms rattle Mount Holly, North Carolina. ABC News

January 16 2017, UK – Loud rumbling felt as earthquake hits Wales. Wales Online

January 16 2017, UK – Huge mysterious bang heard across Greater Manchester. Manchester Evening News

January 13 2017, France – Two explosions spark panic amid locals in Marseilles. Daily Mail

January 12 2017, UK – Loud shaking sonic boom in North Yorkshire. Minster FM

January 6 2017, USA – Nighttime booms, house shaking, red flash in Louisana skies – Fireball sonic boom? Uptown Messenger

January 6 2017, USA – A mysterious boom rattled windows, and a few nerves, around Hermiston, Oregon, Friday afternoon. East Oregonian

January 5 2017, UK – Really loud vibrating noise heard and felt across Liverpool in the early hours. Echo

January 4 2017, USA – Loud booms heard in Grandview, Belton and Raymore, Missouri. Facebook, Ozarksfirst, STJoeChannel

January 4 2017, USA – Mysterious booms rattle parts of Spokane, Washington. Facebook

January 3, 2017, USA – Mystery boom rattles houses in the Southington, Wolcott and Cheshire areas in Connecticut. NBC Connecticut

Mystery Booms 2016

December 31 2016, USA – Mysterious booms and rumbling in Bossier Parish, Louisiana due to Army trainings at Barksdale Air Force Base. KTBS

December 31 2016, USA – Any idea what the loud booms are we’re hearing? I live close to Baneberry and people in White Pine, Newport, Parrottsville, Kodak, Tennessee are hearing it. Facebook

December 14 2016, Canada – Earthquake boom rattles Nova Scotia. CBC

December 13 2016, USA – Mystery booms shake Rogers County residentss. KJRH

December 11 2016, USA – Mystery booms and rumblings in Oregon: Fighter jets sonic boom. Koin

December 11 2016, USA – Mystery Booms shake Sarpy County, Nebraska. WOWT

December 7 2016, USA – Unexplained booms rock Lake Jackson. ABC 13

November 19 2016, UK – Mysterious loud bang and flash of light heard across Stockport. Another exploding meteor? Manchester Evening News

November 17 2016, UK – Mysterious loud bangs in Merseyside. liverpoolecho.co.uk

November 12 2016, USA – Loud sonic boom over Spearfish, South Dakota remains unexplained – fireball explosion? BHPioneer

October 17 2016, UK – Mysterious strong bangs startled people in Thatcham. Newbury Today

October 13 2016, USA – Mysterious sonic booms rock Edgewood, Kentucky – Local12

September 24 2016, Canada – Loud and still unexplained boom baffles South Frontenac residents in Ontario. Kingston Region

September 23 2016, UK – Bad vibrations felt by Dartford resident for more than a year – No explanation to the mysterious noise. Gravesend Reporter

September 20 2016, USA – Unexplained booms rattle New York. New York Times

September 9 2016, Canada – Unexplained explosion rattles Aldergrove, BC. News 1130

September 7 2016, US – Mysterious sonic boom shakes residents across mid-Missouri. KOMU

July 23 – 29 2016, US- Loud booms and rumblings from army trainings around Camp Pendleton, San Diego County, California. US Army

July 20 2016, UK- Mysterious loud booms shake Anglesey. Seismic activity? – Daily Post

July 18 2016, USA – Mysterious booms baffling residents and officials of Sonora, California. ABC10

July 14 2016, UK- Mysterious loud bang in Cambridgeshire over Ramsey. ITV

July 6 2016, USA – SFPD Bomb Squad detonating some ordinance on Beach at night. Reddit

July 5 2016, USA – Mysterious noises plague Alhambra, Southern California since 5 months baffling scientists and residents. FoxNews

June 3 2016, UK – Loud booms rattle east London and parts of Essex. Daily Mail

June 2 2016, New Zealand – Mystery booms and rumblings felt and heard across Palmerston North. Stuff.co.nz

May 18 2016, USA – Loud booms in Lebanon, Dauphin and parts of Cumberland counties linked to army trainings. WGAL

May 14 2016, USA – Fireworks create loud booms in Springfield, Nebraska. Omaha

May 12 2016, USA – Fort Worth booms due to training at Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base Fort Worth. NBC Fort Worth

May 10 2016, USA – Mysterious loud boom shakes houses near Blountville, Sullivan County, Tennessee. Earthquake link? Forum discussion

May 5 2016, UK – Mysterious explosion noise over London. Forum

May 4, 2016, USA – Sonic boom rattles windows from Bucklin to Brookfield, Missouri. KMBC

May 2 2016, UK – Two sonic booms rattle Leeds and Yorkshire. Forum

April 28, 2016, New Zealand – Mysterious loud booms rattle west Auckland. Strange Sounds Forum

April 28, 2016, UK – Unexplained loud bang shakes residents of Rotherham/Meadowhall, Yorkshire. The Star 1 and 2

April 26, 2016, USA – Mysterious noise that awoke Staten Islanders at was steam pipe release. SI Live

April 18 2016, USA – Loud boom in Ocean City, Maryland probably a sonic boom. Delmarva Now

April 17 2016, USA – Sioux Falls loud boom triggered by tannerite riffle training. Facebook

April 16 2016, USA – Residents from Pensacola to Brewton and Flomaton in Florida report mysterious booms and ground shaking. North Escambia

April 16 2016, USA – Loud boom in Wortendyke area, Batavia, New York. The Batavian

April 11 to 15 2016, USA – Loud booms and rumblings around Dahlgren, Virginia due to Navy trainings at Potomac River Test Range / Explosive Experimental Area. Strange Sounds Forum

April 13 2016, USA – Fighter jets create loud noises in Little Rock, Arkansas. Strange Sounds Forum

April 11 2016, Nigeria – Mystery stone meteorite crashes in loud booms on farm in small village. Strange Sounds

April 10 2016, USA – Shaking and loud booms in Wilmington North Carolina due to demolition at Duke Energy’s Sutton Plant. WECT

April 8 2016, USA –  Mysterious shaking alarms North Carolina – Sonic boom? WECT

April 8, 2016, UK – An explosion sounding like a ‘sonic boom’ has been heard over Northamptonshire. ITV

April 4 to April 29 2016 – Expect loud booms and shaking around Schofield Barracks as US Army explosive trainings take place. Strange Sounds Forum

April 4 – April 8, USA – Loud booms and rumblings possible in Monmouth County, New Jersey due to explosive training at NWS Earle. 943 The Point

April 1 2016, UK -Loud rumbling noises in Salford. Salford Online

March 29 to April 3, USA – Loud booms, ground shaking and weird noises around Pensacola, Florida related to US Navy training at Ocala bombing range. Strange Sounds Forum

March 30 2016, USA – M3.2 earthquake produces loud bangs in San Pedro Channel, California. EMSC-CSEM

March 30 2016, USA – Loud booms and rumblings rattle Detroit and area in Michigan. Strange Sounds Forum

March 28 2016, USA –  A series of still unexplained explosions were heard in Agawam and Suffield, Connecticut. WWLP

March 25-27 2016, USA – Loud explosive booms around Tucson due to Pascua Yaki Tribe’s Easter ceremonies. Strange Sounds

March 24 2016, UK – Mystery big bang in Leybourne at 10 pm alarm residents. Kent Online

Mars 23 2016, USA – Dam demolition culprit for mysterious booms in Oswego, New York. CNY Central

March 23 2016, USA – People report mysterious loud booming noise in Woodfin, Weaverville, Alexander, Leicester and Reynolds in Buncombe County, North Carolina. WLOS

March 19 2016, USA – Tannerite explosions or mysterious booms in Lubbockbut Lubbock Bomb Squad “No Panic”. Everything Lubbock

March 16 2016, USA – Loud booms around High Ridge, Jefferson County, Missouri. Strange Sounds

March 13 2016, New Zealand – Strange light and loud boom over Wellington. Meteor Watch

March 13 2016, USA – What was the loud boom in the deer creek area, Oklahoma? Facebook

March 12 2016, USA – Two loud jolts during M4.1 earthquake in South California. Earthquake Track

March 12 2016, USA – Multiple booms and home shakings in Franklin Township, New Jersey. Reddit

March 12 2016, USA – Mysterious loud booms in Boxborough, Massachusetts. Forums discussion

March 11 2016, USA – Loud booms around the children hospital of Laurenhurst, Seattle. Forum discussion

March 9 – March 11 2016, USA – Ft. Gordon live fire training in Georgia. WRDW

March 7 2016, USA – Explosion noises shake Alhambra, California and nobody knows why. Vice

March 5 2016, USA – Mysterious booms in the Holly Springs area, South Carolina. Facebook

March 5 2016, USA – 3 unexplained booms in the Cherokee Springs, South Carolina. Facebook

March 3 2016, USA – Noise adivisories: Camp pendleton, Ca; Fort Riley, Ks; Fort McClellan, Al. Forum discussion

March 2 2016, USA – Mystery recurring booms in Grundy County, Missouri remain unexplained. News Press Now

March 1 2016, Egypt – Loud boom rattles windows in CairoTwitter

March 1 2016, USA – Mystery booms and shaking on the South Shore, Long Island, New York. NBC NewYork

February 29 2016, USA – Weird noises in Joliet created by pressure valves at the plant on South Larkin. Forum discussion

February 28 2016, USA – Loud explosion rattles San Francisco. Car alarms going off and dogs barking. Sirens. What’s up with that? Twitter

February 27 2016, USA – Loud booms in Sandy, Utah due to trainings at Camp Williams. Fox13Now

February 27 2016, USA – What are the mystery booms in Sioux Falls? B1027

February 25 2016, USA – Loud noise baffles residents of Kansasville and Dover. My Racine County

February 23-24 2016, World – Loud earthquake rumblings around the world. Link

February 24 2016, Wolrd – Does the uptick in mysterious sounds and booms foretell a Mega-Quake? Link

February 23 2016, USA – People in the Clearfield and Cambria Counties, Pennsylvania, report hearing loud booms. Link

February 23 2016, USA – Massive house explosion in Seattle mistaken to be an earthquake. Link

February 20 2016, USA – Mystery loud booms rattle homes in Jackson County, Hall County, Habersham County and Madison County, Georgia since two weeks. Link

February 18 – 21 2016, USA – Loud booms and rattling expected until sunday as Marines at Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst are having some explosive exercises. Link

February 18 2016, USA – Mystery booms and rumblings in New Jersey as earthquake hits the Ramapo Fault. Link

February 17 2016, Turkey – Explosion in Ankara – A terror attack? Link

February 14 2016, USA – Loud bangs remain unexplained in Franklin and Banks County, Georgia. Link

February to March 2016, USA – JBLM rocket testing could create sonic booms. Link

February 11 2016 – Ireland – Mysterious loud bang heard over wide area shakes windows and doors East Tyrone. Link

February 10 2016, Canada – Mystery booms and rumblings as swarm of small earthquakes in the southwestern New Brunswick village of McAdam. Link

February 7 2016, USA – What was that boom in Codorus Township, York County? Link

February 6 2016, USA – Big booms in Owasso, Oklahoma. Link

February 6 2016, Denmark – Exploding fireball creates loud bang. Strange Sounds

February 5 2016, USA – Stealth fighter linked to sonic booms off New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. Link

February 3 2016, Switzerland – General alarm sirens testing across the country. Link

January 31 2016, USA – Unexplained explosion in Hooksett, New Hampshire. Link

January 28 2016, USA – Mystery booms and shakings in southern New Jersey. Earthquakes or sonic booms? Strange Sounds

January 26 2016, USA – Sonic boom rattles Charleston and the Lowcountry, South Carolina. Strange Sounds

January 25 2016, USA – Mysterious sound heard in many parts of the Ozarks, Arkansas. Harrisson Daily

January 24 2016, US – Second loud “boom” in South Wichita solved. Above Top Secret

January 23 2016, Finland – Fireball goes sonic over Finland. Avaruus

January 21 2016, USA – Jet sonic booms rattle southwest Florida. Link

January 21 2016, Russia – Mysterious light in the sky explodes in a loud sonic boom in Russia’s Far East. Link

January 20 2016, USA – Mysterious booms annoy residents of Fayette County in Pennsylvania. Link

January 20 2016, USA – A series of loud booms in New Bern, North Dakota. Link

January 18, 2016, USA – Loud booms frighten residents of Richmond Virginia. Link

January 18 2016, USA – Loud booms in Grays Harbor, Washington State resulting from blasts at Weyerhaeuser. Link

January 18 2016, USA – Mysterious boom in Wichita, Kansas caught on tape. Link

January 17 2016, USA – Mystery explosion sounds triggered by army jets over Amarillo, Texas. Link

January 16 2016, USA – Residents of Fair Lawn, N.J. worried about loud noises in the sky. Link

January 16 2016, USA – Mysterious booms and shaking Around Wichita, Kansas. Link

January 15 2016, USA – Unexplained booms heard and felt in Tallahassee. Link

January 14 2016, USA – Booms and tremors reported in Cape Coral, Florida. Link

January 12 2016, UK – Mysterious boom rattle Bootle near Liverpool. Link

January 12 2016 – USA – Frost quakes as possible cause of loud booms in Dodge County, around Milwaukee, Wisconsin. link.

January 10 2016, USA – Brook-Iroquois Township rattled by mystery booms in Indiana. Link

January 1 – 10 2016, USA – Mysterious booming explosion rattle the entire US in January 2016. A compilation. Link

January 1-4 2016, USA – Oklahoma rattled by mysterious booms and rumblings. Link

January 2 2016, USA – Giant gas explosion destroys 1 house and damages 50 others in Oklahoma City. Link

Mystery booms 2015

December 17 2015, Canada – Big jolt as 3.6 earthquake rattles Kamloops, BC. Link

December 13 2015, Belgium – Unknown explosion destroys building in Verviers. Link

December 7 2015, UK – 3 strange booms/explosions baffle East Kilbride at around 8.15pm. Link

December 7 to 11, USA – Loud booms and mystery rumblings probably around Potomac River Test Range, Virginia. Link

December 7 2015, Wolrdwide – Superquiet Supersonic: NASA Aims for Softer Booms for commercial supersonic jets. Link

December 6 2015, USA – 4 Mysterious booms rattle Newtown, Virginia. Link

December 5 2015, USA – Loud booms rattle areas around Fort Devens, MA. Link

December 3 2015, USA – Mysterious loud booms rattle Bullhead City in Arizona. Link

December 2 2015, USA – AK Steel in Ashland, Kentucky responsible for loud “boom” rattling homes. Link

December 1 2015, USA – Unexplained boom rocks Arcata, California. Link

November 28 2015, USA – What were the loud booming sounds that shook residents of Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania. Link

November 28 2015, Canada – Earthquake boom rattles eastern Ontario. Link

November 27 2015, China – Sonic boom baffles residents of Chengdu. Link

November 26 2015, USA – Mysterious booms and shaking reported in Chicago, Illinois could be exploding targets tannerite. Link

November 25 2015, USA – 12 earthquakes rattle New Madrid County in Missouri. Some report loud booms like thunder. Link

November 23 2015, USA – Mysterious loud booming noise in Petersburg, Alaska. Link

November 23 2015, USA – Mysterious explosion rocks Washington County in Oregon. Link

November 20 2015, Germany – Loud bang heard in Germany with police investigating. No clues right now. Link

November 19 2015, USA – Loud bang as enormous fireball explodes in the sky over Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Alabama, West Virginia and Tennessee

November 18 2015, Sweden – Loud noise as rare earthquake strikes Halmstad near Gothenburg. Link

November 16 2015, China – Explosion reported at chemical factory in Fushun. Link

November 16 2015, US –  Army trainings at Redstone Arsenal trigger booms in north Alabama. Link

November 15 2015 , US – Loud booms follow earthquake in Denton area, Texas. Link

November 11 2015, U.S. Virgin Islands. Mystery booms rattle Christiansted may be from large sailboat hitting the reef. Link

November 9 2015, UK – Sonic boom over Mersham, near Ashford. Link

November 9 2015, South Africa – Bright lights in the sky and explosion near Patensie, Eastern Cape could be meteorite. link

November 8 2015, US – Woman films huge explosion in the desert near the Salton Sea, California. weird light in the sky over SoCal?

November 7 2015, Canada – Second mysterious loud noise heard in Oakville. Link

November 7 2015, UK – Loud underground explosion cut down electricity in Fareham. Link

November 6 2015, France – Rumbling noise as earthquake rattles South of France. Link

November 3 2015, Slovakia – Thunder-like blast reported during M3.2 earthquake near Brezno. Link

November 1 2015, USA – Mysterious explosions shake houses and frighten residents in Kennebunk, Kennebunkport and Arundel, Maine. Link

October 31 2015, Poland – Giant Taurid fireball explodes over Poland and creates loud sonic booms. Link

October 14 2014, USA – What the heck is that loud “boom” sound near University Avenue and Main Street in Forest Grove, Oregon. Link

October 3 2015, USA – Loud Explosion in Eureka shakes neighborhood. Link

October 1 2015, Canada – Earthquake booms in Sudbury. Link

October 1 2015, USA –  Reports of a mysterious booming noise in Kennebunk and Kennebunkport, Oregon. Link

September 28 2015, USA – Booms and rumblings because of range testing at the Naval Surface Warfare Center Dahlgren Division. Link

September 27 2015, USA – Mystery Booms and Power Outages in Oregon Hill, Virginia. Link and in Maryland Link

September 22 2015, USA – Mysterious booms and rumblings in Virginia and Maryland remain unexplained. Link

September 18 2015, Canada – New loud boom and rumblings in Oliver, BC. Link

September 16 2015, USA – Idiot police state training going on in Foscoe, NC annoys baffled residents. Link

September 12 2015, USA – Army exercices rattle Hawaii. Link

September 9 2015, USA – Booming fireworks disturb neighbors. Link

September 8 2015, USA – Mysterious explosion investigated in Clover. Link

September 8 2015, USA – Middlebrook, Virginia shaken by tannerite explosions. Link

September 7 2015, Panama – Earthquake boom rattles Panama during M5.0 quake. Link

September 4 2015, Turkey – Fireball explosion in Turkey creates loud booms. Link

September 3 2015, USA – Two jolts rattle Mossyrock, Washington State. Link

September 2 2015 – AtlasV Launch sonic boom in Florida. Link

September 1 2015, USA – Loud rumble and big boom related to earthquake in Washington State. Link

September 1, 2015, Pakistan – Loud booms and rumbles in Pakistan was sonic boom from PAF. Link

August 29 2015, USA – Mystery booms in Pennsylvania. Link

August 28 – 29 2015, USA – Alabama shaken by loud booms near Redstone Arsenal… Exercises? Link

August 23 2015, Japan – Giant explosion and loud booms at US military area in Sagamihara. Link

August 22 2015, USA – Another mysterious sonic boom shakes Cooke County, Texas. Air force trainings? Link

August 13 2015, Norway – Giant meteor disintegrates over Norway and Sweden. Link

August 14 2015, USA – Earthquake boom rattle New Jersey Link

August 14 2015, USA – Mystery booms and shaking baffle residents of Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Another earthquake boom? Link

July 31 2015, Sweden – Earthquake booms reported in Sweden. Link

July 30 2015, Australia – Large earthquake hits southern Queensland with with low rumbling sound – Link

July 27 2015, USA – Mystery booms and rumblings in Ararat, North Carolina, linked to M2.5 earthquake. News Link

July 26 2015, USA – Rhode Island mysterious boom explained… Really? Link

July 23 2015, USA – Mysterious boom rattle Madison and Sauk City in Wisconsin. Link

July 22 2015, USA – Earthquake boom rattles Rhode island. News link

July 15 2015, Canada – Booms heard after earthquake along Quebec-Ontario boarder. report

July 13 2015, USA – Loud noise during John Deere Classic. Link

July 13 2015, USA – Mystery loud boom in Cocker, South Carolina. Link

July 12 2015, USA – Mysterious blast causes beach to close on Rhode Island. Link and video

July 9 2015, Vietnam and Laos – Loud boom and strange lights in the sky. Meteor? Link

July 5 2015, Canada – Earthquake booms in Abbotsford. Link

July 4 2015, USA – In celebration of Independence Day, the Navy will lead a 21 Gun Salute this Saturday at noon at the north side of Naval Air Station North Island. Link

June 30 2015, USA – Earthquake boom rattles Michigan. Story

June 28 2015, USA – Tannerite or Fort Meade? Loud unexplained booms in Maryland. Link

June 23 2015, New Zealand. What were this mysterious loud boom and rumblings in the wider Wanganui region? Link

June 22 2015, USA – Neighbors in the El Dorado County community in Swansboro are constantly hearing booms. Link

June 21 2015, USA – Mysterious earthquake swarms in Alabama go boom in Alabama. Link

June 20-26 2015, USA – Loud boom advisory for Camp Pendleton, California. Link

June 19 2015, USA – Mysterious loud booms in Lee County. Link

June 17 2015, USA – Booms in Columbia Heights? Link and Link

June 16 2015, New Zealand – Another boom rattles Auckland. Link and story

June 16-18 2015, USA – Loud booms sheduled for Schoffield Barracks in Hawaii. Link

June 12 – 14 2015, USA – Noise explosion advisory at Fort Gordon in Georgia. Link

June 11 2015, USA – Mystery booms in Chesterfield, Dinwiddie and Prince George, Virginia. Link

June 8 2015, USA – Loud Booms In Amador and Calaveras Counties in Nevada. Link

June 7 2015, Canada – Unexplained rumbling noise heard by people from Salmo, Fruitvale, Trail, Rossland, Castlegar, Nelson in British Colombia. Link

June 2 to 12, USA – Loud booms in Flint due to US Army trainings. Link

May 21 2015, Finland – Jet sonic boom rattles Helsinki and surroundings. Link

May 20 2015, USA – Controlled explosions jolts residents of Cheyenne, Wyoming. Link

May 18 2015, USA – Unexplained explosion rocks North Charleston, South Carolina. Link

May 17 2015, South Africa – Mystery explosion rattles residents of Centurion. Link

May 2015, Latest reports of mysterious booms around the world. Link

May 7 2015, USA – Loud explosion during earthquake near Mansfield, Texas. Link

May 6 2015, USA – Loud booms heard and felt in Las Vegas, Nevada. Video

May 2 2015, USA – Earthquake boom in Michigan. sounds on video

May 1 2015, USA – Earthquake rumbles across Edgefield County, South Carolina. Link

May 1 2015, USA – Explosion-like boom triggered by earthquake in Sandpoint, Idaho. Link

May 1 2015, USA – Towns near Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst, New Jersey, will hear loud booms and feel the ground shaking again for eight straight days. Link

April 8 2015, USA – Loud roar during Guthrie quake. Link

April 1 2015, USA – Mysterious Berkeley booms. Link

April 1 2015, USA – Mystery earth-shaking booms rattle central N.J. residents. Link

March 26 2015, USA – Earthquake booms and shakes Lake in the Hills. Link

March 21 2015, USA – Tannerite targets rattle Kelly residents. Link

March 16 2015, USA – Mysterious booms and rumblings in North Carolina. Link

March 11 2015, Australia – Melbourne residents shaken by earthquake boom. Link

March 8 2015, UK – Loud “strange” noises and bangs heard across Crawley. Link

March 6 2015, USA – Kailua-Kona, Hawaii earthquake boom. Link

March 2 2015, USA – Mysterious boom baffles Victoria residents, Texas. Link

February 25 2015, UK/ France – Rumbling during earthquake in UK. Link

February 20 2015, USA – Frost Quake: The Mysterious Noise That Is Shocking Snow-Bound Residents. Link

February 19 2015, USA – Army exercises at Fort Hood. Link

February 19 2015, USA – Earthquake boom in Hallettsville. Link

February 13 2015, USA – Mystery over ‘loud boom’ heard in Bournemouth. Link

Loud Booms reported in Lynchburg, Virginia. Link

February 12 2015, USA – ‘Boom’ originating from Redstone Arsenal shakes Huntsville area. Link

February 12 2015, New Zealand – Booming meteor over North Island. Link

February 12 2015, USA – Mystery Boom Shakes Up Carter County Residents, Oklahoma. Link

February 6 2015, USA – Sonic boom over Florida. Link

January 27 2015, UK – Earthquake booms rattle Winchester. Link and here

January 27 2015, New Zealand – Unexplained loud explosion in Wellington. Link

January 14 2015, USA – Loud booms in Waterloo, Iowa. Link

January 12 2015, USA – Plainfield, CT earthquake boom. Link

January 8 2015, USA – Strange booms in Oklahoma. Link

January 6 2015, USA – Megacryometeor. Video

January 5 2015, USA – Mysterious booms in Lawrence county Pennsylvania. Link

January 3 2015, USA – Weekend “explosion” & “jet engine noises” in Indiana. Link

January 1 2015, USA – Mysterious boom in Riverside, Idaho. Link

January 1 2015, USA – Mystery booms in Luzerne Co, Pennsylvania. Link

Mystery Booms 2014

January 10 2014, USA – House-shaking booms in Georgetown. Link

January 8 2014, USA – Loud explosion shakes ground in multiple towns in Alabama. Link

January 7 2014, USA – Mystery booms in Colonial Heights, Virginia. Link and here

January 6 2014, USA – Loud booms and shaking in Hidden Valley Lake likely frost quakes. Link

January 3 2014, Canada – Ice quake blamed for loud boom heard through Dufferin County. Link

January 2 2014, USA – Mysterious Marion county, Mississippi exposions explained. Link

January 1 2014, USA – Mysterious shakings in Eastford, Connecticut. Link

January 1 2014, USA – Mysterious noise in Canton, New York. Link

January 1 2014, USA – Police exercise creates loud booms in Cranston. Link

Mystery Booms 2013

December 30 2013, Canada – Cryoseisms shake Durham area. Link

December 19 2013 – Loud explosions in Montgomery County, Kentucky. Link

December 15 2013, USA – Franklin loud booms mystify residents. Link

December 2 2013, USA – Booms rattle Azle, Texas. Link

December 1 2013, USA – Loud bang in Rome, Georgia. Link

December 1 2013, USA – 10% of U.S. earthquakes are in Okla. Is drilling to blame? Link

November 27 2013, USA – Police say source of booms still unexplained in Philly. Link

November 27 2013, USA – Tannerite possible cause for loud boom says Sheriff’s Office. Link

April 19 2013, USA – Loud booms shake Madison, Connecticut. Link

January 14 2013, USA – Mystery Boom Jamestown, New York. Video

January 6 2013, USA – Loud bangs in Salem. Link

Mystery Booms 2012

December 6 2012, USA – House-rattling boom remains a mystery. Link

October 16 2012, USA – Mystery booms shake New Jersey. Link

June 25 2012, USA – Mysterious booms shake Puna, Hawaii. Link

April 10 2012, USA – Boom Time in Small-town Clintonville, Wisconsin. Link

March 23 2012, USA – Authorities solve the mystery of town’s odd noises and shaking in Clintonville, WI. Link

May 29 2012, USA – Authorities puzzled by Mysterious Boom like Explosions sounds in Michigan. Link

March 21 2012, USA – Mysterious Booms and rumblings in Clintonville. Link

March 21 2012, USA – Mysterious Sound And Rumble In Montello. Link

January 12 2012, USA – Loud boom and flash of light in downtown Muskegon. Link

January 13 2012, USA – Source of ‘loud booms’ heard Thursday night remains unknown. Link

Mystery Booms 2011 – 2007

December 15 2011, USA – Unknown booms rock Horry County. Link

December 14 2011, Iran – Loud bang in Tehran. Link

December 13 2011, USA – Lights and booming noise baffle NC residents. Link

December 11 2011, USA – Louisiana booms sonic jet? Link

December 4 2011, USA – Sonic booms over Alabama. Link

September 11 2011, USA – Loud booms perplex scientists. Link

March 3 2011, USA – Geologist: Shaking Wasn’t Florida Earthquake. Video

May 10 2010, Canada – Loud thunder at Watson Lake, Yukon. Video

May 14 2007, USA – Rumbling Wakes Up Dozens of Knox County Residents, Tennessee. Link

January 12 2011, USA – Mystery booms rattle Galveston. Link

Mystery Booms 2006 – 2004

December 21 2005, USA – Explosive booms heard across Southeastern North Carolina. here

November 22 2005, Israel – Mysterious ‘booms’ rattle homes in Herzriya. Link

November 3 2005, Palestina – Palestinians hit by sonic bombs. Link

March 18 2005, USA – Source of mystery booms likely to remain unknown as N.C. has no seismic-detection network. Link

November 23 2004, USA – Booms baffle residents of Lakeside. Link and here

November 19 2004, USA – Mysterious ‘booms’ continue with puzzling regularity in Richmond. Link

November 9 2004, UK – Norfolk sonic booms. Link

November 8 2004, USA – UFO boom. Link

September 4 2004, USA – Boom! Mystery solved Noises in sky just Lockheed flight tests. Link

April 16 2004, USA – Unexplained booms in Lancaster. Link

May 12 2004, Australia – Hovering, flashing lights go boom over Australia. Link

January 20 2004, USA – Debunking the theories behind the mystery booms. Link

Mystery Booms 2003 – 2001

December 4 2003, Australia – The night Sydney went bang, and nobody knew why. Link

December 4 2003, USA – Loud booms rattle North Carolina. Link

November 2003, USA – Strange noises in the sky Utah. Link

October 3 2003, UK – Mystery bangs plague town and baffles residents. Link

September 23 2003, USA – ‘Boom’ a mystery for Watseka officials. Link

September 22 2003, India – Mysterious blast creates panic in Gujarat. Link

August 2 2003, Australia – Sonic boom? Earthquake? Big bang theories abound. Link

January 28, 2003, USA – Was it a bird, a plane, a sonic boom? Link

January 28, 2003, USA – Plane Causes Sonic Boom, Rattles Four-County Area. Link

January 28, 2003, USA – Mysterious rumble shakes up Florida area residents. Link

December 8 2002, USA – Earthquake boom in Massachussetts. Link

September 9 2002, Australia – Boulder-Size Meteor Almost Struck Australia? Link

August 22 2002, India – Sonic Booms Adds To India ‘Scarlet Rains’ Mystery. Link

February 10 2002, USA – Mystery Boom Echoes Across 4 States. Link

July 6 2001, USA – Franklin boom. Link

Mystery Booms 2000 – 1999

February 23 2000, USA – Did you hear the boom in Columbus. Link

February 2 1999, USA – A mystery boom in Elk City,  OK? Link

January 10 1999, USA – Unexplained booms rattle Fairfield, Ohio. Link

Mystery Booms 1997

May 15 1997, USA – Loud booms jolt Southern Ohio/Northern Kentucky. Link

April 28 1997, USA – Others are engaging even in an eco-type of terrorism whereby they can alter the climate, set off earthquakes, volcanoes remotely through the use of electromagnetic waves. here

Mystery Booms before 1997

May 8 1996, USA – Mysterious booms baffle Florida. Link

30 May 1995, USA – Studies of sonic booms with seismic networks. Link

June 1991, USA – LA sonic booms. Link

February 1991, USA – Loud booms 1991 Carolina beaches. Link

Mystery booms 1978, USA – Beginning in December 1977, offshore detonations heard along the Atlantic Coast from Canada to South Carolina. Link

1934, USA – Seneca Guns. Link


  1. I big rumble that shook the house last night at 7:40pm here west of Bremerton WA. by the Hood Canal. It was like the first shock wave to an earthquake where you hear a rumble and feel a jolt and then the quake hits. This was just the rumble and jolt, and no quake. The dog was asleep and jumped up looking around wondering what was going on. Checked the earthquake maps here that show explosions too, and nothing. So who knows what happened.

  2. Heard a large boom, almost like an explosion on 29th December 2017 at 18:29 in Wigston, Leicestershire. No idea what it was but could feel a vibration from the ground. A week before there was one similar. It cut the power in South Wigston for several hours and set car alarms off.

  3. I know a guy who is psychic and makes the booming sounds with his mind when angered. They are psychic booms with his mind. He claims to be a Demon King or the 73rd Demon King after mastering the Qlipphoth. He lives in Nebraska…..Gothenburg.

  4. November 23, 2017. Multiple Loud booms felt across Cabot, Arkansas. Shaking homes across miles with no smoke or visible trace.

  5. November 21, 2017, around 2 pm, on Hwy 1, Cass County, Nebraska heard a very loud booming sound..shook the house and windows. No idea where it came from.

  6. Strange, loud rumble that lasted a few minutes, heard in several counties along the north Florida coast line on 11/13/17. Anyone know what it was?

  7. Using dynamite to build tunnels and underground facilities. Occurring around the world as the `elite prepare for your destruction.

  8. Isaiah 29:6 You will be punished by the Lord of hosts With thunder and earthquake and great noise, With storm and tempest And the flame of devouring fire.

    2 Peter 3:10
    [ The Day of the Lord ] But the day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night, in which the heavens will pass away with a great noise, and the elements will melt with fervent heat; both the earth and the works that are in it will be burned up.

  9. Cell/HARRP towers emit frequencies that cause earthquakes. 2.5 hertz makes quakes. Tesla technology. it ruptures sewer drains, water lines. NOTICE SINKHOLES CAUSED BY BROKEN SEWER LINES, except for ones in the middle of nowhere. there is no reason to have the 12 cell/HARRP towers near my home. There is probably more now that are stealthfully hidden. I noticed they really have been trying to hide those ugly forboding ‘death towers’. Say hello to cancer. The biological threat from radiation is thousands of times above the danger limit.

  10. There is global under ground tunneling with that boring machine that has same design as the Walmart (mart-Law) logo. During early hours for years I heard grinning noises under ground headed towards the Walmart super centers. searched, they are making FEMA holocaust camps, underground and above. New tunnels are created right now. Now I heard them tunneling at 8am and after because it’s really close to me. Traffic noise doesn’t hide it inside the house. Hard to hear is outside the house. Loud muffled Explosions happen from land settling after they tunnel. I reported explosion at 3am. Called police. they write it off on kids playing with fireworks. I was scared, went outside to figure out where the noise was and fire works happened much later and sounded different. Serve and protect my ….

  11. Terrible loud bombing noises and smaller rapid fire sounds I noticed at 8:55pm in Norton Ohio or around it.

    It lit up the skies and kept up until 9:30pm. How long it was going for before this I don’t know.

    by: Raven

  12. Loud boom at about 22:15 GMT in Swansea, UK. Several others on Facebook and Twitter heard it. Initially thought to be an explosion, but there appears to be no evidence of one. Unexplained at the moment…

  13. My wonder is as follows 23 September 2017, A great wonder in heaven, a woman clothed with the sun, moon at her feet, garland of 12 stars at her head, Travailing in birth.
    Will We hear the sounds of a woman giving birth across the world???????

    • Angel trumpet sounds started June 15, 2011 (’11’ is devil horns). i heard sounds and googled them. I googled ‘angel trumpet sounds’ like in revelations. It took 2 months after before people started calling these global sounds ‘angels trumpets’. I am certain that its HARRP. the one that angels do not play with. it makes lightning strikes, and CA fires. It makes tornados, hurricanes, and earthquakes. Mind control and death. Alaska took military to court. Military pleaded ‘matter of national security’, regarding killing those residents so they were protected and continued torturing residents. Taos hum, is HARRP. That was the beginning. now HARRP/CELL towers are every 1/4 mile.

  14. Loud explosion in West Virginia and Southern New Hampshire over the last week (July 20 – July 27, 2017). There is still no known cause and people are stumped.

  15. May 5, 2017 Chesapeake, VA Large boom lasted for 30 seconds around 10/10:30am, raining but longer than thunder, apartment complex off battlefield shook like an earthquake but no reports of one. All the neighbors were outside looking for the source of the noise. Trying to find out what it was and came across this site.

  16. Fayetteville, GA, May 1st, 2017 at about 12:20 pm.

    What sounded like a distant, very large explosion shook the house, causing our dog to jump up and bark. Nothing in the local news. No sirens, etc.


  17. Would be interesting to see these on a map with some time stamp to see if these match cayce predictions or historic fault lines etc. Let the sounds show us where tetonic plates are moving if we dont know this already from other sources


  18. I heard a tremendous rumbling in the NW suburbs of Chicago in the early hours of Tuesday, April 18th, 2017 at around 3 AM. It was a long, sustained rumbling, very deep, almost like the sound a massive garbage can would make if it was dragged across the ground. This was definitely not the standard engine noise from O’Hare: I hear airplane and construction sounds from there all the time (and have heard them for many years), and nothing was ever this loud. It practically shook the house, and it lasted for around half a minute or more.

  19. Last night one was heard all throughout parts of Michigan. Especially Grand Rapids area. But reports as far as Florida hearing it at the same time.

  20. I heard sounds over Winnipeg Canada last year. It sounded like ton of jets flying over and freaked the you know what out of me. I swear are apartment building rattled. Its was around 3am. Now I’m seeing it happening all over the world. Nevermind the trumpet sounds everywhere as well. Knowbody can explain it. The Bible does though..

  21. 3/20/17, Van Buren County, (SE) Iowa, humongous boom, followed by what sounded like rolling thunder, except there are no storms within a hundred miles or more.

  22. 2014 the pope secretly visited Mt Graham to use observatory called Lucifer. Something is coming people are guessing. They are quickly reducing the population so its easier to manage. That’s why all the tunneling and moving food/supplies from the 500 suddenly closed walmarts. The intense winds are from Planet X sweeping by in it’s orbits around us. That’s why theres video’s of 2 suns. Light reflecting on the huge dwarf star. If you repent (the one thing stated the arogant people wouldn’t do before being destroyed) we might be spared to be given more time to change our evil ways that are on a downward spiral.

  23. Under ground booms for past 2 plus years near West Phoenix AZ. Underground burrowing humming noises along I-10 close by. Cell Towers emit high pitched sounds for a few seconds every couple of hours and that’s when the earth makes cracking sounds and then house settling sounds. The Smart Meter on the house interacts with the cell towers and makes it impossible to sleep.

  24. […] Some believe that movements in the molten iron or other parts of the earth’s interior would cause loud explosions, and in fact the past several years have witnessed numerous places around the world where loud, unexplained, and perhaps subterranean “booms” and “rumblings” have been reported — often in secular news outlets. This year they have come from such disparate places as Idaho, South Carolina, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas, South Dakota, and New Jersey [see here]. […]

    • We have been hearing those Booms in Boise Idaho for couple months (March and April of 2017). One of the possible explanations is National Guard tank battalion War Game..

      • We get them Frequently in South Western Utah also. Often it is blamed on the airforce base 50 miles away, but the booms happen so often without real reasons, and they shake the windows and doors of houses.
        Some days (like today, it can happen over 5x a day and one boom can last 10-15 sec)

    • 2 Peter 3:10
      [ The Day of the Lord ] But the day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night, in which the heavens will pass away with a great noise, and the elements will melt with fervent heat; both the earth and the works that are in it will be burned up.

      Isaiah 29:6 You will be punished by the Lord of hosts With thunder and earthquake and great noise, With storm and tempest And the flame of devouring fire.

    • A meteor that lit up the dark and illuminated the town followed by a boom @ Hooper Bay, Alaska on December 02, 2017 at about 7-8pm. I thought it was a lightning strike from all the rain we been getting.

    • My husband and I heard What sounded like sonic boom explosions from March 2006-May 2006 in Litchfield Park AZ. They were so loud,rumbling and would shake our windows. The sound echoed through the golf course in the back of our home. The dogs around the neighborhood barked as well. We lived by Luke Airforce base but they denied any activity and I didnt Hear any jets out. They explosions usually happened from 11p-1a and all seemed quiet and still outside. I still Wonder what they were!!

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