About Strange Sounds


I am Manuel Petitat. I am the owner of strangesounds.org.

Terrifying events are now playing out on planet Earth. There has never been a time like this. Society breaks down and becomes unrecognizable.

We are free but censored by Big Tech corporations. We have to follow the agenda and propaganda of corrupted governments. All alternative media are being squashed and hammered by this dictatorship. I hope I will survive this bleeding.

Where is the truth?!? It is after a 3-month research trip in Antarctica that I understood governments were hiding many things from us and that the news system was corrupted. Following my PhD-thesis, I started StrangeSounds in 2012 to report about strange things happening around the world, always trying to keep in mind that some people out there don’t want us to see how really stuff works.

On Strange Sounds, I try to report amazing, weird, unusual and unexpected phenomena happening around the world.

As a geologist, I enjoy writing and discussing extreme weather events, devastating earthquakes, gigantic volcanic eruptions, biblical insect plagues and any other natural disasters that shape our Planet Earth.

As a cosmochemist, I am interested in the mysterious formation of our planet and of our solar system and in its chemical evolution. Are aliens speaking to us? Do UFOs exist?

Finally, as a human being, I am concerned about the ongoing political/economic/social collapse of our civilization (widespread famines, civil unrest, war and military, economic and societal collapse, AI robots and the tech dictatorship).

It all looks apocalyptic… We are entering the biblical endtimes… Will it be an asteroid impact? A tsunami ? A volcanic eruption ? An apocalyptic flooding or devastating megadrought ? Pole shift ? An economic and financial collapse ?

We are running from disasters to disasters. It’s like a wave, like in a film. One after the other. I think, we have now learned that it is not if but when the next will hit…

So prepare for the worst before it hits! Because after, it is always too late!




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  1. Hello,

    I really enjoy your site, and we share your site on our website. However, if you don’t mind, can I please ask “how do read articles in substack?” I have no idea how to read this article, “https://strangesounds.substack.com/p/there-is-better-beer-than-bud-light.” This is all I see “There is better beer than Bud Light. There is better apparel than Nike. Drink beer and wear clothes that aren’t focused on wokeness…
    Your daily dose of natural disasters and amazing phenomena for April 8, 2023…” The 3 dots mean there is more to read. WHERE?

    Thank you

    • Hi, If come on the website and click on the link, you will be directly redirected to the substack article and newsletter. Are you reading and linking my articles from a RSS feed?



  2. You say your website is now ad free yet I see ads all over your website.

    You also suggest adding hair growing potions in our prep bags. You’re a fraud.

  3. How do I send you some interesting photo’s right at midnight last night when I stepped out on porch. I took pictures with my iPhone, here in SE Alaska.

  4. I haven’t heard any complaints on here for the last few years so I guess they’re done blasting the underground tunnels, bomb shelters and elites hideouts

  5. Nice website and if interested those sounds are easily explained if one knows the history of the shofar.

    A trumpet that was blown in ancient Israel to call to national repentance and to warn the people of God about some approaching danger or their own sins which came up before God for a time of visitation and judgment. What was national is now global!

    As for climate change and the weather that’s all the work of God I’m afraid. One need only read the book Climate Change the Work of God to learn the truth of it. One can begin their education by beginning here:


    • Climate and weather changes? – To clarify the picture you may want to Google “HAARP”, very interesting information if you care to dig deeper.

  6. For years my family and I have heard low, constant rumbling noises coming from the sky. Sounds like it is hovering just above our house. Sometimes it lasts about 20 minutes but often the sound continues for 45 minutes or over an hour. I’ve been cautiously outside to try to ‘see’ something where it is coming from but can never see anything from the windows or outside. One night we tried something by turning all the lights out and the noise stopped right away. The noise is too loud to be linked to our power or anything. We do not live near a power plant but on 2 acres on a lake. Wish I knew what the noises are. I certainly think these constant rumbling noises are not human produced.

  7. ottawa canada weird sounds around 3:30am last night (Chrustmas Eve). thought it was my neighbour’s snowman bouncing in the wind as we had a snowstorm. woke at 3:30am and couldn’t go back to sleep as sounded like jets close to ground and possibly weird monster-ish sounds. my kids were a few streets away and found out this am they woke similar time and heard weird sounds also.

  8. I live in Lakeland, FL. Its 1am just layed down for the night. As I’m listening to the blades of the ceiling fan and the slight teeter of it missing a shim i started noticing a faint but distinct rumbling sound, similar to thunder. This isn’t the first time I’ve noticed strange noises at night but never this active. It sounds just like a long deep roll of thunder. And keeps happening about every 60-75 seconds, lasting 3-5 seconds each time. Its more noticeable indoors. Nothing on radar, not a cloud in the sky. Airports to far away… I’ve been watching the time and its been going on the entire time I’ve been laying here and has been consistent for nearly 45min now. I finally got curious and googled it and thats when i discovered this page. Does anyone have a rational explanation about this yet?? Its not the earth shifting, or noises we’ve sent to space being beamed back at us. At least not what im hearing anyways. Awesome page BTW. Its nice to find a place where the collective community is able to discuss these crazy phenomenons without being sensored by outside influences.

    • I’m near Cincy and am hearing exactly what you described may 22 2022…
      Very strange sounds…feels like miles away…it feels as if it was any closer it would rattle the entire house.

  9. I’m here in Fl and I heard a strange sound like a jet really close but there was nothing and it’s broad daylight it’s 4:30pm

  10. I live in Morristown, Arizona. Its currently 3:53 am and around three I started to heard a loud jet-like noise that has yet to stop. I live in the middle of no where and I’m terrified, please help. Windows are rattleing intensely and I’m starting to get a migrane from the high-pitched noises. There is a very deep vibration that you can feel in your chest. 10/10 the worst experience. Message me on facebook to discuss this please.

  11. Hi there ,This is the similar condition which i would like to share my views.Oh my god! On 1st September early morning at 5 :59 am.
    I woke up just before my alarm clock of 6 o’ clock and more is to inform you that woke up was not easy at all because the dream was deadly like a horror movie . Suddenly I woke …Heard that noise…Thought that there might be some private aeroplane or jets but soon notice that in our city there was none of any airport working .So I just close my alarm and hoped for a peaceful sleep of 45 mins …Again I heard the same noise jingling with blowing wind but this time a little more .I felt scared and began to shake to my brother to hear that …

  12. Hi I am in South Bend Indiana and about an hour ago my husband and I heard a sound so loud our house was shaking and we could barely hear each other talk. It went on for about 2 minutes and stopped without fading away. It sounded like really strong wind/tornado to me, my husband related it to the sound of multiple jets flying low to the ground. We stepped outside and the wind was calm and no jets or planes were visible in the sky. I am very disturbed by this and have searched the local news station with no results. Curious if anyone else in the area heard this or if anyone can give me an idea on what it could possibly be.

  13. I can’t believe there are so few people disturbed by this. It happens almost every day, where I live. I live in San Diego, CA and this noise keeps me up almost every night. It makes my head literally pound and once it finally stops (right now we are approaching 1 hour and 13 minutes) my body feels like it’s adjusting to being still. Like the tingly feeling you get after riding a rollercoaster. Whatever is making this noise is really messing up my frequencies and causing me to lose massive amounts of much needed rest. I put headphones in, the volume all the way up, and I can STILL hear it. This is literally driving me insane and I’m wondering if anyone else is being physically effected, besides just having to listen to it.

  14. I was hiking on the back side of Mt Lemmon a couple yrs ago with a friend. Mt Lemmon in Tucson AZ. Walking along near pepper sauce camp grounds and a dial tone type noise could be heard. We looked at each other to make sure we were hearing the same thing and we did. It started out not too loud at all but slowly escalated so loud we couldnt hear each other’s words anymore. It got even louder and as we went to put our hands over our ears it stopped. I always wonder what the hell it was. But thinking back I and my friends have seen several unexplained objects in the sky. Lights appearing and disappearing just like the Famous Phenoix lights. Shooting stars taking right hand turns and lights pulsing and disappearing after reaching there brightest points. I think we were somehow being scanned by something. Or just being trolled by funny aliens. Either way one of the most bazaar things I’ve ever experienced.

  15. I just heard a sound like a wolf howling,a train, and a siren all at once… putting it that way make it sound scary but it was actually the most wonderful thing i have ever heard. It wasn’t an angel though, more like an ansestor of ours or something primitive and ready for the hunt. kind of a scary sound now that I think about it but wonderful none-the-less. however, I was the only one to hear it. my family gave no sign that they did or did not hear it. oh! one more thing right after the sound ended I could see and hear thing better than I could before. I could read a card I had not bothered to before from the other side of the room, when it was dark. This happen to anyone else??

  16. Around, shortly after 11am this morning, i was sitting on my bed getting dressed and i heard what sounded like a thousand alarm clocks go off outside, the neighbors dog started barking at it, so he heard it too. It last about 15-20 seconds. I live in Fenwick, Michigan

  17. well its 3/20/2017 and i live in florida, a minute ago i heard a loud EUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH like a high pitch outside then a couple seconds ago i heard another one! what is this???? OMG NOW THERE 2 OTHERS PLZ TELL ME

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  20. Hello I live in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, on February 14th 2016 starting at 3 am I’ve been hearing extremely loud nosies that seem to be coming from the sky. It sounds like a mix of a really loud train as well as magnetic sounds that get very sound at times, I don’t really know how else to describe it. I cannot believe everyone is able to sleep because it is extremely loud. It is almost 4:30 am now but I still can’t fall asleep due to the noise. Honestly it’s creeping me out it sounds like its the end of the world or something haha. Can extremely cold temperature cause this? It is currently -28, but feels like -38 with the windsheild according to the weather network. I am very curious as to what this is, I’ve tried to look it up but I’m not finding any answers so if anyone has any idea what it could be please let me know!

  21. —-> Look Up “Aurora AirCraft”
    This is a Military AirCraft That Has Said To Be UnCommissioned But Also Has The Ability To Travel 6x Super Sonic Speeds And Out Of Our Atomoshere . That would Explain Why These Sounds Occur Every so Often.
    **I live in San Diego C.a Every Other Day Or So Morning After Noon And Night Me And My Wife Hear This Low Rumble In The Sky. **

  22. omg!! i heard the same thing too last night but it had a little bell ring to it and i heard a women screaming the whole time for over an hour. I was so scared I went home. does the six weird stars in the sky have to do with anything? they weren’t in the star charts or anything. And there was a meter shower going on but ended and the noise continued.

  23. I live in Zeeland Michigan. Last night my husband and I heard a big boom sound, the first time we heard it was around 10:00 pm and it happened several times until around 2:30 am, many times, the Boom was preceded by a flash of light in the sky. We could tell it was a great distance from us, but there were no fireworks, no storms in the entire state of Michigan and there aren’t any military installations, big factories or major road construction that would have been active during these late hours. We were very surprised this morning when we heard nothing about this in the news, certainly we couldn’t have been the only ones to hear it, it was huge and happened at least 20 times. I should also point out that even though we live near Lake Michigan (a notorious hot spot for UFO’S) it was actually coming from east of the big lake. Anyway I’m stumped and would love to know if anyone else heard it last night as well, or if anyone has any idea what it possibly could have been.

  24. I live in Washington and about once a week early in the morning (around 4 or 5), I hear what sounds like thunder. It gradually gets louder, lasts for a few minutes, then gradually stops. It lasts too long to be thunder and even does it when there are absolutely no clouds in sight. I have friends that have heard it too. Does anyone know what it could be?

  25. Two loud sounds in Burlington, VT. First was Jul 1 2015 at 12:30 PM Eastern time. I was napping and the booming woke me from a sound sleep. I thought we were being bombed. The rumbling sound and house shaking after the boom lasted for at least 20-30 seconds. I got up and ran to a window fully expecting to see a crater where my neighborhood had been. I texted my brother who works 6 miles away and he said it was almost deafening and it shook the shop windows like crazy. They thought it might have been a plane crash. No idea what it was, absolutely no news coverage.

    Second boom happened 45 mins ago, Aug 4 2015 a little after 9:30 PM Eastern time. Similar boom to the previous, but without the rumble after. Can’t be sure if the house shook as it made me jump. Ran outside to see what happened and saw that everyone in the neighborhood was also turning on lights and coming outside to see. No cause is immediately obvious.

    Both times there were clear skies and no thunder or lightning. I don’t live anywhere near any blasting areas or anything like that. Really bizarre.

  26. i live in amarillo tx my daughters have been hearing a noise i didnt belive until i heard it and and recorded it its weird i even went and toom a look nothing was there it was strange if any one can tell me what it can be plz thank you.im not sure how to download my video

  27. To hear it with your own ears is scary. Short video because it was a new phone , and the clicking sound is I zoomed instead of turning the volume up, then clicked off of video, but to my surprize I got it! IT Sounds like a bass horn. Video taking a day after my 50th birthday June 29th 2015 at 1:20 pm Watch “North western sky in fl bass horn sound.” on YouTube

  28. I live in Michigan, I’ve heard these noises as well, I’ve always wondered if it is our govermrnt or the earth.. No way really to be sure but when this happens I feel a sense of despair and bad feelings. I do believe in Jesus, but a strange part of me feels its other things in 2013 I was out going to dinner and I look up in the sky to see a huge wave of neon blue and below it a strip of gold around our whole city, no one seemed to care but it was not right. Our storms have changed in the past 5 years as well. Thunder here now sounds like bombs going off and the feeling in the air is questionable to me.

  29. I haven’t personally heard these sounds but I’ve listened to many of them on you tube and read this forum here and was wondering if anyone else elicits a strong emotional response (i.e goosebumps, overwhelming joy, crying) when hearing them?

  30. I live about 10-15 minutes from a military base and for the past 2 weeks I have been hearing his loud noise that sounds like a jet as it passes but this noise is continuous. It is not audible at night, it can only be heard during the daytime. Does anyone know what this might be?

  31. I live in Millington Tn and for the past 2 weeks I have hear an ongoing noise that sounds like a jet as it passes by but the noise is constant. It’s not audible at night. It can only be heard in the daytime. I live about 15-20 minutes from a military base. Does anyone have a clue as to what this might be?

  32. caldwell nj area around 11pm, 5-07-15. a very loud hum like cars going very fast, squeaking like scraping along metal stopping and restarting 2-3 times and then nothing. heard in house with windows and doors closed, and only lasted between 15-25 seconds. JUST LISTENED TO VIDEO AND IT SOUNDS THE SAME BUT FOR A SHORTER TIME.

  33. Last night around 8:15 on 4/19/15 in Janesville, WI the same noise was heard. At first I thought it was thunder but then it sounded more like a low flying airplane that was having engine problems. A Social Media website for my area have been discussing this all day. There were no reports of anything at our airport, local meteorologist show nothing that would support a weather phenomenon & no earthquakes near us. I find this very interesting, especially after finding this website & reading all the different locations that have been witnessing the same strange sound.

  34. Hello from Vancouver, BC ! At exactly 3:40 am today as I closed my eyes about to fall asleep I heard a small rumbling that escalated to a giant boom. Similar to thunder. It went by quickly. So I thought to myself must be stormy out. So I waited to hear the next one but nothing. I got out of bed and looked outside but the night sky was clear. No grey in sight. I thought to myself what if something exploded. So I decided to check on twitter and no luck. This is so strange..I’m still curious. Could it be something shifting or popping underneath? It sure scared the heck out of me.

  35. I live in Memphis, TN (just outside of) and on 4/10/15 at 1:42 am, was woken by a strange sound (to be honest I don’t sleep heavily as the house could have burned down 2x if I didn’t hear the crackle of electricity)….it started like a crackle, escalated then like a sonic boom that woke up everyone in the house then continued for about a minute to a slow rumble. It has not been on the news, only my neighbors heard it. My hubby said we will probably get up in the morning to find a plane downed in our field. I have been obsessed of finding out and this is the place that looks possible to find out.

    • Meteor? I haven’t seen any reports yet!

      West memphis area? Than maybe Tier One military training?

      A plane going sonic?

      underground explosion?

      I will look in the news for some sources…

  36. It has been a year that I moved to Glendale, AZ and it was almost every other day I would hear like loud jets flying close to the ground but then it would begin to get windy. And just in a slit second stop. I had lived in San Jose, CA years ago in the 1970’s and knew how earthquakes sound. This was similiar but different. Louder and closer. Now it’s like every now and then the tv begins to get fuzzy just saying no seems to have an answer or have any idea of what it is. I feel it’s signs and wonders. Get ready

  37. Richmond Va. After 9 pm tonight heard strange sound then low flying plane went by then strange eerie pulsating humming sound nearby, the plane again low several minutes later, then the same eerie sound, this has continued to cycle and get farther and farther away. The tones sound like distant horns like multiple horns of cars or trains, along with unsettling vibration and humming- creates a bad feeling in me and feels awful. The distant horns sound goes on for a while ringing in the ears even from so far off and then it goes to where you can just hear the low plane sound then back again. It is 3 am now and still going.

  38. Mike Withers , i live in Romania and i heard the same sound like a low-flying plane from 12:50 am – arround 2 am when i finally was able to sleep. At first i thought it’s the wind but when i watched outside no tree was moving. The sound was mostly constant but some times for a few second was getting louder like the sound from a jet plane.
    I live in this town since i was little and never heard something like this before. I will ask some neighbours if they heard the sound , i am really curious!

  39. I live in Fairfield, OH, a city just north of Cincinnati, OH. Today at 5:50 am, I went outside to take my girlfriend to work. I noticed a sound like a low flying plane overhead. It was pretty cloudy out, so I figured I just couldn’t see it. After the 20 minutes or so it took to get here there and I returned, the sound was still there. Since it was still dark, I stayed outside for a few minutes and still no light or any sign of anything in the sky, just the constant low-flying plane sound. It is now 8am and the sound is still going on. I’ve seen all of the reports on here about people hearing the sounds at night, but it is now light out here and the sound is getting even louder. It’s only about 25 degrees F here so I don’t think that there is any construction going on anywhere. If anybody else from around my area are hearing this and they too came across this page trying to find an answer and read my comment, please tell me you are hearing this too and what part of town you are in. I’m about to go on a drive and see if it’s even possible to get the diameter or even a radius on this thing.

  40. Starting to hear the booms here in Louisville, Ky. The news says it is due to ice quakes since we recently had a heavy snow and cold snap. However the booms were heard before the snow.

  41. This is from Salt Lake Herald Newspaper Aug 22, 1897 Yes (1897)

    “Mysterious Atmospheric Sounds” Laymen not less than scientists have from time to time been surprised by peculiar booming sounds in the atmosphere which in every way recall the concussion from a distant firing cf cannon or that produced by the discharge of a mine in blasting operations With seemingly common good sense and as an easy explanation of every day phenomena these sounds have been attributed to causes such as have been mentioned without any effort having been made to ascertain if explosions of one kind or another had in reality taken place at about the times in question It now appears that these seemingly every day phenomena or such as are attributed to mans own handiwork. Are phenomena of much deeper significance being of a natural order and connected with some as yet unrecognized force or quality of the atmosphere or with some internal disturbance acting within the earth itself The study of these mysterious sounds which have been especially noticed on the coast of Holland here they are known as the “mistpoeffet” and elsewhere on the English channel in various parts of Belgium in upper Bavaria in the delta of the Ganges on the island of Java and near the mouth of the Congo has for a number of years attracted the attention of geologists and physicists and is at the present time the special work of Professor E van den Broeck the director of the Royal Belgium museum of natural history It is not a little remarkable I that the phenomena in question which had already been noticed by Bacon and to which attention was called by Thomas Parnell the better part of two centuries ago should have escaped investigation until within the last few years a condition that is explained only through the circumstance that The explanation based upon artificial firing was so readily acceptable supposition that the sounds are merely a form of atmospheric disturbance seems to be indicated by the observations of Captain Jungers on the Congo who states that during the operation of the mistpoeffer there was no deflection of the theodolie on the other hand Professor George Darwin of Cambridge and Professor Penck of Vienna hold strongly to the belief that the sounds are the result of concussion within the earth possibly or probably a following of movements of the younger rock strata which make up the superficial part of the planetary crust With a view to fully determining this interesting data M van del Broeck is collecting all data bearing upon the geographical distribution the sounds and tabulating the special meteorological conditions under which they occur He finds at the present time that they are most numerous during the summer months and during the hottest hours of the day .

  42. I live in Belton Tx and I hear these loud booms like bombs being shot out and they shake my house. People always say it’s fort hood but can it really shake my house that bad and sound that loud? I hear it all day but it’s worse at night.

  43. I just was out with my dogs in central NH and heard super high pitched noises I live in the mountains near Pats Peak. It noticeably disturbed all three of my dogs I had a hard time getting them to go to bathroom .super weird really creeped me out

  44. I work in Semoran blvd Orlando Fl, and we can hear a loud boom inside the office. I tought it was our neighbor but when we went outside it looks like it was coming from the sky… Very creepy…

  45. I work in Semoran Blvd Orlando, FL, and the booms were so loud I heard them inside the office. I thought it was our neighbor, but we went outside and it feels it was coming from the sky… Very creepy…

  46. i live in the central valley of california near Yosemite. i also heard a loud Fog/train horn noise coming from the sky (it was weird because in the town we live in the trains can’t use there horns.) it was a little over 2am and didn’t make sense. it was so i loud i could almost feel it…i got up outta bed t and went outside i looked up and swear it was coming from all around..it literally went on for about 3 or 4 mins. as soon as i pulled my phone out to record it stopped…idk but something is definitely happening

  47. I live in California but far from the beach. It was five am and I heard a weird noise almost as a fog horn or a boat horn??? It’s really weird cuz these sounds would be around the ocean right? I don’t live near the ocean tho. I’m glad other people have heard similar things so I know I’m not crazy… What if these sounds mean it’s the end of the world or something???

  48. Past 3 days I have been hearing low rumbling sounds off in the distance. The closest thing I can describe it as is; when a heavily loaded truck hits a freeway joint the low thudding noise that kind of bounces back and resonates into the truck. I live in Hawaii, on Oahu, in the Pearl City area. It’s been happening pretty often the last couple days about once an hour.

  49. So – I can’t find any info on this, but lately we’ve heard several extremely loud BOOMs in Millersville, MD. My husband had told me about it, and I said, oh – it’s probably just a truck rumbling through the neighborhood or something like that.

    Today, however, I’m home, and the sky is clear and there is no wind, and no traffic on the neighborhood roads, no trucks rumbling through – and I just heard something that sounded like the shockwave from an explosion, it slammed against the house and shook all the windows, accompanied by a loud boom noise. Scared me and the cats half to death. 🙂

    Could it be a sonic boom from a jet? It seemed louder than that but its been years since I’ve heard one.

    Anyone else out there in the Millersville, Gambrills, Annapolis MD area hearing this from time to time?

    • With the blizzard around, your booms may be related to ice quakes… I haven’t read about any army exercises around your area, but you can phone and aske bases around if they are running trainings! All the best!

      • We are ice free here – blizzard (sadly) passed us by – although I wouldn’t have thought of that. But the airport is close and Ft. Meade army base, I could call them I suppose. This has happened I’d say a handful of times over the past month. If I find anything out, I’ll post it here. 🙂 thanks!

  50. Last night I heard what sounded like a rocket launching from the Cape — a loud, deep, rumbling. We’re about 50 miles away but we can still hear a lunch clearly and can feel the vibrations. This time it could have been a large jet aircraft climbing at full throttle in a north, north easterly direction from the Winter Springs, Florida area. This happened at around 10 pm on 1/18/2015. I went outside, and even though there was a clear sky, I saw nothing unusual. The sound continued for about 5 minute and then stopped abruptly. This has happened before. I didn’t notice any stories by local media about strange noises in the area.

  51. get ready for increased traffic!

    “Swarms of thousands of earth quakes happening around the world, birds dying in mass…now a reporter is telling of a government whistle-blower that is saying there is something wrong with the Earth’s Core”


    • Not sure about the earth’s core but I’ve lived on and off in Fort Worth for 40 years and never experienced an earthquake in the last year though we have had 12 to 20 as high as a 5
      We are attributing this to local franking although freaking company is saying it’s not them we will see

  52. I live in Florissant Missouri and heard it tonight and it instantly stopped about after 2 minutes. I felt it rumbling in my chest, it was a sound I never heard before! It reminds me of a scary movie being in a tunnel with wind in it

  53. Last night in the wee hours, which became Jan 2nd 2015 after midnight, I heard a relentless very bass tonal thrumming. It was barely audible, almost not in the human range of hearing. I try’d to determine a direction it was coming from. Which was impossible. It seemed to be from everywhere. I pondered what might cause this? Deep underground drilling? Scalar frequency activity? BTW, I do live near to Hill Airforce Base in Utah. It may have been originated from the sky either. So annoying that no direction could be pinpointed! 🙁

    So i came online, and checked this site: http://www.sincedutch.com/ Incase any anomalous activity was recorded there, such as were strange frequencies in the past. You can access any past reports in your area by typing in your state or other location in the sidebar. (Under the Live Feeds, Radar, Solar, EQ) Example of what turns up in my area: 6/3/2013 — Multiple Large RADAR pulses — Salt Lake City, Utah — Storms / Hail on a CLEAR DAY

    Just look at those radar images!

    Something weird is happening everywhere it appears! And sometimes these frequencies are made visible by DutchSince because he has the programs that reveal this type of strange data.

    Regarding the sky quakes. I wonder if they are using HAARP type technology to heat the ionosphere, and really cranking it? There are such facilities around the globe, if anyone remembers the norway spiral, that was caused by another set of microwave antenna array.

    Thank you for your website. It is good people can document what is witnessed occurring in their areas.
    Too many people have been experiencing these strange anomalies!

      • I am hearing rummbling or honestly i dont even kno what this is has been going on since 4. i live in Phoenix Arizona its not going away its 5:49 right now and i still hear it , i get this weird feeling as well . Please let me know if your around or hearing like a jet or something flying around here but i dont see nothing like that i obviously know the differance of bass music and air planes i hear it all the time this noise is constant and is not going away . i live by 35th and mcdowell . whats happening???????

  54. Houston (CLEAR LAKE) December 13, 2014 around 6pm – loud rumbling sounds in sky – I reside off Bay Area Blvd. & Reseda. This is not the 1st time I’ve heard similar sounds. Didn’t think anything of it, by this time it was louder – like a bad thunderstorm but no showers in sight. You can hear dogs barking the whole time but couldn’t see a thing.

  55. December 12 2014 around 3:30a.m. an extremely loud humming noise came from the sky and then gradually faded lasting about 2 minutes. Location Wilmington Illinois

  56. I hear it every night in Los Angeles around 11pm- 3am long rolling thunder rumbles every night everyday.. It drives me nuts ..and finally I got some friends to actually hear it.. Can we start an investigation?

  57. From a suburb NW of Philadelphia, PA. It’s november 26, 2014 (day before thanksgiving). Today is the first day of the winter storm “Cato”. It’s low visibility and a mixture of snow and rain. Around 11:30am, there’s was a loud Thunder-like bang and rumble overhead. Loud enough to shake the house and make car alarms go off. I jumped up, looked out the window – saw nothing. Opened the front door – saw nothing, however the rumble was still alive and loud in the sky. It sounded like thunder, but then sounded like an explosion.. Maybe a plane? But a plane that exploded and kept flying. The rumble was loud and deep and long, lasted about 4-5 minutes. And the sound traveled across the sky, as though the sound itself was traveling away – like a plane. Turned on the news expecting to see something about an explosion, but there was nothing. So strange.

  58. I have been hearing weird sounds and never really knew what they were. I thought i was imagining them. It sounds like train tracks and big explosions. No train tracks for miles. I hear like jets going through the sky and a howling noise as well. what is this?

  59. Pinellas Park FL here.
    This afternoon (Sunday, 10/19/2014) I was standing outside of my house, talking with my daughter at her car, which was NOT running. At one point, her friend got out of the car to stretch her legs, then got back in the car.

    Suddenly, my daughter & I heard a really loud, weird noise; think sci-fi, wrenching, metallic noise hidden within a penetrating midrange electrical hum. We thought her friend had put something in the cd player, turned up loud.

    However, in that same instant, we both turned toward the western horizon/tree line and together said, “Oh, it’s just a jet.” We “watched” the sound as it tavelled from several degrees below the treeline on that western horizon and came closer & closer & closer, then “watched” the sound as it roared right over our heads and continued toward the east, BUT WE NEVER SAW A PLANE!

    I was facing the west while talking to her, from the moment she arrived 15 minutes prior and did see and hear a couple of Piper Cub type planes and had as well been following the progress of a high flying jet laying out a chem-trail, which was travelling from the northeast toward the south, when she pulled up (I always watch the sky), so I would’ve seen even a supersonic plane before a boom, had there been one.

    We live about 8-10 miles away from Clearwater-St. Petersburg Airport and have large commercial, small private, USCG and Army “Hercules” planes passing overhead on various flight paths at all hrs. Many of the newer planes are quiet (we’ve also seen the large silent ones…weird) and of course the military cargo planes are deep-rumble loud enough to have to raise your voice to be heard.

    But THIS jet sound was even louder than that…it actually did uncomfortable things to my heart…and with a background whine resembling one of those WWII Migg bombs as they were incoming.

    The noise lasted for about 2 mins, west to east, ending as my cell phone alarm went off at 3:45. Now, I’ve thought and reasoned and pondered on this all day long (and now it’s Mon, Oct 20th, 3:15a.m.) and the only conclusion I can come to is that the so-called “cloaking” technology NASA & other entities have been testing may have been perfected…and they just “forgot” to update us with those results. Either that or the other “ET and mothership” and (hopefully not) “Final Trumpet” theories.

    Either way, I’m with the rest of these posters…you have to be pretty careful about to whom you speak, but as these experiments have been ongoing, AND REPORTED ON, perhaps I’ll give the powers that be a call tomorrow.

  60. I live in Fort Worth Texas. Last night, 10/6/14 my wife and I were in bed at 10pm. We live near a couple airports and are use to noise from jets and helicopters. For 10 to 15 minutes we heard what sounded like a dull roar from a jet engine. Normally the sounds comes and goes but this sounded like it was hovering over our house. Just wondering if anyone in the Dallas Fort Worth area heard something similar. It was very strange and spooked my wife a little bit.

  61. I live in Chandler, Arizona. The time now is 11:54. pm. I just heard, for the last 15 minutes+ a VERY DEEP siren sound that was piercing my ears and brain, is how I would describe it. I was watching a video on my laptop with the speakers playing loudly and all of the sudden I hear this siren and I thought it was the video so I pause it and it continued. I looked over at my cat and her ears were turning every direction trying to locate the sound. I have no idea what this was and I have never heard anything like this before.

  62. I live in the south end of Joshua tree national park. This morning I woke up about 6a to very low rumbling of in the distance and then about 2-3seconds would pass and my house windows would shake. This happens about 7 times and then stopped for a while. About 20min later heard it again…. It’s like i could hear it coming and then it would hit us and my house windows would rattle again. I heard it a bit later only 3 more times and then since then it is afternoon that I just hear every now and again a very low rumble.
    I’m wondering if the military base is doing something, maybe some kind of testing???

  63. Yh I always hear the rumbling in the sound, the creaking metal, bangs in the sky, the high frequencies and low frequencies in the sky…what is that!?!…. Also if you notice there are random flashes in the sky (day and night)… It does feel like the begining of something…maybe the apocalypse but hopefully in the sense of unveiling the truth…and not the destruction of humanity

  64. Loud sound woke me at 10:30am est, 9-14-2014 20 miles south west of Pitts. PA. Sounded like a jet at takeoff .[very loud and coming from outside.]Duration of about 8 seconds. I asked around but no one else heard it. My imagination?

  65. Loud sound woke me at 10:30am est, 9-14-2014 20 miles south west of Pitts. PA. Sounded like a jet at takeoff at close range. Duration of about 8 seconds. I asked around but no one else heard it. The people I asked are indoor types that wouldn’t hear a toronado. My imagination?

  66. Last night, 11:00, midnight, 12:45 am, three loud booms. I am in Palmetto, FL. The house shook. No idea what this could have been. Military perhaps? Saw a huge navy plane flying low in the sky two days ago.

    • Yesterday somebody also reported a boom on the blog. Still don’t know what it is!

      Here is his message:

      I just heard a loud sound similar to whats been described. 11:30 pm, 9/14/14 saint augustine fl… I thought maybe a meteorite was coming down, but no shockwave or lights…

  67. I just heard a loud sound similar to whats been described. 11:30 pm, 9/14/14 saint augustine fl… I thought maybe a meteorite was coming down, but no shockwave or lights…

    • Thank you! Here another report from Florida from today… Hope to find the source soon!

      Last night, 11:00, midnight, 12:45 am, three loud booms. I am in Palmetto, FL. The house shook. No idea what this could have been. Military perhaps? Saw a huge navy plane flying low in the sky two days ago.

  68. I live in Singapore and I’ve heard the same sound only not continuously like that.. It’s more of like a huge trumpet sound and I thought maybe some orchestra was having their rehearsal or something but it wasn’t and I freaked me out! I guess maybe Mother Earth is groaning because of the shit people pull everyday like wars, deforestation, etc. Earth be like “Getting tired of your shit humans….Ugggghhhh.”

  69. I live in Glasgow, Scotland and am currently listening to the same noise everyone has described. It’s around 5am here. It’s not the first time I’ve woken to this. It’s best described as a constant jet engine sound but also with an electric moaning sound. Has anyone found anything in the way of science to explain what might be causing this?

  70. on Aug 4th at 400 am I heard something to that sound . it reminds me of the jewish horns or bullhorn sounds. it went on for about 30 min then stopped. yes I am from welland Ontario. yes I have ships nearby . but it was not them . it came from the skies. sounded like this sound this person has.

  71. Victoria bc, Canada… Just heard very loud low flying jet liner type noise that lasted 9 mins or so. I herd the same thing last night at approx same time as tonight.. Around 2am in the morning. No planes in site when I looked outside at the sky…. Wtf

  72. Hello, On Friday August 22, 2014, around 8:30 pm heard what sounded like a loud trumpet sounding over the skies of Ephrata, Pa. There were two other people also standing by us only they did not hear it. It was amazing. I have never heard anything like it. Has anyone else ever heard anything like this?

  73. New Orleans (Metairie) I heard a series of whooshes, not quite abrupt enough to be booms between 1:00 A.M. and 1:15 A.M. The episode lasted roughly 4 minutes. Each sound was spaced exactly 8 seconds from the next, and was very similar to a heartbeat. 2 very low loud sounds, seeming to come from my SE, very close together. They were loud enough to feel the vibrations as well as hear.

  74. Last night as I lay in bed around 1:00 am, I heard what sounded like a low grumbling noise, except that it sounded like it was coming from underground. I almost sounded like thunder from underground. I’ve never heard this before and it was a little unsettling. Albuquerque, New Mexico.

  75. Blue flashes and what sounded like military mortars and machine guns..at 8:57pm. Went on for 30 minutes or so..like exchanges of fire in a battle. We live in rural Mississippi about 50miles southeast of Memphis TN. No military bases. No fireworks going off. No thunderstorms. And no explanation from the sheriff or the local news. The first explosion was really loud followed by smaller booms..then quiet A few seconds..then started up again. Blue flashes in sky that coincided with the sounds. Very terrifying. Witnessed by myself, son…then ran to brothers house and he and family saw and heard it. And my parents and other brother. I am still shaken up by this.

  76. Last night at 8:57…I was outside with my son looking for meteors from the perseids..there was a flash and loud explosion..followed by multiple explosions and then like return “artillery” fire. I grew up close to a training base in Arkansas..and this is exactly what it sounded like..military exchanging rounds..even short bursts like machine guns. First let me say I live about 50 miles outside Memphis TN. In very rural country setting Mississippi. There are no bases near us. In fact closest neighbor is 30 acres away. It was terrifying. My parents and my brothers went driving around to see what they could find out…and nothing. Continues for about 25 minutes. Blue flashes in sky..explosions. Called sheriff..they didn’t know what we were talking about. Called news station..they didn’t know either. So today, we sit here baffled by the fact no one has reported any of this. The only semi close info I have found on web is reports of rumbles before an earthquake. But really this was like military mortars and machine gun. I’m still scared. Not knowing what was going on makes it even worse.

  77. Everynight (around 10pm )since the Fourth of July I’ve heard the skies rumble. Like a thunder storm off in the distance.
    I live in the Bay Area. I’ve only seen one thunder storm while I’ve lived here in the Bay(24years)
    What is going on? … Is this a sign that we are do for our big earthquake?

    *Stay safe everyone*

  78. i am living in cowansville,quebec and all day i have been hearing these weird noises from the sky,it sounds like a jet engine or something,and its still happening right now at 10:20 pm on august 16,2014.what is it.

  79. Did anyone hear loud low frequency in downtown Phx AZ just now? Just heard seven low grumbles in the last half hour or so. Spaced out by a min or two. Very strange, maybe a nearby earthquake.

  80. On 8/7/14 at 4am my husband & I woke up to hear a loud, jet engine like sound (somewhat like a rocket engine) coming from outside. It was incredibly loud, and seemed to be coming from the South East in the sky. There was nothing outside, nothing in the sky. There was a slight metallic, pitch fork tonality behind the loud rumble / whir noise. The tone seemed to change, at times growing more high pitched, and louder. But not as if something were moving closer & farther, but rather like the change in tone when you tune a guitar string. A pitch variance. We called the police dept and they said several people had reported it. It abruptly stopped at 430 am, as if someone turned an off switch. I found one person on social media who heard it, but with no explanation. I live in Los Angeles, in the city of Tarzana, South of Venura Blvd. Did anyone else hear this? I’m shocked that in a city so large, I can only find one person who heard this.

  81. We live in Western PA & last night around 2:00 A.M. we heard the exact same sound as in the video posted above. We thought it sounded metallic, like railroad beams scraping each other, but they were moving from the backyard across the street, to between our house and a neighbor’s home & then turned right quickly & went into other neighbor’s back yards. I knew it could not have been an animal I walked around the house today, in that area, and the grass was disturbed a little in a tiny zig-zag motion, between our home & the neighbor’s where we heard it. The area it started from abuts the woods, so at first I thought a deer or a coyote, but it was too metallic sounding to be an animal. Then, I found your site, & we both listened to the recording. This is it!!! I don’t know what it is, but it’s identical to what we heard. Could it have been a jet, helicopter, I don’t know, but I would have seen the “down” lights if so…really creepy.

    • 3:40 a.m. July 31, Shiloh, IL – same noise work me up. It was not as loud as the video posted here and did not last as long.

    • I live in Ephrata, Pa and on 8/22/14, My friend and I heard what sounded like a low trumpet coming from the sky. Going West to East, There were two other people standing feet away from us and heard nothing, does that kinda discribe what you heard.

  82. I live just outside of Ottawa, Ontario Canada. This past Sunday morning at 3:10 a.m., I was up using the washroom when I heard a loud noise that sounded like a cannon. I went out onto our deck and could see nothing in the sky. I then heard 7 more simiiar booms with each one getting fainter or lower in loudness. It sounded as if it was going straight eastward. Sky was clear and still.

  83. Hi, I live in the city of Murray about 10 miles south of Salt Lake City, Utah. Over this past year and a half I’ve heard loud booming noises all over the salt lake valley. The booming noises seem to occur every few months or so and I’ve kinda gotten use to it. The first time I heard these noises, I thought it was some kind of explosion from a power transformer, or a sonic boom from a jet. Very similar to what others have posted, these sounds have rattled windows, set-off car alarms, and startled dogs in my neighborhood. The sounds are hard to pinpoint because they seem to come from all directions. They do sound like they come from sky but they could be coming from the ground as well. These booming noises have a very distinct resonance that I can feel in my chest sometimes. To be fair, I don’t live far away from the Salt Lake International airport, and 40 miles further north is Hill Airforce Base. So maybe they could be sonic booms from Jets. Utah is also home to Toole Army Depot which is located in the desert west of Salt Lake City. This base serves as a storage site for war reserve and ammunition. This base also conducts classified testing. Just something to think about. I really don’t have an answer to where these sounds are coming from.

  84. About 16 years ago in Redondo Beach, CA, I was fast asleep in the middle of the night a strange out of this world humming that was deaefning.. I woke up and got my daughters up, which they could not hear the sound. In a frightened panic I got the courage to go outside and investigate.. but there was nothing. I have not shared with many folks, as these type of experiences make people think you are nutty (unless you experience yourself, hard for people to believe you).

    • Hi my name is Angela back in 1983 winter I was living in Antioch Tn. with my parents and sister we were in our early 20’s going to college but living at hom my whole family were awaken also in the middle of the night I actually fell out of bed I thought something was crashing onto the roof of our house the sound was deafeing we al heard this noise which lasted for about 10 to 15 min. we all were trying to look out the windows but didn’t see a thing my sister and I went outside actually walked down the road the street light was on and a shadow about 15 feet in diameter but there wasn’t anything there to cast a shadow the closer we got to the shadow the louder the sound. Our parents were screaming at us it was almost like we were in a trance and it wasn’t until my hand touched a car 10 feet from the shadow that startled me out of my stupor the car was blazing hot on a 28 degree night I had to grab my sister and shake her and drag her back home. We have never told anyone about our ordeal it was way before the internet and we all agreed not to say anything we didn’t want people to think we were all nuts. This is the first time any of this has been told. I still don’t know what it was.

  85. I live in Redondo Beach, CA. and about 16 years ago I was asleep on my couch and heard a loud high pitch sound.. that woke me up very disturbed, because it was a sound that I’ve never heard before. i woke up my daughters, which neither one of them could hear it. I was so frightened, yet got the courage to go outside..and looked up in the sky .. but could not see anything.. Unless.. real high up. I am so glad other have heard this. I did not want to share with anyone. If you don’t experience first hand..people think you are freak or crazy.. But yes! I heard that high pitch un-explained sound everyone is talking about here.

  86. I live in cave creek az. last night we heard what started like thunder but it kept going for quite a long time without stopping sounded like huge bombs going off I’ve never heard anything like this in my life.

  87. I live in Wa State I’m hearing the loud rumbling noise every evening. Sometimes it stops for a moment and then continues. Like everyone else, it sounds like a low flying jet but nothing to be seen.

  88. I live in the Vancouver, WA area and every day, I hear what sounds like an airplane flying over me but I can look up and not see a single airplane. That sound will last for over 5 minutes sometimes meaning it is definitely not an airplane. I just keep wondering what it could be.

  89. Loud booms over Gilbert AZ last night. At least three of them, woke me up, cause it thought something had hit our home. Last one at 4:30 am. Very strange sound, not like a typical sonic boom, but I would say something was moving very fast in the sky, although I didn’t go out to look.

  90. In North Fl.We all here booming sounds from time to time(no exp:)But 9:30 am for a week i heard low rumbleing like soft thunder and lasted for about 10 min each.I have studied HARPP Sonic Array.There are to stations i know of (PR.)and the central part of the Gulf of Mexico-Where the sound was coming from.I reported it to EMERG:MANG:LIVE OAK FL.Told them about HARPP.Took my name and location.@ days later @ 9:30-10am and again at 2pm to 2;30 I heard it again but loud??They Called the Air Force Bases.They sent up and i have pics.2 Raptors flying at low levels around Wellborn and Lake City.The US Navy and The USAF both know about HARPP.They were sent up to cover the rumble i was hearing for 2 weeks.I was a Radiomen in the US Navy in 1966 during V.N.The games The Gov Plays.

  91. 6/27/2014 at 8:15 until about 9:00 pm we heard popping noises or far off explosions that were constant for the entire time period. we checked local news stations and nothing was being reported but surely other people heard these same noises. we live in a mobile home park in chino hills ca. very strange that so far nothing has been said from any news sources.

  92. I heard the same thing yesterday morning in Madison, WI–it was during a tornado warning, and I thought I was finally hearing the infamous “freight train” noise. But it lasted long after the worst of the storm had hit, and no tornado was reported–just straight line wind. The rumble/roar sounded like a bomber–actually more like several bombers at once–circling or hovering above. My mom thought it might have been rain on the roof, except that our neighbor reported hearing the same thing though he was standing outside. He felt he heard the noise coming from the sky. We’ve been having a series of strange storms here over the past few weeks; normall, storms march in from the west and then divide around the town (this is the normal pattern). But lately, they just bloom out of nowhere, in many little blobs; most recently, they form suddenly over one of the lakes. Last week there must have been a hundred radar blobs that suddenly bloomed over central Wisconsin. I don’t know if this is normal, nor whether it’s related to the roaring in the sky, but it caught my attention. One last thing–late last night (very early this morning) about 4-5 jets (sounded commercial in size) landed within one hour, around 1:30-2:30 a.m. Checked Madison airport arrivals, and two jets were listed as landing during that timeframe, which was odd enough, but the remaining 3 were unlisted.

  93. June 16,2014 Ontario Canada, heard loud jet over house, thought it would crash, so close it drowned all noises in house out. No planes seen, lasted 30 sec.

  94. Monday June 9 2014
    Fort Worth TX
    Heard Loud Rumbling Sounds. At first I thought they were airplanes. I saw nothing and the skies were clear.
    Thought may be it is strong winds blowing but found this site after googling strange noises in texas. Pretty freaky stuff.

  95. There were a number of reports in 2011-2012 in Houston, Texas, U.S.. People were calling the television stations reporting a sound like a jet airplane hovering over their houses. This phenomena was reported from the West University, River Oaks, and Bellaire areas. (These are the areas that I know of; many more may have been reported). The sound was also reported in Brenham, Texas at the same time, which is about 75 miles from Houston. I found this site because I was about to start a website to address it. There were none that we could find at the time. You have done a great job on this. I will link to you.

  96. I just moved to Chandler, AZ from the midwest and I have been hearing what I thought at first was a bird mating call just about every morning, but sometimes in the afternoon as well. It’s not an unpleasant sound – kind of like a high pitched chanting, but then when I listened closer I thought I heard some drum like beats as well. So, now I am wondering if it is some kind of indian dance music. There are reservations around here I think. Anyone know of this?

  97. I live in SW MO, and have been hearing a low thunder rumble multiple times per day, over the past few days. Ive been outdoors when it has happened, and there is not a cloud in the sky. Its been way too cool for heat lightning too. I checked the radar, expecting to see a storm approaching, and the radar was clear…even all the way over in Oklahoma, where our storms come from. This sound has not been loud, but persistent. We do not live near any rock quarries, and the sound is not like a blast anyway. It has been so convincing to me that I have gone out to pull laundry off the line twice now, thinking we were going to get rain.

  98. I’m from England,I was lead to this blog after searching “strange jet like noises in the sky ” it’s 1:20 in the morning right now and for a whole hour iv been kept awake by a increasingly loud jet like noise. The sound begins like it’s across the street right above the houses but as it gets louder it seems to get closer as if it’s a airplane right infront of me. I woke my mum she also heard the sound but she automatically assumed it was a airplane. I videoed this sound but it doesn’t seem close to the sounds I’m hearing with my own ears. I don’t know if this has anything to do w a storm as the wether in England has been hot and humid for the past 4 days and all of a Suddon we had thunder and lightening tonight. Tho noise keeps starting and stopping but is keeping me awake. Does anyone have a explanation

  99. evening of May 9th & 10th. Camping in Junction, TX. 9:30 @ night or so. Distant, but brief, sounds of thunder or jets. But as others state, no fading. This kept up for 20 minutes and then it was gone. No airports anywhere near here and the weather was clear.

  100. I live in Sanford Florida. Loud rumble in the sky sounded like a gigantic jet engine. Woke my wife and I up and made the dog start growling. After a few minutes and it still hadn’t passed, I said I didn’t think it was a jet. Our house started shaking and I looked out the window and didn’t see anything. After a few minutes it finally passed. This happened about 5 times in the course of 20 minutes. Finally we went outside to wait for it to happen again and sure enough it did. Sounded like a train/ airplane/ thunder all rolled into one, and got louder as it sounded like it was getting closer to us, yet even when it sounded like it was right over us, we couldn’t see a thing. Clear sky full moon, but nothing visible to account for the noise. This happened for a total of 45 minutes. I called my mom in the middle of it and asked if she heard anything. She lives 10 miles away in Orlando and I woke her up with my call. She said she could hear a low flying jet and then hung up, but then called me back a few minutes later to say that it still hadn’t passed. She stayed on the phone after that and told me that it kept passing by. We believe she was hearing the same thing as us.

  101. Im glad I found this blog. I live in Tennessee and I keep hearing this roaring sound it has been raining but the wind is quiet and it shouldn’t be this loud. :/

  102. i live in KSA,Jeddah (im not really from here. Im just visiting) so i have been hearing this strange sounds since yesterday,. Actually they always starts at midning and ends around 12:00 pm, then starts again at midnight. And ends at 12 pm..

    It sounds like jet planes and the sound of the trumpets and low humming mix together.

    I was scared cause im only 11 years old, At first i heard the trumpets in a low tune like a humming trumpet accomoanied by the loud sound of jet planes.

    I looked at the sky and saw nothing. But the sound is still there.

    Then all of a sudden, the trumpet sound just grew louder. Then stopped. Then it sounded again and stopped, this happend 3/4 times.

    Then when it turned 12:00 pm all the sounds stopped. As if it never occured.

    I think its a warning/alarm that we must confess snd repent cause god’s coming is nearing.

    Happening faster than we thought.

    And, i saw a video where a real angel was ascending while the strange sound is ongoing.

  103. I just heard one I’m in Dallas and it freaked me out pretty badly. First sounded like a huge airplane right above me but did not pass in the usual way. It was very loud and took a long time to pass over my neighborhood. I didn’t see anything, but I just arrived here from LA and I’ve never heard anything like it before.

  104. I live in Memphis, TN I am hearing the low rumblings right now at 4:13 3/6/2014. They sound like very low rumbling and seem to last for about 5 secs or so. The skies are clear and there is no sign of jets or planes. ???????

  105. There was the loudest noise (thunder?) In spring Texas tonight..march 3rd 2014..it lasted about 15 seconds..I have never heard a bomb go off, but I can’t imagine it being different..I can’t fathom being in a country where this is the norm..God bless America..for now..what was it?

  106. have heard it twice now,last night was the second time at around 11:30 p.m. was like something hitting my house real hard. february 10,2014

  107. So around 3am today I heard what sounded like mix between a freight train and humming sound in Lakeland Fl. Strange thing is I woke up able 10-15 min prior to. It also was accompanied by low horn type sound a train would make but not as l loud. It was not the weather because the weather is clear tonight. It sounded like it moved North. Never expended this before. So I prayed.

  108. Lakeland, Florida here. At about 2:40pm, for about 5 minutes straight, i heard loud humming as if it were coming from a jet close by, but wasnt moving or distancing from here at all. It would just fade away then come back, but there was nothing out in the skies, no jets, it was a little different sound than a jet, but close to it. Havd no idea what it was, but it was something ive never heard or noticed before.

  109. I live in Forney, Texas (45 mins east of Dallas) and twice between 3am and 4am, I heard the loud jet like sound that lasted for 10 mins each time. Pretty scary stuff. I thought it was plane going over for a few seconds then it sounded like it was right over my house. Jumped out of bed to look but even with a bright full moon, saw nothing! I’ve never heard anything like this! I then looked up this strange noise online and found this site. I see I’m not alone. Weirdest sound ever! The 2nd time I did video the sound for about 5 mins.

  110. I live in the northwest of england and for the last 3weeks my neighbours myself and my partner have heard rumbling noises each nite from 11pm through to the early hours,it sounds like an earthquake but theres no shaking,has any body any ideas what ot could be please?

  111. I live in Des Moines, Iowa and I heard strange noises in the sky on 11/19/2013 around 3:30 am. The sound lasted for about 30 minutes. I asked a lot of people that live in Des Moines if they heard it and im the only one that heard the strange noise. So everyone thinks im crazy.

    • I’m also in DM. Every once in awhile I hear a loud noise echoing off all the buildings. It sounds like someone is dragging a huge piece of metal on the ground.

  112. Very strange sounds today in Chandler, Az. It woke me from a dead sleep. It sounds like a jet plane or space shuttle turbine. Very loud and goes on for about 10 minutes, then stops and starts again.

  113. October 14th 2013
    Scottsdale, Az The sound has been high pitched for about an hour or two at approximately 10:51PM so it started around 9pm

  114. I live in E. Mesa, AZ. About year and a half ago I awoke to a very eerie sound in the wee hours of the morning. I went upstairs and opened the window and was amazed at the sound I experienced. It was giving me chills. Sounded almost angelic, like an orchestra with violins. It lasted about 5 more minutes but don’t know when it started. I didn’t wake my husband in case it was nothing, as everyone thinks I’m a bit off anyway. Now I will record it if it happens again. I am listening and ready. Thanks for this venue. This is my first comment ever. And we are neighbors.

  115. hi, i have a theory as to why these sounds happen that includes ‘the hollow earth theory’. This is a breif explanation of the hollow earth theory.
    ***If your are religous or have a strong trust in our government then this might be a bit of a shock to you so might not want to read***
    a loong time ago, like when dinosaurs were around. A species came from space they were tall around 10-15ft, blue eyes, blone hairs and very friendly they are also very inteligent. they tryed to live on earth but they found that the earth’s sun was prematuraly ageing them so they dug underground and created a vast chain of caves now as the earth above the ground evolved their below cave systems/world must have aswell.

    it is said there are 2 entrences to this world at both the north and south pole, apprx 1,000miles wide and 800miles deep, you think you would see that right? well on google earth there is a weird glitch were its ment to be. there has been a satalite image taken of the opening by NASA.
    This is just a theory i came up with to support this case, Its a know’n fact that the earth puts out a frequency but i believe in order for an object to put out a frequency it must be hollow so that it can resonate, thus meaning the earth must be hollow to have a frequency. Now heres were these weird sounds come into it. i have to theorys as to why this would be happening,

    1. the winds are entering both south and north pole entrances to the inner earth city, creating a vibration type frequency that resonates within our atmosphere and we hear that as these weird sounds.

    The government knows this civilization exsist, still to this day and dont want to tell anyone because that would be “bad for business”, it would compleatly tear apart the government if their costumers(society), went to another world where there is no currency and eveyone is equel with eachother. as the government know of them, the agarthians (the inner earth dwellers) know of us and this is the second theory; their just fucking around with us ahahah
    acording to admiral byrd (a man that claims to have visited the inner earth city of the agarthians in 1949) said they can live up to 800 years so i have no dought if this is true that they’d be alive to this day. I know these theorys are far fetched and had to beleive but there are weird things in this world, many we dont know about!

  116. The video titled “Mysterious booms-Lights- over Indianapolis Jan 7 2013 ” is fake. To prove it, watch it again, this time turn your head 90 degrees to the left and imagine the 3 white lights as parking lot lights. The fast approaching red lights are tail lights of a car driving down a street. The sounds you hear are so obviously contrived that I slightly chuckled. And don’t tell me there is no motive to fake videos. Attention drives people to extreme measures. Email me if you truly think this is real and I will give you my point of view. HonestBuck206@gmail.com

  117. I just heard the strange noise here in Miami, Florida just a few minutes ago. I think at 5 on the dot. I heard it from inside my house and didn’t really know what to make of it so I looked it up online. It sounded like whales, or trumpets, or I don’t know. Creeped me out. Q___Q

  118. Have you tried “wavelet transform” analysis on the strange atmosphere sounds? I noticed you had done this for various nature sounds. Please let me know a link to this, if available. Thank you very much.

  119. I have heard the jet sound several times. It sounds so much like a jet i used to dismiss it, thinking it was a jet. It then started to last longer than I believe a jet should and it does seem to just stop and then start again.

    At 11:56 GMT Today i heard it again.i It lasted appx 5 mins with some stopping and starting.

    The first time I really took notice of this was Jan 9/10.I was home from work and the sound lasted over 10 mins it was a clear day and there were no jets/planes or anything in sight.

    It lasted so long i went outside to stare at the sky and of course nothing anywhere but it sounded like it was right on topof me.

    I then did some searching and found that the same exact noises were reported in Canada at the same time. that is very odd.

    I live in the cambridgeshire area of the UK

  120. Yesterday 4-1-13 about 2:30 pm in the area around SR52 and the suncoast parkway on the border of Land O Lakes and Spring Hill, Florida heard a loud roaring noise that lasted for about 20 mins. Sounded like a jet was taking off but just constant for 20 mins. It would get louder then quieter then louder over and over. Even my neighbors where coming out of the house to look into the sky. Cant find anything in the news about it this morning.

  121. I live 7 miles south of Chandler, TX. On 3-21-13, around 4pm, I heard two loud booms. I was doing yard work when I heard the first boom over the leaf blower motor. The second boom came just minutes later. My neighbors also heard loud booms the week before. Also, a while back, maybe a month or two ago, I was outside and heard a noise coming from the sky. I thought it was a jet in the distance, so I listened closer and realized it didn’t sound like a jet. The noise continued on for about 30 minutes…..it wasn’t like anything I’ve heard before. It seemed as if the noise was just above the trees, all above my head. The only way I know to describe this noise is that it sounded like a roaring in the air, but not the same roaring noise that wind makes. It’s hard for me to describe, I just know that I’ve never heard it before.

  122. At least I know I’m not alone! One cloudy afternoon in January of 2013, I heard the jet-engine sky noise talked about in the above comments for over an hour in Chesterfield, Michigan..on Anchor Bay. Ran errands that day and continued to hear it over 30 miles away. Last week, unexplained booms were happening in Warren, Michigan. Both are suburbs of Detroit.
    I’ve been searching for answers, hence found your site.
    Amazes me when I talk to other locals about the strange noises, they usually respond that they assumed it was something other than the sky or earth…a noise they can associate with. Totally became aware how we take our earth for granted in our too-busy-to-consider schedules!!! But in rethinking mode, this has all made me nothing short of anxious..so starting to admire the innocent.
    Love the down-to-earth approach to your site. Pun or no pun, I’ll be reading every day and do the best I can to prepare for whatever lies ahead.
    Keep the faith!

  123. Umea Sweden, been experiencing humming noises, like a truck or large vehicle idoling right outside the apartment, but not, it´s a low hum, can last quite a while, been going on here for about a year, i go outside and it is faint, but inside more detectable, it´s as if it´s comming from the ground. My neighbors hear it too sometimes, but they don´t think anything of it. Sweden gets a couple of minor tremors per year, but it´s from the ground settling from the last iceage. i grew upp in California, lived through a couple of large eq´s but this is a weird hum with just enough bass to make you think theres a car outside, i wonder with the large incease of eq´s around the world if the earth is resonating?

    • Kenneth, I know exactly what you are talking about. In my house, I will be standing in a room facing north, right over the street and I say to myself, what is that sound of an engine idling?! It is enough to be annoying. It happens all different hours. Then I look out the window and there is no truck there! Always thinking it is my neighbor’s truck but it is not. This happens at latitude 42.68N and Longitude 71.17W. Additionally, southwest of where I live, some mornings I hear roaring noises that sound like a storm is coming from a distance, mostly in the morning between 8 AM and 11 AM, but sometimes later. But there is never a storm at the same time and nothing showing on the radar, and no planes overhead. So glad to see others who have experienced the same thing. The earth is clearly speaking to us all over the planet, but what is it trying to tell us? I am going to read what Alex Putney has to say.

  124. I have been studying Alex Putney (from human-resonance.org)’s research for years now and I find he is THE expert to explain EXACTLY what is going on with these strange resonances people are experiencing around the world. He speaks from a scientific / mathematical perspective rather than speculation or perhaps fluffy disinfo to distract from the hard truth. Knowledge = power = protection. His ebooks are free for those who want to challenge their mind with amazing information no one else is talking about. His radio shows are amazing too. Enjoy!

  125. I just heard (2:50pm local time) strange humming electrical sounds in Salt Lake City, Utah. It sounded as though someone had a large tuning fork (kind of). The noise persisted for at least four minutes that I noticed. I kept looking at the electrical lines around us wondering if it was somehow related to that. I also looked up in the sky and could see nothing out of the ordinary (we actually had blue skies today). It was a very eerie and ominous sound. I noticed that the sound fluctuated slightly but not as though it was passing by but rather the intensity was growing and then lessening.

    • I am in south philly and these LOUD noises have been going on for over an hour now. Sounds like a loud jet engine that issl hovering above the thick cloud cover. WHAT IS IT?!?

      • Hi David. I’m in South Philly too and been hearing this roaring noise periodically for a couple years now. Never as long as tonight though. Been hearing it since around 7pm-ish non-stop. I posted 2 vids on YT entitled “strange sounds in south philly sky”.

      • I heard it too in Grays Ferry. Lasted for hours and was louded between 2-4am then stopped. Posted 2 vids of sound on YT “strange sound in south philly sky”

  126. I live in Philadelphia, PA and I have been hearing loud noises like planes, but the sound is constant and last almost an hour.

    • I too live in Philly. I hear constant “plane” like sounds as well that last a long time. I also see small planes flying around late at night like 3am where there are no flights to or from the airport and some of them are dead silent while others are loud and rumbling. Very creepy stuff. And other times I hear atmospheric rumblings and sounds similar to a train but it’s not a train and heard a sonic boom once as well.

      • I’ve noticed it too in W Philly. Like a plane engine that’s going nowhere, but it sounds like it’s coming out of a building nearby. Some days it lasts for hours, then not at all other days. Last night someone here heard the high screeching-roar that we’ve heard on videos. We had the tv on and didn’t hear it.

      • South Philadelphia right off broad street, jet engine noises going on right now, only happens late at night and lasts sometimes for a few hours. I have no idea what this is.

      • I live in south philly and have been hearing this loud sound for over an hour now. It sounds like a jet engine hovering above the thick cloud cover. It is constant and really loud! Anyone know what this is???

      • @Jeremy, I’m in Grays Ferry and just posted 2 vids on YouTube of the noise titled “strange sound in south philly sky”. I’ve been noticing this chopper/jet engine roaring noise a lot lately especially before it rains and during. The noise tonight I noticed earlier on though and has been going non-stop since like 7ish. It’s still going on as I type this. So annoying already (and eerie!)

  127. Im in Yucca Valley, CA and have been hearing loud booms like distant thunder off and on for about a month now, maybe longer. This evening they started again and my dog was outside barking at seemingly nothing. We had the TV on so I didn’t think to turn it off and listen. Once we went to bed, the noise got louder and more frequent. A very loud echoing boom almost but tonight it actually rattled the windows. We’re military and live close to Twentynine Palms Marine Base, but have ruled out the idea that it’s artillery or another range. It sounds like it’s coming from under the ground. I didn’t think much of it when I first noticed last month, but now I’m really starting to wonder. It has just stopped within the last 5-10 minutes. I made my husband stand outside with me and listen to it.. I think he’s starting to think I’m a little crazy because after checking out Google I found websites reporting similar sounds all throughout the world in the last year. I saw someone posted here from Yucca Valley and it caught my attention. I find it hard to believe there is no other talk of this because it’s so strange and unnoticeable, I’m thinking that because we live so close to base people assume it’s the military. It’s beginning to creep me out, that’s all I’ve got. I know we live close to a fault line, I’m ready to get out of California!

    • Hi Shawna~woc here from YV…did you read Trevor’s report/assessment per the Dec.10-2012 incident here b/c I think he is right on.He never came back and told more tho or answered exactly where he is.He must know more than he says.Don’t fear the faults/Eq’s b/c this rabbit hole goes so deep you never get out.Trust your instincts no matter how foolish it seems and research.Much strange stuff re:the base and the entire desert.Stay stealthy and keep a lpw profile as far as whom you speak to.
      Yes, the rumbling lately.I have been hearing/feeling it too.Do you hear the roaring?Jets don’t last that long, but there are some new fangled types going overhead I have noticed.Our pets have been very touchy now off and on since mid summer.It comes and goes but the last few days they are jumpy again.
      Nice to know there is someone in my area that is awake…sadly most are still snoozing… and don’t try to wake them b/c they get real po’d…guess only God can do that.So be grateful you are seeing and don’t be afraid.We are here for such a time as this and whether you are here in Ca. or where ever as you stated it is happening all over so where you gonna go ?Eq’s and crazy record setting weather all over the world.Sun, moon,constellation anomalies,Plates moving,changes in the cosmos…jeez,you’d think it was “endtimes” or something ( :
      Stay safe ~ Keep watching and listening~

  128. Nortonville ky, I’ve been hearing explosions or wat sounds like for the past 2mths is sounds like its coming from under ground an close by my son gets terrified an says it sounds like guns or bombs, also 2mts ago I witnessed lights coming from the sky it was pitch dark an I was driving on a road with fields on both sides far from any buildings I looked up an it looked like orbs hovering above all the sudden 2 of the flew off like the speed of light they were a white bluish color an was not any spacecraft looked as if they were floating giant orbs all over so I looked into it an a few other people in my area said the same thing my brother said the flew over him on his way to work an it killed his car for about 5sec his car was dead, the same night The mason lodge was having a meeting an it happens to be near my home and was not their scheduled night to meet. so many things are happening even with the weather an I am interested in conspiracy but I believe this is coming from the bible an not government although I believe govt, has plans we know nothing about I also believe the lord is not far!

    • You are not crazy Nortonville. I started looking into this topic because of three huge booms heard in Elizabethtown, Ky, area some months ago. I had expected to find a news story about loud explosions in Ft. Knox, but found all these kinds of stories instead. BTW, I saw the very same kind of zipping lights you speak of in Flaherty near Fort Knox when I was a kid. Did you see the compilation a pastor has done where a friend has strung together ominous music from the sounds? Some strange things going on!

  129. Bernardsville, NorthCentral NJ–1/26/13 no real noticeable clouds but couldn’t see stars. I noticed the rhythmic rumbling inside the house at about 8:15 pm. My husband and I went outside to look and saw nothing and continued to hear the rumbling at about 3-4 rumbles a minute. A neighborhood dog or two were barking a little. A family member who was a few miles away just northwest of us also heard it and went outside to look. He said it sounded like a bowling ball hitting the floor in an alley. Unfortunately I didn’t record the sound, but it may not have picked up on the Ipad. I had heard about this phenomena but hadn’t experienced it before. The rumbling sounds finaled at about 8:35 pm with a longer lasting more audible rumbling boom. We didn’t see any flashes or notice anything else unusual. We live 1/2 hr. due west of Newark airport and didn’t notice any planes as we stood outside listening. The direction seemed to be coming from the northwest. I’ll have to investigate to find the same kind of sound coming from others who recorded.

  130. SC Upstate – 01/24/13 clear skies 1:45 to approx 2:30 pm – sky rumbles, multiple. Almost exact to those recorded in Clintonsville WI. Many witnesses at different locations, no explanations. No media reports as of yet. Sample recorded 3 ” rumbles” within 1 minute and 50 seconds. Similar in duration and direction. Thought I was nuts until others called and started asking me what that noise was.

  131. I’m from Vancouver, BC Canada and I’m 17 .. I just heard a rumbling noise, sounds like a really low airplane but its 1:31 pm right now and It’s kind of scary cause I’ve been hearing a lot lately. I’m scared to even sleep cause I feel like an earthquake will erupt. One time my mom and I felt a loud shake.. I researched about it and I think we felt california’s earthquake at 4.5.

    • I live in Massachusetts, US. It’s 1:20am 06-18-17 I also heard a low rumbling aircraft like noise in the sky.

  132. I have heard those noises in La Paz, Baja, Mexico. Like a very big animal scream, besides it feels always something odd, strange, everytime something like this happen… The earth is suffering that is for sure, we need to get together and heal the wounds… Thank you so much for create this blog, it is very important to be informed…!

  133. We had a loud boom here in Chautauqua County, in western NY. It was at 6:30 PM January 13th. It was unexplained till this morning when randomly a news released an unamed 20 year old was shooting off explosives. There were no charges against this person. Seems to many around that its a cover up for something else, and that booms have been heard elsewhere in the north.

  134. I live in winter park, Florida. On January 13 2013 I was having a conversation with my sister in the living room when I was suddenly interrupted by what sounded like a very large jet or plane. I’m very used to the sounds of planes flying over head as I live right next to the airport, but this was much different. It lasted three or four minutes and faded away. Afterwards all of the dogs in the neighborhood were barking.
    I’ve been so frightened by this noise. I’ve never heard anything that loud or overbearing in volume.
    What is happening?

    • I live in winter park too. I’ve never heard sounds during the day but nearly every night i hear rumbling like thunderstorms in the distance, even on totally clear nights.

  135. hey! check out salt lake city, utah for january 8, 2013. another place to add to the january 8 strange sounds. many people are reporting only hearing the sounds a couple of times around 9-9:30 at night. these sounds actually went on for quite a while during the afternoon, but few people have commentary about that. i live right by the airport and chalked it up to SLCPD Bomb Squad practice (they do that there.) it was enough to rattle windows, and actually did seem to coincide with planes, but like I said, I live right by the airport. after everything else i’m reading now… who knows?

  136. Гул Земли
    01.12.2012 16:28 Ларин В.Н., Ларин Н.В.

    (геологи В.Ларин и Н.Ларин о причинах явления)

    В последнее время интернет заполнили сообщения о странном гуле, который периодически идет из недр Земли. Это загадочное явление было отмечено во многих регионах по всему земному шару. Раньше такого и в таких масштабах вроде бы не было и это нервирует обитателей планеты.


  137. From Palmer, Alaska and I heard 4 loud booming noises around 830 to 900pm.
    I have lived here my whole life and when I felt the first one I though “Oh an Earthquake” but soon it was followed by another boom that resonated and went longer than the first.

    I actually got nervous. I stopped what I was doing and for the next couple ‘booms’ I listened carefully and tried to tune into them.

    My conclusion was that it didn’t feel like they were coming from an earthquake. It felt more like the rumbling from a large truck going by, but smoother in tone.
    It seemed really out of place, esp since I feel like I have a good sense of what an earthquake is like being in from small shakers to rolling ripples. I have seen solid concrete roll and that is disturbing!

    Very eerie to hear those rumbles. Like I said they were very out of place and felt different.

  138. Bem eu sou do Brasil e eu ouvi tambem estes gemidos da Terra.
    Sei bem que e algo da NovaOrdem Mundial ou Sinais de Deus.

  139. I live in washington state. And i have been hearing these strange rumble noises and its ok freaking me out. Not sure if its due to the “solar weather” or what bt somebody needs to find out…..come the hell on NASA answers please!!!!

  140. Dec 19, 2012 11:11pm

    I live in Ontario, Canada and tonight I heard a loud humming noise coming from the sky – we hear itost evenings – but tonight was especially loud. Sort of like a jet engine. I noticed low flying lights shortly thereafter. It may have been helicopters but they made no sound. I’d really like to know what the heck this is and why no one in the news mentions this. It seems from these posts that people ate hearing them all over North America. And I agree with the poster “wind” I find it very strange that no one seems to come out of there house when the noises occur – it’s as if everyone is literally asleep!

  141. I havent heard anything but i see the comments people are writing about it..i would also know what that was and whats going on thank you

  142. Strange sounds heard yesterday night, December 16th, 2012 over Bridgeport Connecticut. Started in the early hours of the morning around 12am and continued on and off for a couple of hours. Hard to explain but it was like this extremely loud humming. I felt very afraid listening to it, definitely had an apocalyptic theme to it.

  143. December 16, 201 2Southeast Iowa .Heard very loud wind / train / humming/ jet engine sound in sky at 11:30 pm Was a constant noise, and did not fade away like it was getting farther away as a plane would sound. I did not see any lights in sky either. Not sure what time it started but I heard it after dogs barking woke me up. I went outside and it sounded like it was right above me. I heard it for at least 3-4 mintues. I am in Wever, Iowa. (Nearby Burlington, Iowa, Fort Madison, Iowa, Keokuk Iowa, Dallas City Illinois, Niota Illinois)

    • Wow Iowa, I’m in Chandler ,Az. and me and my girlfriend
      couldn’t get to sleep at 11:30pm last night because we
      were hearing the exact same thing. It really sounded like a
      jet was throttling up for a climb but there wasn’t anything around, it actually sounded like it was right on top of our
      house. We also had one of those sonic booms a few months ago, felt like something hit the side of the house.
      Cops tried to tell us that it was dry ice bombs. One of them even sounded like it was coming from underneath the house. Pretty weird stuff going on here in Phx, Az area
      you seen the Phx lights right. Keep us posted on this.

    • I heard something very similar here in Australia in Feb last year. I could hear it about 2km away approaching, sounded like a freight train and at first I thought the wind was carrying the noise, only to realise that there was no wind and no breeze. It got louder and louder, the dogs in the neighborhood were going off their heads and as it approached, the windows were shaking and the noise was so loud, I remember thinking that it sounded like I was standing next to a Sand Blaster or a jet engine, I could hear a hydraulic noise. I had to step away from the window as I thought the windows were going to explode. It passed like it was over the top of my house and then went further down the road. I couldn’t see any lights and all the street lights had gone out. It totally scared me, it went further down the road and then disapeard and everything went still again. I asked my neighbor the next day if he had heard that sound and he said he had heard nothing! Totally freaked me out…and I find myself here, trying to find answers. Nice to know I am not alone!! ( We do live about two blocks away from huge power lines – I am not sure if that has anything to do with it??)

  144. I’ll repeat my post here – Last night, in the Southeast Mohave Desert, a series of several dozen rumble and booms could be heard, city-wide. Glass rattled in houses, dogs were going crazy. You could feel the bass in your chest. This was not tremors or an earthquake. It could be described as a “carpet bomb”, multi-concussion, high intensity and deep underground explosives or something very powerful. I know this is a “strange sounds in the SKY” forum, but I’d swear this disturbing rumble and the booms are coming from beneath the ground. It lasted for over 30 minutes on and off. The frequency was so low at one point, it felt like an high altitude pressure being placed inside one’s ear! Our local media isn’t savvy enough to pick this story up, so closed minded. I just had to share this so I Googled “Strange Sounds” and found this blog. Thanks for your effort! We should all “Stay in tune” to at try to keep an advantage on what’s happening in the world around us.

    • Ok …be still my heart~ where exactly in the big Mohave area r u b/c I am in the Morongo Basin ,CA.specifically Yucca Valley (Mohave High Desert)and my son and I experienced this also on Monday, early evening,12-10-12! At apx.6:15/6:20( not sure when it started but we checked the clock after it stopped and we came back inside) to 6:45 PM . Multiple sirens were going off immediately big time and yes, all the neighborhood dogs were barking wildly… even a lone coyote joined in.Very disconcerting.And our house was shaking a lot, and all the constant booming,booming,booming.We thought at first perhaps EQ swarm b/c of the constant loud rumblings and explosions, (we went thru the Lander’s 7.4 quake in ’92 so we are sensitive) did planes crash and were exploding, we knew it was something major.It was incomprehensible to the senses.And yes, the sound was coming from all over !Up down all around you just could not get a fix on it. Never had anything like this ever in 30 yrs.with any training exercises from the marine base in 29 Palms.And we have had some whoppers before.We felt some low rumbles for maybe an hour or so after that which seemed more like “normal” when there are the exercises. Still very rumbley and felt and sounded somewhat odd tho.Helios over the north mts. and in the east too during this,but they have been out in force much the past few weeks.Flying lower and lower these days.Seen an odd looking plane late afternoon that I have never seen b/f last week too going north to south and back again when it got dark.Yeah, w/ odd running lights and odd sound~I also saw something else during all this strangeness Monday night for maybe 3 seconds.It was very low over the town.It appeared and disappeared in that time.It was Huge and my mind was totally shocked, but my son did not see that.I said to him while pointing in the direction” look it ,look it ,look it !!! ” , but it was there and not too fast. I am fairly certain of the tech. that I was witnessing.Disturbing.
      I tried to find this site that night to reportall this b/c there was no news anywhere and I searched internet,forums, local radio,TV, all of it and nada~so I am so glad I found this place in my bookmarks tonight!
      I thought of calling the base the next day but decided to let that go.
      Talk about ppl being zoned out.You know what to us was even stranger than all we were experiencing was no one else came out of their homes!That was impossible to me even though I know what is going on pretty much in our world…still, that was even crazier than all the crazy/numbed out day to day behavior one witness’ these days!
      So Trevor God Bless you ! I am dealing w/ the fallout emotions of this real time experience and now I can show my son your post and I/we can feel validated !!!As in there is someone else and they are speaking out! Yay for truth and researchers and reporters!
      I only have one friend who knows what’s going on and is awake and I shared w/ her and now I can send her this link to read as well!
      Hugs my friend and stay strong~

      • Wow…thank you for sharing your experience. I live in RI and we just had our first Boom over the Narragansett Bay followed by a hum that lasted two hours. The coast guard and local authorities still have no answer.

    • we are in the last days of “the Bible”
      It could be demons coming up out of hell to
      scurge us on the earth. Remember G-d is
      a G-d of Justice too.

      • These load sounds increasingly being heard and felt world wide are being caused by the approaching large mass anomaly NASA now calls comet ISON due to cross Earth’s orbit Nov 28 2013. Electric magnetic gravity sonic waves are coming from the approaching Red Katchina Nibiru system. Our solar system is a binary motor…two suns two sets of planets spinning in opposite direction coming close enough to one another every “solar cycle” that their gravity propels each other. Any way it takes two mygood friends never forgetthat

    • heard the exact thing in Mifflinburg PA tonight a few minutes before 9 pm….we live in a mountain development and EVERYONE heard it….it was one right after the other though and VERY loud….and very scary. It was five or six and it hurt my five year olds ears. Would love to know what or where it came from.

    • Yes I live in the high desert as well, I live in oak hills to be precise and I go out side every night around 1130-12 to smoke my nightly cigarette. The past two nights in a row I heard the exact same sound you described except for the high pressure part! I thought it could be bombs also since we have military all around but I’m not so sure that’s what it is! I’m glad I’m not the only one in the area hearing it lol!

    • same thing here…lots of people kind of give you a look like “ok, not going to make argument with crazy lady”..but it is here in the ground too- like you said, the animals sometimes react, and it makes me feel the same way as when a tight sealed car has one window cracked at highways speeds-mostly a pressure feeling. would be interesting to know if hospitalizations are up, or fighting, sa it is a bad sensation. cannot pinpoint it. like a combination of helicopter, ears ringing, buzzing, like a silent, deafening noise. my house vibrates, and my animals are miserable. the pitch and intensity change…I am quite surprised it does not ruin things like refrigerators etc…as there is just an off resonance that is almost unbearable. The sound usually builds, then changes, then builds again, and you can actually feel the vibrations under your feet. I would love it to stop, for sure, but would not have a clue as where to complain. Or how. I think it will drive me out of here, which might be a goal of the persons behind it. who knows. I have had various friends and family experience this, and no one knows. kind of sounds like underground tho. anyway…there are answers to all this junk, really expect some day we will be remembered as being stupid for not figuring it out….I am lucky I can string two words together when this is going on, tho.

  145. So i heard “earth groaning” today at 4:30 AM in Poznan, Poland. It was terrible… I was so scared and confused…. Here is recording of 2 last sounds of this (my neighbour recorded that). It’s not fake, or sound manipulation, because I heard that at the same time. 100% authentic!:


    • He would not. otherwise the world would go into mass panic and he wouldnt want to be at the hands of creating such havoc.

    • Some people have the word of God, many have grown up in Church all there lives and still believe in a false Jesus or don’t believe anything, others are warned through weather even dreams. God is warning us the end is near! I haven’t heard the sounds here in AR. but I am hearing them now and seeing the weather and so much more Bible prophecy is being fulfilled, the armies that are surrounding Jerusalem, read Mathew 24. The Lord to is coming soon and we are soon entering the 7 year tribulation with one world Government and one World religion! We must be born again, just call on the name of the Jesus of the Bible, not the fake Jesus being preached today,and you will be saved! He died for all but few want to repent and believe! Listen to Paul Begley and Steve Denoon!!

      • I live in northern Italy. No weird sounds here, apart from my cat snoring. I’ve never heard them, and I will probably never hear them. What a bore. Perhaps I’ll avoid your apocalypse guys, sure as hell I’m not as crazy as you are, LOL!

      • Laura you are absolutely right, although Im not sure of the timing as far as where we are along the tribulation timeline. Not saying you are wrong just saying Im confused about it. There are so many contradictory statements on this subject. I stopped going to church a long time ago because of the false doctorine in the church. Too much about a lot of sins being ok & we are all suppose to be accepting of everything even though it opposes the Bible. I believe this would be the “false” Jesus you talked about.

  146. Did anyone hear the loud humming noise coming from sky in Sebastion, FL today? Lasted exactly 15 min. from 2:30pm-2:45pm on 11/11/12. Described as if a tuning fork had been struck …high pitch sound coming from the sky. Thanks

  147. Strange sound over chandler AZ today my boyfriend woke me to
    Hear the last 5 minutes of it . Almost in comparison as when
    A tornado is coming the sound of a freight train coming very
    Odd I have never heard anything like it curious to know who else has heard it today as well.

    • Well, a touch down tornado rolled into Scottsdale AZ last night. So the sounds could have been from that. There’s power lines down, trees ripped from the ground, trees in buildings, roofs ripped up, and disaster everywhere!

    • yea, we live in far east mesa, on a “county island” and I have been in this spot for 13 years. at first a lot of us would call 911 because there were loud explosions that shook the whole neighborhood- my friends about a mile way could hear that, too! have not heard one of those for years…but this is actually worse–we get noises, vibrations, hums in the head, high pitch, low buzzing…I was sort of wondering if this could be the way they are recycling water by forcing it way down into the ground-I think that started up in scottsdale, but not sure if they still do that. Or where. Or what runs under this area (norht of highway 60, east of ellsworth) I am surprised more dog attacks, or bee swarms or weird things with wildlife are not happening here. many animals are a lot more sensitive than my clumsy self!

  148. Hi I live in Ontario, Canada and I have heard sounds coming from the sky here. I first noticed it in May 2012, the sounds are disturbing and I’ve never heard it before. I’m 41 and have lived here all my life.

    • The noises I’ve recorded started out with the High Pitch, slowly that noise has become almost non existent in the past few months, where as the HUM noise is becoming more regular. I’m going to continue recording whatever and whenever I can. I noticed that a few of my videos are on here along with plenty of others. Keep up the Good work.

      • It’s Funny How No One Has Made The Connection To The Loud Sounds In The Sky. The Truth Is It Was Weird to Me Until I Saw The Video Where The Sounds Sounded Like Wales. I’ve Seen Many Videos On This Subject And Now I Know I Am Wright The Sounds Are The Sounds We Sent In To Space On The Golden Disk Attached To Voyager Space Probe You Can Hear ALL The Sounds Here On You Tube https://youtu.be/s-6CvmmcG0w?list=RDolLi5RtE_6M The Ones I Know For sure Are The Wales, Fog Horn, Jets, Trains, And Music “That Would Explain The Horns And Trumpet Sounds. What This Means I Don’t Know. Extraterrestrial Contact And Forced Disclosure Or Government Manipulation.

    • I live in Missouri, USA I am hearing jet engine type of noise. I live out in the forest, and there is no type of industry to support that type of noise. I also have noticed that the cloud formation have changed. I am seeing alot of long spiral type of clouds. at sun down the clouds are pointed and shaped as if you were looking into a fire. The clouds came from the direction of the sun and leaped out like flames. Wierd, I have been on this earth for 64 years and this is all strange. What is happening????

      • I live in the forest of NW Arkansas. The nearest hospital/town/industry is 1hour or more away. Right now as i type i hear the thunder that comes at night. Its a rolling sound, like a chair on a wooden floor, no direction, just circles and indirect sound. Roaring like a jet, but deep like thunder.

      • I hear the same in FOrt worth for a period of 5 min at a time
        Sounds like thrusters blowing but I live too far away from airports to make that
        As far as the clouds changing I watch the chemical dump planes making exes in the sky at least once every two weeks that’s at the very least they stay in the sky four hours then the clouds, come out of nowhere

      • 4/19/15 At approx. 8:15 p.m. i also heard what sounded like a jet engine hovering above my house. I looked out the window but nothing was visible in the air. This was so loud. Never experienced before in my 54 yrs. A few others heard this but did not see anything. Seen at least 5 people comment on fb about noise. We are on Iowa/Minnesota border.The sound was a continual even jet engine sound lasting maybe 3-4 minutes.

      • I’m in Lake Saint Louis, Missouri and we just woke up to the same thing last night and it was a continuous noise with no breaks for over an hour. We’ve never heard anything like it before. I’m definitely going to listen for it tonight.

      • Well this is the first time I have heard this noise….It woke me up at 3:30am April 2,2017 from a sound sleep and plastic on my windows. I thought a jet had landed in the street! I went outside and there was nothing out there, pit black, this went on for about an hour! I live in WI….does not surprise me but, makes me joyful to know this only means the Lord’s return is not far away! God bless and look for Jesus!

      • G’day, Glenda etc. We are in SE Queensland, Australia, and get regilar air traffic overhead, . But every now and then, sometimes twice or more daily. US military murderplanes, flying from Pine Gap, here called Spine Gap, to kill whales etc, to the SE, where there is no land till Antarctica. We filmed 2 delta-wing planes, escorting a linear thing possibly a missile. it seems magnifiation 60 times. When there is cloud, it gets much louder. Very distinctive engine noise. They are not legally allowed to fly close together, but do, and much higher than the commercial planes. Guess why we don’t like the USA and boycott it every possible way.

        Peter Spencer Ravenscroft geologist. Google Rescue Ravenswood if interested. Ex South African Air Force rescue crashboats in 1968. p.s.ravenscroft@gmail.com, phone Australia 617 3289 4470. if more info wanted.

      • I I have noticed the same thing sounds like I am sitting at Cape Canaveral with Shuttle launch and then it is like clouds are literally on the ground and engulf the house. Very strange several times at month sometimes several times a week.The noise is so loud I can hear over TV or music. And this morning loud metallic grinding sounds started then the noise. Like a huge metal hanger door. When I first moved here 5 years ago I literally saw a UFO come out of a cloud and nearly landed in backyard. . I grabbed my dog and ran inside then looked out and it was gone. No lights no sound. I live in Spring, Texas I go out and record you can hear the noise then silence and then a language chirps and clicks like insects talking. This has happened many times. It is so weird. I feel something ominous when the clouds start engulfing house. I have one video you can see two pair of what appears to be eyes looking at me. One short one tall. My camera phone picked up. I never saw it with my eyes. But I could feel a presence.

    • These are mind control weapons/frequencies being broadcast from UFO’s they are dangerous to be exposed to. Read some sobering warnings about these frequencies from the Lord Jesus Christ at revelation12(dot)ca

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