About Strange Sounds

Welcome on Strange Sounds! A blog about amazing, weird, unusual and unexpected phenomena around the world.

The first goal of this website was to collect videos and other information aboutStrange Sounds in the sky‘, ‘The Hum‘, and ‘Mystery Booms‘.

Now, following Strange Sounds, you will discover different sources for the unexplained strange sounds around the world. As you may already know some mystery booms and rumblings are closely linked to seismic activity and other geological phenomena.

Sky phenomena like meteor and fireball may go sonic and thus produce mysterious high-pitched noise.

Moreover, rare cloud appearances, space oddities and mystery places always have a mystical influence on human beings. Discover with Strange Sounds photos, videos and articles about amazing sky and space phenomena and mystery places around the world.

A real tour of our planet awesomness requires speaking about topics like ancient legends and unexplained mysteries. We should also not forget art and experimental music as well as strange animal discoveries and behaviors.

Finally, Strange Sounds is a community open to everybody interested. If you want to contribute or share your latest amazing, weird and unexplained phenomenon just report it in the forums!