Trumpet Sounds in the Sky 2008-2018

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The strange sounds from the sky started back in 2008 and are still recorded today in 2015 on videos by people all around the world. But what are these humming noises coming from the sky? Why do they vary in intensity?

Some ressemble a loud engine, a rumbling, the slamming metallic door or even a lithning stike, others more like a groaning.

A list of sky trumpets from 2020 is available here.

What is the origin of these trumpet sounds in the sky?

There is no clear consensus about the origin of the weird reverberating noises. While they can be understood as the sky trumpet of the apocalypse announcing the second coming of Christ and the end of the world, the weird noises have also been interpreted as the sound made by spaceships preceding an alien invasion.

Or could they be messages from martians trying to answer the Aricebo message? And what about the HAARP project or Project Blue Beam that send sonic waves to alter the ionosphere and control our weather? Is this the sound of Aurora borealis? Or that of disintegrating meteor fireballs?

Although many of the videos available online are hoaxes, it seems this strange and unexplained humming phenomenon actually plagues residents living in the USA, the UK and all over Europe, Canada, New Zealand and Australia.

A canadian (Windsor Hum) and an american (Taos Hum) have even undergone scientific investigations to determine the origin of the mysterious and annoying hum.

What are the sky trumpets?

Possible theories include:

Tectonic plates grinding – Tectonic plates are pieces of the Earth’s crust and uppermost mantle, together referred to as the lithosphere. The plates are around 100 km (62 mi) thick and consist of two principal types of material: oceanic crust (also called sima from silicon and magnesium) and continental crust (sial from silicon and aluminium).

Atmospheric pressure – Atmospheric pressure is defined as the force per unit area exerted against a surface by the weight of the air above that surface.

Trains shunting – Self explanatory – noise comes from trains in reaction to the track and overhead wires.

Construction – Building works, especially if going on at the same time across a specific area, can led to similar sounds. 

Aliens – Can this be an alien lifeform in the sky, perhaps scouring out Earth?

HAARP weapon – Rumours persist that the U.S. government uses secret weapons in the sky for defence and weather modifying, the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP). This wouldn’t explain the sounds in other countries however… 

The Apocalypse and the Seven Trumpets of Heaven – Seven trumpets are sounded, one at a time, to cue apocalyptic events that were seen in the vision of the Revelation of Christ Jesus, by John of Patmos. Somewhat more worrying as it would signal the end of the world…

Below, you will find the longest list of sky trumpets reported around the world.

A list of sky trumpets from 2020 is available here.

If you are interested in loud booms… Visit the mysterious booms list!

Trumpets sounds in the sky in 2015

August 24, 2015 – Strange noises in Alabama and Virginia. But what are they? Link

August 3, 2015 – Mysterious sounds baffle Portland, Oregon. Video

August 3, 2015 – Weird noises in the sky of Denmark.Video

August 2, 2015 – Strange sounds in the sky of Granville. Video

July 31 2015 – Loud noises from the sky in Madrugada. Video

July 15 2015 – Weird animal screams in a cenote at Chitzen Itza. Video

July 11 2015, USA – Strange hum in the night skies of Fairfield County, Connecticut. Video

July 6 2015, Bolivia – Loud mysterious sound in the sky of Cochabamba. Link

July 1 2015, Sweden – Strange unexplained sounds in the sky of Borås Link

June 25 2015, New Zealand – Weird sky noises in Auckland. Video

June 23 2015, Romania – Strange sounds coming from the sky in Bucharest. Video

June 17 2015, USA – Highpiched noise in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Video

June 17 2015, USA – Weird noises recorded outside of the VilleTV Studios in Louisville, Kentucky, USA. Video

June 16 2015, The Netherlands – Strange trumpet sounds in Amsterdam at 6:05am. Video

June 12 2015, Japan – Weird noises and booms from the sky in Nagano. Link

June 4 2015, Philippines – Strange Sounds in the sky. Link and Video

June 1 2015, USA – Strange sound echoing through the sky in west Phoenix early this morning. Video

May 29 2015, USA – Strange sky sounds in the sky of Tennessee Video

May 29 2015, Mexico – Strange sounds in the sky of Acatzingo Video

May 24 2015, USA – Siren-like noises in Laramie, Wyoming Video

May 18 2015, Around the world – Eerie noises from the sun Video

May 14 2015, USA – Loud sound over Vermont Video

May 12 2015, Canada – Strange trumpet sounds in Wellington. Sound at 3:50 Video

May 11 2015, Poland – Weird ringing sound over Warshaw Video

May 11 2015, Finland – Weird noise at Kauhajoki’ drill site Video

May 11 2015, Canada – Strange hissing sound over Toronto, Ontario Video

May 5 2015, USA – Strange noises in the sky of Kentucky Video 

May 5 2015, Canada – Strange noises in the sky are back in Terrace Video

May 5 2015, Nothern Ireland –  Ringing noises baffle residents of Belfast Video

April 28 2015, USA – Strange Wisconsin sky noise Video

April 25 2015, Canada – Strange Sounds Regina Saskatchewan Video

April 15 2015, USA – Loud noises in San Francisco Video

April 7 2015, USA – Sounds of apocalypse in Jersey City, NJ Video

April 4 2015, Chile – Weird noises in Puerto Montt Video

April 2015, Around the Wolrd – Unidentified strange noise phenomenon VIDEO

March 27 2015, USA – Really weird noise at night Video

March 16 2015, Norway – Baffling noise rattles Oslo Video

March 3 2015, USA – Strange sound in West Philly’s sky Video and here

February 28 2015, USA – Roaring sound in Ottumwa, Iowa Video

February 10 2015, UK – Strange sounds trumpets sounds dogs going mad Video

January 17 2015, Canada – Strange sounds in Brampton, Ontario Video and here

January 5 2015, USA – Strange noise in the sky over Hayward, California Video

January 1 2015, Canada – Strange Sounds baffle Vaughan in Ontario Video

Sky Trumpets in 2014

November 29 2014, USA – Loud Bang in Croydon area Video

October 25 2014, USA – Weird noises in the sky … Haarp? in South California Video

October 19 2014, USA – Strange noises coming from the sky in Sterling, Colorado Video

October 16 2014, Croatia – HAARP sounds over Osijek Video

September 20 2014, USA – Booms from sky Video

August 20 2014, USA – Indianapolis strange noises Video and Here

July 22 2014, Canada – Strange Sounds from Sky recorded in CAMBRIDGE, ONTARIO Video

June and July 2014, USA – Unidentified Strange Train like Horn noise Video

March 19 2014, USA – Humming/whirring noise from sky of Philly Video

March 18 2014, USA – Strange noise in the sky San Antorio Video

February 2014, Around the World – Unidentified Strange Noises Video

February 2 2015, USA – Weird humming noise in Campbellsville, Kentucky Video

January 26 2014, USA – Strange noises in NE Oklahoma Video

January 22 2014, Greece – Strange Sounds Video

January 9 2014, USA – Strange sound in the sky Video

January 6 2014, USA – Strange Roaring Noise in Moore OK Video

Humming noise in 2013

December 3 2013, USA – Night with strange sounds in Merced, California Video

August 29 2013, Canada – Strange Sounds in Terrace, BC Video

July 1 2013, Canada – Strange Sound Triggers Air Raid Sirens Video

June 12 2013, Canada – Scary strange sounds inOshawa, Ontario Video

Strange Sounds in the sky in 2012

December 12 2012, USA – Strange Sounds Heard Over 7-10 Counties – Video

November 18 2012, UK – Strange noises in Coventry Video

November 2 2012, USA – Strange Humming/Rumbling in Arkansas Video

September 20 2012, New Zealand – More Strange Sounds Heard In Christchurch Video

September 8 2012, USA – Strange Sound Heard Over Hillsborough River near Tampa Video

June 18 2012, Brazil – Weird noise over Guara, Brazil Video

April 15 2012, The Netherlands – Unexplained noise in the sky of Montfort Video

March 22 2012, USA – Clintonville: Wis. town seeks origin of loud, strange sounds Video

February 20 2012, Brazil – Weird noise near Rio de Janeiro Video

February 10 2012, Finland -Sounds of the apocalypse in Tammela Video

February 7 2012, USA – Strange sounds in DenverVideo

January 31 2012, USA – McHenry county earthquake – strange sound in Wisconsin Video and Video

January 31 2012, UK – Strange noise London Video

January 26 2012, USA – Strange hum in Illinois Video, Video

January 24 2012, Canada – Strange noises reported around North Battleford, Saskatchewan – Video

January 23 2012, Romania – Strange sound in the City of Oradea Video

January 23 2012, Borneo – Strange voice heard across Kota Samarahan Video, Video

January 23 2012, USA – Strange Sounds Heard Near Buffalo, NY Video

January 22 2012, Canada – Creepy Sounds in Sky over Pickering, Ontario Video

January 22 2012, Czech Republic – Strange sounds in Chropyne – Video

January 21 2012, France – Strange sound / Sons étranges Video

January 21 2012, UK – Strange sounds in London/Hertfordshire Video

January 21 2012, USA – Mysterious Sound heard in Evanston, IL Video

January 20 2012, Czech Republic – Noise in Prag Video

January 20 2012, Germany – Strange noises Earth groaning in Germany – Video

January 20 2012, N. Ireland – Strange sound in Armagh Video

January 20 2012, Brazil – Strange sounds from the sky in Curitiba Video

January 19 2012, China – Strange Sounds in Beijing VideoVideo

January 19 2012, Canada – Strange Noise Sound Heard in Brampton Video

January 18 2012, Czech Republic – Strange Sound in Ostrava Video

January 18 2012, Brazil – Mystery sounds in SP Video

January 18 2012, Spain – Strange sound in Badajoz Video

January 18 2012, UK – Strange Sounds In Nottingham Video

January 17 2012, Canada – Strange sounds London, Ontario Video

January 16 2012, Australia – Strange noises in Melbourne Video

January 16 2012, Poland – Strange Sound Przytok Video

January 16 2012, USA – Weird noise from sky in Chicago Video

January 15 2012, Canada – Unexplained sounds in Manitoba Video

January 15 2012, Greece – Humming noise in Arta Video

January 12 2012, Chile – Loud Sounds in Chile Video

January 12 2012, Czech Republic – Eerie sound Video

January 12 2012, Unknown – Strange sounds on the Winter road going to Kash from Msne Video

January 12 2012, USA – Oahu, Hawaii just past the Kualoa Ranch Video

January 12 2012, Canada – Strange hum heard in Burlington Video

January 12 2012, USA – Strange Sounds Heard Outside in Indiana County, PA Video

January 10 2012, USA – Strange Roaring Noise In N. Michigan Skies – Light Show Too! Video

January 9 2012, Costa Rica – Night Sounds Video

January 1 2012, Spain – Strange sounds over Madrid Video

Strange noise in 2011

December 5 2011, USA – Weird noise coming from sky in Tennessee Video

November 28 2011, Mexico – Sonidos extraños en el cielo de Zapopan Video

November 12 2011, Sweden – Strange noise Video

November 11 2011, France – Unknown Sound heard in St Raphaël Video

October 21 2011, Norway – Strange sounds in Fredrikstad Video

October 18 2011, USA – Rumbling noise colorado – 10.19.2011 – Video

October 14 2011, Canada – STRANGE SOUND Coming from the Ground in Port Huron VideoVideo

October 6 2011, Brazil – Som estranho no céu do Rio de Janeiro Video

October 6 2011, UK – Strange Noise in Cloverfield Gardens Video

September 30 2011, USA – Strange Noise over Tallahassee, Florida Video

September 30 2011, Russia – Strange sound in Chelyabinsk Oblast Video

September 16 2011, Denmark – Strange sound in Dovnork Video

September 16 2011, Norway – Earth groaning over Drammen Video

September 11 2011, Canada – Strange sound in Montreal Video

September 1 2011, Chile – Strange sounds over Santiago Video

September 1 2011, USA – Weird noise Philadelphia, Penn. Video

September 1 2011, Brazil – Strange sound in the sky of Curitiba Video

August 26 2011, Poland – Strange noise over Lodz, Poland Video

August 24 2011, USA – Strange Sound Before Virginia Quake Video

August 24 2011, UK – Weird Noise South East England Video

August 23 2011, USA – Strange noise in the sky St. Petersburg, Florida Video

August 23 2011, Russia – Weird Noise in Moscow Video

August 22 2011, USA – Strange Sounds in Colorado Before Earthquake Video

August 19 2011, Sweden – Strange noises over southern Sweden Video

August 17 2011, Ukraine – Strange sound in Lviv Video

August 14 2011, Belarus – Strange sounds near Homel Video

August 11 2011, Ukraine – Are these the Trumpets of the Book of Revelations? Video

June 15 2011, UK – Strange Noise in Woodland, Durham Video

April 10 2011, Tibet – Inner Earth Ringing Tibetan Monks Video

March 28 2011, USA – Strange Sound in the Sky Video

March 10 2011, France – Weird Sounds in the Sky 03 South France) Video

March 28 2011, USA – Eerie sounds in Florida Video

March 9 2011, Unknown – What is This Loud NOISE? Video

Mysterious Hum in 2009 and before

August 11 2009, USA – Strange sounds in the sky of Wellsburg, West Virginia Video and Link

January 2 2009 Verizon noise pollution Video and Link

September 9 2008, Unknown – Unexplained Sound in a Quiet Neighborhood Video

Please contact us if you want to add a new one to the list!


  1. We should know what these trumpet sounds are , the Bible clearly tells us . If you have any doubt , I suggest you take the time and take note of what is occurring in the world today . And tell yourself ,to listen .

  2. I heard what sounded like a trumpet resonating last night Thursday December 15th, 2022.
    Lancaster Pennsylvania. Anyone else hear the noise recently?

  3. My dad just heard the same noise as described above Saturday 22th at 2am In Morocco and he phoned me and told me and I have sent him one of the video and confirmed it , he also told me someone else heard it in the Northern part of Morocco . Saturday 22th at 2am same strange scary noise as dad described is recorded in Morocco 2022.

  4. My opinion is it’s possibly a chainsaw, chipper, planer, or other power equipment besides the possible theories on this website.

  5. […] Noch mehr seltsame Geräusche weltweit (Pravda TV) Das ist nun wirklich ganz weit draußen. Himmlische Posaunen, HAARP in Aktion oder Fake? Eine aktuelle Auswahl von Videos in denen Leute (angeblich) unerklärliche Geräusche aus der Atmosphäre aufgenommen haben. Ziemlich verrückt. Sowas ist auch leicht zu fälschen und deshalb mit Vorsicht zu genießen. Wer mehr hören will: hier gibt’s eine Liste. […]

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