Strange Sounds Baffle Residents Of Moore In Oklahoma – January 6 2014


Did you also hear the mysterious sounds in the sky above Moore? Some say UFOs, what do you think?

Residents in Moore and southwest Oklahoma City took to Facebook after hearing a loud rumble and roar early Monday morning. However, the police was not aware of this noise. Some thought it was an earthquake while others had their own theories, like UFOs and aliens or even tornadoes.

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What was this strange sound in Moore? Photo: Ning

Unexplained strange sounds

Some inhabitants hear often in Moore an unforgettable loud ringing that stops suddenly and get the dogs riled up. This loud noise was not associated with ground motions, but the sound could have traveled from somewhere else.

Some residents in the area have their own theory! Some believe there are starships around.Either way, it’s a sound that still remains a mystery. I tried to reach alien friends but they were not at available… They were probably on their way back!

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