New strange sounds in the sky in Brazil baffle mystical São Tomé das Letras


Did you hear these new strange sounds from the sky of Brazil?

They were recorded on January 18, 2016 in the city of São Tomé das Letras, Minas Gerais and are kind of terrifying…

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The mysterious sky trumpets filled up the sky of mystic São Tomé das Letras, Brazil

As you may know, São Thomé das Letras is believed to be one of the seven energy points of the Earth and is thus an attraction for mystics, spiritualists, and alternative societies.

Although this new sound attracted considerable attention, its source remains a mystery.

Some residents and officails believe it was the sound of jet turbine hovering the city…

But the problem with this ‘aircraft’ hypothesis is that the noise was constantly heard more than five minutes without any interruption.

Moreover, no planes or helicopters were spotted in the sky.

So what might have caused the weird noise heard in São Tomé das Letras, Brazil?

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